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Martha Stewart Wine Club Review: Here’s the Scoop

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on January 10, 2023

When you think of Martha Stewart, what comes to mind? Maybe you think about home decor, crafts, or tasty recipes. If wine isn't at the top of your mental list, it's about to be! In 2017, businesswoman Matha Stewart started her own wine club of curated wines from her established wine partners.

A wine subscription can come in handy for many reasons. You get to try new wine options monthly for wine lovers without having to do too much research. Or, if you're new to wine, then a wine club membership could be a perfect introduction. Lastly, maybe you just want wine delivered without having to shop for it.

Like many wine clubs, the Martha Stewart Wine Club sends subscribers recurring deliveries of red or white wines based on their subscription preferences. So, what makes this one any different from all the rest? Here are the latest Martha Stewart Wine Clubs reviews, how the subscription service works, and the pros and cons. If you like to follow Martha Stewart's endeavors or you want to try a quality wine club, this wine club might be perfect for you.

How Martha Stewart Wine Club Works

According to the Martha Stewart Wine Club website, Martha Stewart herself selects and approves every wine that comes in the wine club through her partnership with The Martha Stewart wines have won over 700 awards collectively, so you can expect quality options. Her wine club team sources the wines from vineyards around the globe. True to her brand as a home chef, Martha Stewart also makes suggestions for food pairings with each wine.

Previously, there were two subscription options: six bottles (a half-case wine club) every six weeks or twelve bottles (full case wine club) every eight weeks. With either of the wine club subscription plans, you can choose to get only reds, only whites, or a combination in your order.

Now, the Martha Stewart Wine Club website has simplified things into one wine club plan. Subscribers get 12 bottles of wine every 12 weeks that are "guaranteed to please." You still get to choose what kind of wines you'd like. If you only want red or white, you'll receive two bottles of each option per shipment. If you want a mixed box, then you'll get 12 different wines.

Before you check out, you get to view which wines you'll receive for your first order. The description of each wine tells you the year, tasting notes, region of origin, and the winery that produced it.

A Martha Stewart Wine Club membership is perfect if you love to entertain. You'll have more than enough wine to go around, and you could even host tasting parties using some of Martha Stewart's pairing and serving suggestions. You can manage your membership at any time from the account page online. You can skip a shipment or change your preferences with the click of a button. To cancel the account, you'll need to call the customer care team.

Other Ways to Get Martha Stewart Wine

Aside from the Martha Stewart Wine Club service, you can also get wines a la carte from the online shop. There are over 80 wines to choose from, including rosé and dessert wine. When you select one from the shop, you can see a detailed description of the wine, tasting notes, the country of origin, and any awards it won. If you don't know how to pick from all of these wine selections, you can hit the "explore" button to browse specific categories and spotlights.

Martha Stewart Wine Club also has wine packs if you want to make a one-time purchase of a half-case or a case. These packs have different themes, such as "Martha's Romantic Reds" and "Oh So Blanc." The packs of wine are great for entertaining or even giving as a gift. For example, the wine pack for grilling includes these award-winning selections:

  • 2019 Terra Sara Cuvee de la Familia Tempranillo
  • 2019 Pierofosco Toscana Rosé I.G.T.
  • 2018 Duck Point Syrah
  • 2019 Bernard Magrez Merlot

You can even gift someone a year of wine. You only pay once, choose the number of shipments and the occasion, and your recipient will have wine all year long.

What You Can Expect From Your Order

Using the website to sign up for the Martha Stewart Wine Club service is straightforward.

Once you create an account and checkout, you'll get a tracking number to see when your wine club shipment will arrive.

Your box of wines from Martha Stewart Wine Club will arrive in a beautiful package with lots of new member goodies.

In addition, during your membership, you'll receive:

  • Free delivery on every order
  • Free wine accessory gifts
  • A free corkscrew set
  • Exclusive access to tasting, pairing, and entertaining tips from Martha Stewart

Your first wine club box will contain a nice welcome note to kick off your experience. Each box from Martha Stewart Wine Club includes a Tasting Note Guide, which features a detailed write-up about the wines so you can quickly become a connoisseur.

The company prioritizes its customer satisfaction guarantee. So, if you don't like any of the wines you received, you can contact customer service, and they'll offer you a replacement. The Martha Stewart Wine Club also takes steps to track which wines you like and don't like to personalize your subscription.

As we mentioned, there is a wide selection of different wines, so you're sure to come across some that you enjoy. The Martha Stewart Wine Club sources its wine selection from Argentina, New Zealand, Chile, Spain, Italy, France, Australia, the US, and other places.

Sample Wines

Since this is a wine club, your wines will change with every shipment. You'll have the chance to view the contents of your next box before it ships, or you can wait and be surprised. Here are some of the wines that club members have raved about in other Martha Stewart Wine Club review pages:

2018 Bayshore Vintners Cabernet Sauvignon

This Cabernet comes from Bayshore Vintners winery, and the Martha Stewart Wine Club describes it as full-bodied and dry. It has a taste profile of baking spices, cedar, and notes of dark fruit. Its aroma has hints of eucalyptus and blackberry. Lastly, it won gold in the San Diego International Wine Challenge.

Bernard Magrez Sauvignon Blanc

This is a sweet wine with notes of stone fruits, floral, and citrus. The winery is known for its global reach of excellent wines made with French winemaking traditions. According to the website, the wine pairs well with salads, sauteed veggies, and white meats.

2018 Monarch Glen Merlot

This red wine originates in the United States, and it took gold in the 2020 Critics Challenge International Wine Competition. The taste profiles consist of red berries and cherries, and it has moderate acidity. You can pair this Martha Stewart wine with light meat such as roast chicken or heavier meats like lamb or beef.

Other Martha Stewart Wine Club Selections

Naturally, we can't possibly list all of the awesome Martha Stewart wine options available. However, some other sample wines include:

  • 2018 Tostorreddu Rouge Sardinia
  • 2019 Flor de Sara Viura Rioja D.O.Ca
  • 2017 Casamarta Chianti Classico D.O.C.G.
  • 2018 Monarch Glen Chardonnay
  • 2018 Château Le Vieux Chêne Bordeaux Rouge


Delivering wine can be tricky, but the Martha Stewart Wine Club does its best to meet customers' needs. The Martha Stewart wine club website has a three-bottle minimum, and orders over six bottles come with free shipping.

That means you get free shipping on every wine club order! The team recommends you ship to a business address, but you can use a residential address if you need to.

Unfortunately, customers cannot use the wine delivery service with a PO box.

Keep in mind that someone over 21 must sign for the shipment, so you will need to be at home for the delivery. 

If you think your address will be an issue, you can use FedEx Hold At Location to set a different pickup location for your Martha Stewart wine club box.

Generally, you'll receive your wine shipments within one to three business days. However, especially hot or cold weather can damage wines. So, extreme weather conditions could delay your shipment. Martha Stewart Wine Club ships to all United States except Utah, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Mississippi, Kentucky, Hawaii, Delaware, Arkansas, Alabama, and Alaska.

Another delivery aspect to note is that Martha Stewart Wine Club does not offer expedited shipping. So, if you're planning an event, make sure you buy your wine bottles well in advance. If you miss your delivery attempt three times, your order will return to the Martha Stewart Wine Club warehouse, and you'll get a refund on your credit card. Finally, if your order is damaged during shipping, the customer service satisfaction guarantee will take care of that issue.

How To Pick a Wine Club

If you want to experience different wines from the comfort of home, you many options. So, how do you pick a wine club? First, you should figure out how invested you want to be. If you're a wine novice, then look for a club that caters to beginners. On the other hand, if you've been around the block before, then you may want to look for an option with premium wines (especially with the types you know you enjoy).

You should also decide how much control you want over your selection. If you're open to trying new things, you can go for a "curated" wine subscription where the company picks all of the wine selections for you. Otherwise, look for something where members get a little personalization.

Finally, find out how many wines you want with each shipment. Some wine clubs send as few as one or two bottles, while others send as many as 12. Keep in mind that the more you buy, the better deals you often get. Overall, research the company to ensure they have the selection and type of experience you're seeking.


Is Martha Stewart wine good?

The Marth Stewart wine subscription includes a range of all types of wines. You can set your wine preference to red, white, or a combination. All of the wines are hand-selected by Martha from vineyards and wineries around the world, and many of them have won awards. Of course, your satisfaction will depend on your personal preference, but the average Martha Stewart Wine review is positive.

How much is Martha Stewart wine club?

Right now, Martha Stewart Wine Club offers 12 wine bottles every 12 weeks for a special price of $7.49 per bottle. The wine club subscription also includes other freebies (such as a 7-piece corkscrew set) that increase its value. Lastly, the wine club includes shipping.

What is the best wine club to join?

The typical Martha Stewart Wine Club Review is positive. With the Martha Stewart wine club, you'll get bottles of wines from around the world that Martha Stewart herself selected. In addition, each shipment comes with a detailed tasting guide and tips from Martha Stewart related to pairing and tasting. It's a straightforward wine club that's perfect for wine lovers or entertainers.

Are wine clubs a good deal?

Not all wine clubs are created equal. There are many to choose from, and many of them offer prices that you wouldn't find elsewhere. The best way to determine if your wine club is a good deal is to match the offerings with their regular retail price. Then, you can see if you're saving any money. With the Martha Stewart wine club, customers get a selection of fine wines at great prices. There are also many bottles you would not find elsewhere.

How does Martha Stewart wine club work?

The Martha Stewart wine subscription is straightforward. First, you'll select whether you want a half-case or whole case of wine. The only personalization process is the option of all reds, all whites, or a mixed box. Then, you'll create your account and enter your name and shipping information. After you sign up for the services, you can expect a regular wine delivery to your door.

Pros & Cons

There's a lot we appreciate in this Martha Stewart wine review, and members get plenty of benefits from signing up for these services. Here are our top pros and cons:


  • Can make one-time purchases in addition to signing up for a subscription
  • Easy signup process
  • The wine club team makes selections with the help of Martha Stewart
  • Wines come from all over the world and with a detailed description card


  • Not many different wine subscription plans to choose from

Food For Thought

Martha Stewart remains true to her brand with this latest endeavor (which is important since her name is all over this). The wines are carefully selected, and the experience is pleasant from checkout to delivery. The selection is high quality, meaning it makes a great gift for a friend or family member. It's also nice to bring out at parties or to enjoy all by yourself.

Other wine clubs send boxes of wine once per month. Martha Stewart deviates from this model, which can be a pleasant change for someone who doesn't want to become overwhelmed with bottles. Our only drawback is that we wish there were more customization options, such as the number of wines and the delivery frequency. Even so, this is a top-notch service for people looking for something new to experience.

Hopefully, this Martha Stewart Wine review helped you decide if you're ready to try this wine club!


Martha Stewart Wine Co

  • Can make one-time purchases in addition to signing up for a subscription
  • Easy signup process
  • The wine club team makes selections with the help of Martha Stewart
  • Wines come from all over the world and with a detailed description card

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