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Vinebox Review: Could this Wine Club be Made for You?

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

The world of wine is an exciting place, and tasting different types can be quite an experience. With so many varieties, terroirs, and the stories behind every wine, you may need a little help to navigate this tasting journey.

VineBox is your online wine subscription service and personal sommelier. It brings you different wines from all over the world so that you can fully experience the beautiful palates of this heavenly drink.

Read our VineBox review to find out how this exclusive wine club works, and start your exciting wine tasting journey.

VineBox At A Glance

  • Best Match For: Wine-enthusiasts looking to explore the diversity of terroirs, varietals, and flavors that come from small wineries around the world.
  • Commitment Level: Quarterly or annual subscription
  • Availability: All states except for Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah and Vermont.
  • Value: $65-$96/box; Free delivery
  • Type: Exclusive, hand-picked wines

How VineBox Works?

VineBox is a special wine club that brings you unique wines from all over the world. These are all exclusive hand-picked wine that is nothing like the stuff from your local store. You can’t even find these bottles in a fancy wine shop.

Vinebox offers annual or quarterly subscriptions. Membership benefits include a box of nine hand-picked wine bottles delivered every three months, credit for full bottles, free delivery, detailed information about the wine, different grape varieties, regions, winemakers, and the story behind each bottle.

Each quarterly box contains nine 100 ml seasonal bottles chosen by sommeliers and experts to offer a unique glass tasting experience. VineBox uses innovative technology to ensure all bottles remain stable with a full bouquet, mouthfeel, and flavor profile for three years.

However, every bottle is selected based on the current availability, popularity, and season, so it is best to try them right away.

You will get four white and red wines, as well as one rose per box. You can’t choose what goes inside each package, as VineBox wants to send you on an adventure and make you experience different flavors.

This club membership also allows you to buy a full bottle of wine you like, and you’ll even receive quarterly credit. That way, you never have to risk buying a bottle of something you don’t like, as you’ll always have a chance to try it beforehand.

You will get a new box every three months. The VineBox will send you a confirmation email 5-7 days prior so that you can change your order if needed. Changing details, skipping a delivery, or canceling your membership is easy, and you can do it online.

Keep in mind that your quarterly subscription will keep renewing until you cancel it and that all prepaid memberships are non-refundable. So if you are looking for a one-time order, you should cancel it right away.

What You Can Expect From VineBox

VineBox brings you a unique wine tasting experience with nine glass-sized bottles in every subscription box you receive. Every VineBox wine is a unique gem, and a glass full of bouquet that will leave your taste buds yearning for more.

A team of professional sommeliers selects every wine, and each box brings you a different selection based on your preferences and the season.

 Some wines will be the newest additions that require special attention, while others will be incredible cellar finds, aged to perfection.

Four glass-sized bottles of red and white wine, plus one rose, is more than enough to explore different flavor profiles and determine what you prefer.

You get detailed information about every wine, the terroir, winemaker, and the whole story behind it. It is a fun way to learn about the rich history, as some of these wines have long-traditions and fascinating stories. 

Every wine brought to you by VineBox is of exceptional quality. There are no mass-produced wines, as this wine club wants you to try only the best stuff. Once you discover your wine preferences, purchase full-sized bottles, and enjoy this wine club to the fullest.

Sample Wines

You can’t choose the wines that will go in your box, but you can pick one of the few available options, including (some are sold out at the moment):

  • Vintaged reds – With nine pours of delicious hand-picked red wines.
  • White spectrum – For white wine enthusiasts.
  • A trip through Europe – For the taste of beautiful wines from Italy, Spain, and France.
  • Back to classics – An incredible selection of renowned wines that made this drink famous.

Delivery Review

When you sign up for VineBox, you get an estimated shipping time for your first order.

After three months, your subscription will renew, and the box will ship within five business days.

You can always contact VineBox and arrange a different shipping date.

Like most other wine clubs, VineBox offers free shipping to most United States, except Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Rode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia and Vermont.

Because it’s alcohol, the adult signature is required for the delivery. That is why it may be a better idea to ship to your work address or to a place where an adult is present at all times.

You can also arrange delivery to one of the close UPS stores or FedEx Office locations and pick up your wine box at your convenience. 


How much is VineBox?

Quarterly subscription costs $79, while an annual membership fee is $288 for a full year or $72 per box. You can also double your subscription boxes for an additional 10% off. 

Can I buy full-sized bottles with VineBox?

Yes, if you like some of the glass-sized samples, you can easily purchase a full bottle. VineBox even credits you $15 per quarter, or $30 quarterly for annual members.

Can I choose what goes inside my wine box?

You can’t, as the company wants you to explore different options and fully experience the world of wine.

What if my shipment gets damaged?

VineBox does an excellent job packing your glass-sized bottles safely. If any damage occurs during transit, the company will gladly refund or re-ship your box without additional fees.

Is Vinebox wine good?

Vinebox wine isn’t just good – it is incredible! The company has an outstanding selection of premium wines, and the service is excellent. Vinebox is a perfect way to explore the world of wines without breaking the bank.

How long does Vinebox wine last?

Vinebox wine can last for up to three years.

How does Vinebox ship?

Vinebox ships via FedEx or UPS.

How many ounces in Vinebox?

Each month you receive three vials, each containing 4 ounces of delicious wine.

Does Vinebox deliver to Canada?

Yes, Vinebox ships to Canada.

VineBox Cost

Whether you want to purchase wine for yourself or as a gift, you expect to pay $65-$96 per box. Delivery is free.

Pros and Cons Review


  • This wine subscription works with small wineries and vineyards
  • Hand-picked wine selection by sommeliers and experts
  • Great for discovering new wines
  • Free delivery


  • You can’t hand-pick what goes into your box


Unlike most wine clubs, VineBox offers an exclusive hand-picked selection of wines you wouldn’t be able to find even at your local fancy wine store.

The company collaborates with small winemakers to bring you the best glass-sized bottles from all around the world.

VineBox is more than just the taste; it is the whole experience, the story behind each wine bottle, and the rich history of every region.

This creates a unique experience and sends you on an exceptional journey through the world of wine.

VineBox is perfect for all wine-lovers looking to expand their palate and experience some new vibrant flavors.

VineBox online wine subscription and delivery service


  • This wine subscription works with small wineries and vineyards
  • Hand-picked wine selection by sommeliers and experts
  • Great for discovering new wines
  • Free delivery

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