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Prepared and delivered meals are hardly a new concept, amirite? Pizza and Chinese food delivery are the cornerstone of the American delivery and dine in ritual and now, with food delivery apps on the rise, people across cities in the US have a bevy of restaurant meals sent straight to their door. But what if you want more?

No, we’re not talking more as in quantity of food; rather, we mean quality of life.

What if you could get fully cooked, homemade meals delivered to your door and they’re more tailored to your lifestyle, health needs, and/or goals?

What if you could buy a service that offers convenience and customization at the fraction of the cost of having a private chef?

There are prepared meal delivery services for just about every diet and nutritional need out there.

Meal delivery services are available for people with food allergies and heart disease, people who want to lose weight but save time, others who need to bulk up, and still others who prefer a ketogenic lifestyle or plant-based meals only. You can have gourmet food delivered straight to your door. You can even have baby and dog foods delivered! The list could go on and on.

There are thousands (yes, thousands!) of these meal delivery services, or what we like to call heat and eat kinda programs in the United States. And though many are local companies only delivering to their immediate city, the vast majority of companies in this niche are able to ship their fully-cooked meals across the continental United States.

There are many, MANY services to choose from. In fact, we think the biggest challenge you’ll face is deciding which service is right for you and your family.

If you feel daunted by wading through the many services, we got you covered. In fact, we have a list of our top 10 favorite. Read our reviews of the best prepared meal delivery services.

As experienced private chefs, we know a thing or 10 about what good services and excellent food tailored to specific dietary needs really means. We know what meals are value for money. We give you good food for thought and most importantly, we’ll get you great food on your plate.

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