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Chances are you’ve probably been confronted with a bevy of online advertisements for meal kits and prepared meal delivery services that promise delicious food delivered straight to your door.

Some of these meals come frozen and thankfully, they look like a welcome departure from the underwhelming heat and eat TV dinners you get from the frozen section of your grocery store.
Or if fresh meals are more your thing, there are plenty of services which cater to that preference as well, which seem far better than anything your local pizza or Chinese restaurant can deliver.

fruits and vegetables

So what’s holding you back from making a commitment to a prepared meal delivery service?

It can be daunting, not to mention pricey, to try services in the search for your perfect match with so many–almost too many–meal program options available nowadays. If you have a lot on your plate, well, that’s where we come in.

Having worked as line chefs, recipe developers, and private chefs, we’re leveraging our years of experience and knowledge to review all meal programs out there so we can better guide you to find your ideal meal match!

We review so you can eat happily ever after.

Please note that while some of the purchases you make through our links may result in us earning a commission, we stand by our recommendations for our readers as we try to do as much objective research as possible.
If you have any suggestions for meal delivery services you think we should review, feel free to send us an email.

The Meal Matchmaker Team


Hi, my name is Paul, the creator, and author of Meal Matchmaker but really you can just call me Cupid since I’ll be pairing you up with your ideal meal delivery service.

Before I began testing and writing about meal delivery services, I cooked full time as a private chef for families across NYC, creating dishes to appeal to just about every lifestyle, diet, allergy, and trend you can think.

I know good food and dependable service. I’ve been involved with both for 15 plus years and feel confident that I can help guide you through committing to a meal program that’ll have you living your best life.

Feel free to reach me at


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