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How to Cancel Daily Harvest Subscriptions 2023

Written By: Paul

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Last Updated on July 4, 2023

If you have been a Daily Harvest member for a few years, it might be time to cancel your subscription. You may no longer need meal prep foods since you have acquired the skills to buy healthy options on your own and cook meals quickly and efficiently. Or, maybe you just find the subscription too costly over time. 

No matter your reason, it may be time to cancel your Daily Harvest subscription.

What is Daily Harvest? Daily Harvest offers organic, healthy, and fresh poultry, fruits, nuts, legumes, and vegetables filled with vitamins and minerals to help complete a well-rounded diet. 

Daily Harvest helps give subscribers healthy options without needing to go to the grocery store. This makes it easy for those who struggle to make balanced diet choices to learn to eat healthier.

Once you have developed good habits, it may be time to cancel your subscription and save a few bucks. In this article, we will go over how to cancel your Daily Harvest subscription in 2023.

Is it possible to cancel your Daily Harvest Subscription?

First thing is first — is it even possible to cancel your subscription after you sign up? Luckily, the answer is yes! You can cancel your Daily Harvest subscription at any point before the new billing cycle begins and you are charged again. 

If you cancel after the billing subscription cutoff, you will get charged for the next round of products — even if you have canceled.

Steps to Cancel Your Daily Harvest Subscription

If you need to cancel your Daily Harvest subscription, the easiest way to do so is to log into your account and head to your ‘Account Settings’ menu. Let’s go through the step-by-step process of how to do so with ease.

Step 1: Log Into Your Daily Harvest Account

The first step in canceling your subscription is to log into your account. Visit the Daily Harvest website and homepage. Then, click on Daily Harvest log-in. Continue by entering your email address and your password. 

Step 2: Select ‘manage Plans’ 

The ‘Manage Plans’ section is where users can view their current account plan, manage their subscription, or change their subscription. 

Step 3: Click On ‘plan Status’ 

After clicking on ‘Plan Status’, click on ‘Edit.’After clicking the ‘Edit’ button, you can change your plan’s status and subscription. If you want to put your subscription on pause without canceling it completely, you can hit the ‘Pause’ button to cease your orders. This pause method temporarily turns off your account so you do not receive food in the mail.

Step 4: ‘end Plan’

The fourth step is to click on ‘End Plan’ after visiting the ‘Plan Status’ page. Once you pause your account, you will then see the ‘End Plan’ button at the bottom of the page. Click on this button to continue canceling your subscription.

Step 5: Confirm 

Daily Harvest will ask you if you are sure you want to cancel your subscription. If you do, click ‘Confirm’ to continue canceling your Daily Harvest subscription.

Step 6: Check Your Email Inbox

The last step in canceling your subscription is to check your email. You should receive an email that states, ‘Your Daily Harvest subscription is now canceled.’

What If I Want to Pause My Daily Harvest Subscription?

If you want to pause your subscription without canceling, you can do so by following similar steps as above. 

Step 1: Visit The Home Page

The first step is to visit the Daily HArvest website home page. 

Step 2: Log In To Your Account 

The next step is to log in to the Daily Harvest account by entering your email address and password. Once you have logged in, you can continue.

Step 3: Click On 'manage Plans’

The third step is to click on ‘Manage Plans’ so you can view your current plan and see the pause or cancellation options.

Step 4: Click On The ‘pause’ Button

The fourth step is to click on the ‘Pause’ button to pause your subscription without canceling it completely. Hit the ‘next’ button to continue pausing your account. 

Step 5: Choose The Reason For Pausing

The fifth step of how to pause your account is to add a reason why you need to pause. 

Step 6: Select ‘pause Plan’

Once you have chosen the reason for pausing your account, the next step is to click on ‘Pause Plan’ to confirm the selection. Click on ‘Yes’ to continue. You’re done! 

Daily Harvest Alternatives

Suppose you are still interested in a meal delivery service promoting healthy eating but want to try something new. In that case, Daily Harvest alternatives can be essential for those who want an efficient and streamlined meal delivery service.


There are numerous reasons why you may enjoy Factor over Daily Harvest! After canceling your Daily Harvest subscription, you can sign up for Factor, which offers meals for just $6.19 per serving. Here are a few reasons to choose Factor:

  • Various options — If you have dietary restrictions or enjoy eating a certain meal plan, this is a smart choice. Daily Harvest offers ketogenic, low-calorie, protein-heavy, vegetarian, and vegan meal plans that work well for a variety of meals that require only a few minutes of heating in the microwave.

  • Different cuisines — You can choose from multiple cuisines when it comes to Factor meals. You can select a specific type of cuisine, such as Italian, American, French, Mexican, and other ethnic cuisines. 

  • Different breakfast choices for picky eaters — Sometimes, you might not be super hungry for breakfast. Or, you are in a rush as you head to work. Whatever the reason, variety is key! Factor offers smoothies, frittata bites, sausages, pancakes, and many other options. 

  • 600 calories or less — Factor offers entrees and servings that are less than 600 calories to help you stay on track with your healthy eating diet. 

Green Chef

Green Chef is the way to go if you want to eat organic food. After canceling your Daily Harvest subscription, sign up for Green Chef to try organic meals that suit a variety of dietary preferences:

  • Large selection of cuisines — There are numerous cuisines offered by Green Chef that work for picky eaters. Green Chef not only caters to various dietary needs but also offers Latin American, Greek, European, Middle Eastern, American, and other cuisines.

  • Ad-ons are available — You can purchase add-ons to your subscription for more dishes. These additional snacks are great for to-go meals or snacks in between the larger organic fare. 

  • Certified organic — Green Chef offers USDA-certified organic produce and eggs, ensuring you are eating healthy and eating high-quality and organic ingredients with every meal or snack.

  • Fair pricing – Green Chef offers meals for less than $6 per serving, which is a great bargain for those who want to eat healthy and save money over time. 

Blue Apron

The last alternative that we think is a good choice for those who have canceled their DAily Harvest subscription is Blue Apron:

  • Low prices — Blue Apron is a low-cost alternative to other food delivery services, ensuring you can get a serving for just $5.74. 

  • Blended menu — We love how Blue Apron has a blended menu incorporating meat, vegetarian dishes, vegan-friendly options, gluten-free dishes, and much more. You can enjoy meat, fish, vegetables, and other fresh ingredients that make it easy for you to balance your macronutrients.

  • Vegetarian menu — The ‘Vegetarian Menu’ is a great option for those who do not eat meat or fish. This menu also uses seasonal produce to use only the freshest ingredients, such as cauliflowers, avocados, and fresh fruit. 

FAQs about Canceling Daily Harvest Subscription

Still unsure about how to cancel your Daily Harvest subscription? Check out these commonly asked questions to see a few facts that can help you pause or cancel in no time at all. 

Can I Cancel Daily Harvest Via Email?

One of the easiest ways to cancel your Daily Harvest subscription is through email. Suppose you don't want to go to the website or you forget your login information. In that case, you can email the customer support team to cancel your subscription. Use the email at to send an email regarding your subscription status.

Can I Have More Than One Daily Harvest Subscription?

If you have previously signed up for Daily Harvest before, you might have forgotten your log-in information. In this case, you may sign up for another subscription. In this case, you are paying double. You can cancel one of your subscription methods by going to your ‘Manage Plans’ page. If you want to add a new subscription plan, click ‘Add a New Plan.’ 

Does Daily Harvest Have A Free Trial For New Customers?

Daily Harvest has a free trial for customers on certain subscription plans or products. The free trial window makes it easy to try this meal delivery service without paying a hefty fee. Once you decide if it is right for you, you can continue with the sign-up process. 


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