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MegaFit Meals: Is It Worth Ordering? (My Unbiased Opinion)

Written By: Paul

Featured Image of MegaFit Meals
Last Updated on October 20, 2023

Anyone who has ever gotten into fitness knows that your diet is the first thing you need to improve to achieve any results that include your physique and performance. What you eat makes all the difference, and delivery services can help you with that. You just need to choose the right one.

MegaFit Meals is a meal prep delivery service that aims to help you hit all your macro goals, with clean meals that will fuel your workouts.

I enjoyed eating MegaFit Meals after an afternoon workout. 

I’m not alone; many elite athletes love these meals, including Flex Lewis – a world-class bodybuilder and 7x Mr. Olympia 212 physique title-holder. 

He’s always raving about his creation, “The Flex Lewis Signature Meal” on social media! 

2x Bikini Olympian and IFBB Bikini Pro Lauralie Chapados also use the service, as well as many others. 

You only need to look at the athletes' page to get an idea of how many star performers love this service!

When you consider how many world-class athletes are eating these bodybuilding meals and raving about them on social media, there is definitely something about this service. Let’s dive in!

MegaFit Meals At A Glance

  • Best Match For: Fitness enthusiasts looking to put their diet on autopilot with a subscription of ready-to-eat meals with perfectly balanced nutrient content.
  • Commitment Level: One time purchase; Weekly subscription
  • Availability: The continental US
  • Value: $9.95-$14.95/meal; Free shipping
  • Type: Fully prepared flash-frozen meals (heat and eat)

How Does MegaFit Meals Work?

When you see a prep meals delivery service made by bodybuilders for bodybuilders and endorsed by so many elite sports names, you know you have something special. 

All MegaFit Meals are designed to hit those sweet macronutrient spots and make sure you eat whole foods, lean protein, whole grains, healthy fats, and everything in between!

Here’s how it works:

Four ready-made boxed meals
  • First, you’ll need to select how many packs you want to receive. You can order packs of 12, 16, 20, 32, 64, 96, and 128 meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts
  • Now choose what meals you want to eat. Each meal is made with quality ingredients and can fit into any balanced meal plan! You can even order a la carte top-quality ingredients to boost your cooking if meal delivery isn’t your thing
  • You can also choose to set up a subscription and get a 5% discount. While a one-time delivery might be better for first trying out the service, you can save some money by getting regular deliveries. This means you’ll be prepared for another week of meal prep!
  • Once you’ve ordered, MegaFit Meals will prepare your food. Everything is cooked in a USDA-approved facility following strict regulations and rules to ensure maximum safety.
  • When you receive your food, it’ll be ready to enjoy! You can either keep them in the refrigerator for up to 5 days or the freezer for up to 60 days. When you’re ready to heat them, simply remove the film cover and heat them in the microwave or using a skillet.

How Did I Test MegaFit Meals for This Review?

To make sure I’m giving the best, most objective review I possibly could, I’ve tested MegaFit Meals with criteria such as taste, delivery, and customer service. 

I considered all the below factors when coming to my overall verdict, as well as the major pros and cons of this service.

  • Taste and variety of dishes: Of course, my top priority for testing MegaFit meals was to judge the taste!

    I looked at the variety of meals they offered, and the different meal combos I could create for a week of MegaFit meals
  • Delivery and packaging: Another factor I looked at was the delivery timeframe for their meals.

    Speedy delivery is essential for any meal delivery service! I also wanted to see how well they packed their food - if it stayed frozen upon arrival
  • Customer service: An important aspect of any delivery service is ensuring you’re taken care of.

    I want to make sure I’m kept in good hands and have a friendly person to reach out to if my order doesn’t get fulfilled right!
  • Costs: Next, I looked at the cost of MegaFit meals. Some dishes are priced differently from others, so I wanted to see if I could get more value for money based on what I ordered
  • Other reviews: And finally, I scoured the Internet to see what other people were saying about MegaFit meals. Did other people have the same experience as me?

MegaFit Meals Plan - What You Can Expect?

Four ready-made boxed meals

When choosing your meal plan, you’ll see there are plenty of options! MegaFit offers breakfasts, dinners, and snacks to choose from. 

At a glance, you’ll immediately see that there is a wide range of categories available. These include:

  • A la carte meals: one-pound servings of red potato, sweet potato, tilapia, cod, salmon, shrimp, ground turkey, beef, chicken, Angus steak, and more
  • Breakfast: steak and eggs, cinnamon roll pancakes, McFit breakfast sandwich, and more
  • Dairy-free: filet and rice, salmon and yams, steak stir fry, teriyaki chicken, grilled shrimp, and more
  • Gluten-free: pepperoni pizza, coco ground chicken, chicken fettuccine, honey mustard chicken, and more
  • Pizza: pepperoni pizza, Margherita pizza, and Nashville hot chicken pizza
  • Desserts: BUMana nut muffins, chocolate glazed donuts, cookies, and cream protein cheesecake.

There are also specialized meal plans such as the Bum Box for gym lovers or those who just want to up their protein intake. 

A few of the meals you can select for your Bum Box plan include salmon and rice, chicken and fries, and turkey and potatoes.

You can also let your creativity run wild with Custom Meals! Here, you can designate the exact protein, carbs, and veggies that make up your meal. Who says you can’t fully control your macros?

My favorites:

  • Chipotle Honey Salmon Bowl ($16.95)

  • Steak Burrito Bowl ($15.95)

  • Coco Ground Chicken ($14.95)

  • Sesame Tempeh ($13.95)

  • Margherita Pizza ($10)

  • Cinnamon Roll Pancakes ($10.95)

  • Cookies & Cream Protein Cheesecake ($13.95).

Portion Sizes of MegaFit Meals

All of the MegaFit meals I had were packed with protein, which left me feeling full after every dish! I found that the portion sizes were about the same as what I cook for myself.

Dietary Preference Options

When selecting your meals, you can filter your options by dietary preference such as vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

There are lots of dairy-free and gluten-free options - including gluten-free pizza made with a cauliflower crust! 

Unfortunately, they only offer one vegan meal as of writing. However, you can also fully customize your meals to your dietary preferences, such as for keto or protein diets.

Allergens Present in MegaFit Meals

They don’t currently list their allergen contents on their website, but you can still filter meals by dietary restrictions, and customize your order based on allergens.

The Cooking Process of MegaFit Meals

Cooking MegaFit meals can’t be easier! The meals will arrive frozen, so you’ll need to let them fully thaw before cooking them. 

MegaFit recommends you place them in the refrigerator to thaw the day before you plan to eat them. 

For better taste, you can heat your meals in a skillet. This keeps the texture the same and improves the taste. 

However, if you’re short on time, you can still heat them in the microwave. When cooking pizza, it’s best to put these in the oven so they stay crispy!

Once your meals have been heated, you can enjoy them as they are, or add any condiments of your choosing.

How Much Does MegaFit Meals Cost?

All of the meals are priced between $10 - $17.95. This comes out to $120 - $215.40 for a 12-pack, or $280 - $502.60 for a 28-pack. 

For example, if you wanted to order a 12-pack and fill it half with McFit Breakfast Sandwiches ($13.95 ea) and half with Beef Burrito Bowls ($14.95 ea), it would come to $173.40 in total.

Generally, the breakfast meals are cheaper, ranging from $10.95 to $13.95, while the dinner and lunch meals are $13.95 to $17.95. 

There are plenty of customization options, and of course, you can also pick what you want to eat – so each pack will be priced differently!

MegaFit Meals Service


Like with other meal prep services, you can have prep meals delivered straight to your door.

Shipping is available in 48 continental states, and free shipping is offered with every box you order.

Your dishes are packed with ice packs and insulation to ensure maximum safety during transit.

Once you open your box, you can store your courses in the fridge or freezer, depending on when you plan to eat everything.

The company ships every Wednesday and Friday.


The meals arrive at your door frozen. To keep them chilled, the boxes are filled with ice packs. I received my meals in containers that had a film to pull back for easy heating in the microwave.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

MegaFit doesn't allow for returns on their products. If you receive an incorrect or damaged order, they offer refunds or credit at their discretion.

To cancel or modify an order, MegaFit requires a 7-day advance notice. It’s best to contact their customer care team to arrange this.

Customer Service

All customer issues are handled by their customer care team. You can contact them at or by calling 270-252-7038.

Let’s Talk About the Pros and Cons Of MegaFit Meals


  • The menu is perfect for people interested in health and fitness, as it’s created by bodybuilders, for bodybuilders
  • There are options to order in bulk, such as with 64, 96, and 128-dish boxes
  • It’s easy to track nutrition because they display the macros on the boxes
  • They offer free shipping with your order
  • The meals are easy to heat once you receive them
  • There are lots of options for dietary needs, and you can even customize your meals to get more out of your diet.


  • They don’t ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

MegaFit Meals Coupons Codes

If there’s one thing about MegaFit meals, it’s that they love to give away coupons! 

From referral offers to free giveaways, there are always offers available. You can find their offers via email, social media, SMS, or on their website. 

Currently, their website doesn’t display any new offers, but you can check their social media channels for giveaways.

The Verdict: My Overall Rating on MegaFit Meals

Is MegaFit meals worth it? Overall, I would give MegaFit meals 4.4/5 stars. I loved the quality of their meals and the ease of delivery. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Taste and variety: 5/5 From the very first bite, I knew I was eating premium-quality ingredients! The taste was amazing for a delivery service, I felt like I was eating freshly cooked restaurant food

Delivery and packaging: 4.5/5 My meals arrived right on time, and they were packaged neatly in their box. 

They were all still frozen when they arrived and looked like they hadn't been jostled around too much. The only downside was they don’t offer tracking for your delivery

Customer service: 5/5 My overall customer service experience was very positive. MegaFit has a great customer care team, and they went above and beyond to make my needs feel met

Costs: 3.5/5 Overall, I’d say MegaFit is a little on the costly side. Their meals are quite expensive for what you get; however, they do gain lots of points for offering free shipping and doing lots of promo codes.

Other reviews: 4/5 I took a look at what other people were saying online, and the consensus was generally positive. 

Customers loved the free shipping and ease of ordering but were torn on payment methods, as they don’t provide many options.

FAQs on MegaFit Meals Review

Are MegaFit meals healthy?

Yes, MegaFit meals are very healthy. You can incorporate them into your diet to help you achieve all of your goals, whether you’re building muscle, or trying to lose fat!

How long do MegaFit meals last?

Because the meals are flash-frozen, they arrive at your door still packed with goodness! Once you receive them, they’ll last for 5 days in the refrigerator or two months in the freezer.

When should I order MegaFit meals?

MegaFit Meals delivers on Mondays and Wednesdays for arrival on Wednesdays and Fridays. For Wednesday delivery, place your order before midnight Saturday, and for Friday, before Tuesday by midnight.

MegaFit Meals' meal prep delivery service

MegaFit Meals

  • The menu created by bodybuilders for bodybuilders
  • Ordering in bulk with 64, 96, and 128-dish boxes
  • Displayed macros for easy nutrition tracking
  • Free shipping

Hi, I'm Paul. Welcome to my website! I, along with my cronies, are leveraging our years of working in the food industry to review meal and drink delivery services. We review. You eat happily ever after.

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