Our Team

The Meal Matchmaker team consists of food professionals with an eye (and bellies!) for the highest quality products and meals. The masterminds behind our reviews include restaurant chefs, private chefs, recipe testers, and general foodies who’ve worked with top brands and companies. We not only have a passion for good food (who doesn’t?), but we also love to match people up with food that we know would suit their lifestyle. 

Why We Do What We Do

Our mission is to guide you to your ideal food match. That’s all. That mission drives us to scour the nation and the internet for all types of meal and beverage services. Through experience, taste-testing, and exhaustive research, we compile reviews of popular and brand-new food services just for you. When we give a recommendation, we make sure it means something.

For each meal and drink delivery service, we tell you its value (i.e. how much a serving/product costs), who we think the service would be a good match for from a dietary/lifestyle point of view, the commitment level (for a meal subscription, for example), the regional availability, and the product type (i.e. frozen, fresh, fully prepared, an ingredient kit, a drink, etc.).

Our reviews are thorough because we are also consumers, and we understand wanting to read up on a product before you try it. We compile all the info you need—background info, the sign-up process, ordering, sample meals, and customer service—so you don't have to use trial and error to get the meals you want. We also know that outdated reviews are useless. That’s why we are constantly updating our recommendations to keep up with new players in the food game and any changes that brands make to their service.

We’re not loyal to any particular brands or types of food, but we are loyal to quality. For that reason, you’ll find a variety of different recommendations on our site. Our experiences as private chefs and recipe testers help us better understand and think through customer needs.
We cover everything from special diets to beverages to meal kits and niche subscriptions because we understand the need for foods that address health and lifestyle goals. If there’s something you want to see but can’t find, just ask! It’s our priority to make sure everyone can find their perfect match.

Why You Should Trust Us

There is a lot of misinformation out there related to food and food delivery. With so many meal delivery services out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or realize that something isn’t right for you after you already bought it. We don’t want anyone to have buyer’s remorse, so we share our honest thoughts and opinions on what’s out there.

Additionally, we provide informational articles dispelling common food myths and explaining different aspects of food. All of these articles are fact-checked by our experts, and we always list our sources.

We do receive an affiliate commission on some, but not all, of the products that we recommend if you complete a purchase by clicking to the retailer site from our review. However, we never do paid or sponsored reviews. We are not in the business of advertising. No company dictates our content. 

How We Test Our Products

We test products just like anyone would—by trying them in practical settings. Our reviewers do a deep dive into every companies’ offerings so we can explain in detail what you should expect. We make sure to cover every aspect that might matter to you. So, we’ll let you know how easy it is to place an order, what the delivery process is like, how the packaging works, and (of course) how everything tastes.

In our roundup reviews, we outline how different brands compare to each other so you can quickly see what sounds good to you. We want you to know every angle, which is why we include both pros and cons in every review. We appreciate that taste is subjective, so we’re not here to tell you what you should like. When we don’t like the taste of something, we explain why by noting the texture, composition, context, or whatever it is that gives us pause so you can get the full picture. But the final decision is yours!

Finally, our experts are always asking, “Who would benefit from this product? When would they use it, and why?” These fundamental questions help us shape our recommendations so we can match you appropriately.

At the end of the day, we believe there’s a meal service out there for everyone. Our sole job is to help you find yours.