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What are the Best Chocolate Subscription Box Delivery Services?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Written By: Paul

Real talk, who wouldn't join a chocolate club? Not very many people can say that they don’t. In the U S, you can get the best subscription boxes for monthly chocolate from anywhere in the globe. Taste amazing flavors from Belgian, Peruvian, German, and American chocolatiers or get a chocolate subscription box Australia without leaving home.

We listed the best subscription boxes to satisfy your sweet tooth every month. After joining with an email address, you'll have a little taste of craft bean-to-bar chocolate bars, selections of caramels, fudge, and other products every month. Maybe you heard about the benefits of dark choclate and want to stay stocked up. Or, maybe you just love chocolate. From milk chocolate to dark chocolate to mystery chocolate bars, it's enough to fit anyone's style.

Top Chocolate Subscription Box Delivery Services

1. Simply Chocolate (Editor's Choice)

  • Best Match For: Anyone looking for a wide selection of premium chocolate gifts in every price range for their sweets-loving friends.
  • Commitment Level: One time orders; Subscription
  • Availability: The continental US
  • Value: You can buy deluxe chocolate boxes for $29.99, gift baskets for as low as $54.99, and much more. Depending on your total, you will be added a service charge of up to $18.99 and a shipping charge of up to $14.99.
  • Type: Chocolate gifts for every occasion

Simply Chocolate has an enormous selection of chocolate bars from craft chocolate makers like Godiva. Their company site offers a way for you to gift batches to yourself or other chocolate lovers in your life. Alongside their variety, they also offer other sweets in gift baskets.

Their affiliate links also make it really easy to add pizzazz to the gift of chocolates you buy for somebody. The service allows you to learn all about chocolatiers and save some sweet recipes when you want to add a twist to your desserts. You can also learn about tasting notes for your box of chocolates.

They have amazing tailored gift box choices for family or somebody special. Although they don’t have a renewable monthly chocolate subscription box, you owe yourself about a present per month anyway, right?

Simply Chocolates' selection of chocolate bars delivery service


  • Choice to shop chocolate bars by brand or price
  • 15 different name-brands of the best chocolate assortments
  • Categories for specific occasions
  • Get milk or dark chocolate bars, truffles, nuts, or chocolate-covered fruit


  • No monthly subscription box

2. Mouth

  • Best Match For: People who realize that the best gifts should always include gourmet foods.
  • Commitment Level: One-time purchase; Subscription
  • Availability: All 50 states
  • Value: $6-$150 depending on the gift you choose
  • Type: Curated gifts, gourmet food gifts, monthly subscription boxes, and more

This is one of the best chocolate subscription boxes. In addition to chocolate bars, their box offers snacks like jerky, pickles, and cocktails.

Their site is super easy to navigate, ships all over the country, and they include a price range filter to ensure you don’t break the bank when you’re treating yourself.

The themes of Mouth boxes cater to the pickiest of eaters to the most adventurous. They also offer diverse picks on their fail-proof care packages, guaranteed to make anyone satisfied.

As one of the best chocolate subscription boxes, they let you choose to subscribe monthly or for a select number of months.

Mouth chocolate delivery service


  • Boxes sorted into price ranges
  • You can try all sorts of foods in addition to artisan chocolate bars
  • Shop by state option catered to regional tastes
  • Care-package themed subscription box also available to order


  • Limited options for only chocolate subscription boxes

3. CrateJoy

  • Best Match For: People looking for a marketplace where they’ll be able to find a gift subscription box for every occasion, person, interest, or hobby.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription; One-time purchase
  • Availability: All 50 states
  • Value: $2.08-$199.99/month; Additional shipping fees depending on the location
  • Type: A unique marketplace for gifts and subscription boxes.

If you want even more bang for your buck, the CrateJoy site can help you find the best chocolate box for you. You can get almost anything you can think of, from a book paired with craft chocolate bark to food dipped in chocolates. There are also Australian subscription boxes. The company's best chocolate subscription boxes include:

  • BookBrews
  • Bar & Cocoa
  • Brownie Bite Box
  • Candy Shop Box
  • Jackie s Chocolate
  • Whisk Takers
  • Coffee Hot Chocolate
  • Bean to Bar Unrefined Chocolate Box
  • Kekao Box
CrateJoy chocolate delivery service

In Jackie’s Chocolate, you'll find artisan chocolates such as truffles, dark chocolate bars, white chocolate, and sea salt caramel. The other chocolate brands feature different items per month. The Candy Club box, for example, sends handcrafted chocolatier sweets, drinks, and taffy from around the world.

CrateJoy can satisfy your cravings whether you want coffee or tea with your Jackie's Chocolate subscription or you want crafts or gourmet truffles. They also offer a service for baking boxes so you can make your own chocolate treats such as bars and chocolate chip cookies.


  • Pair being a chocolate-lover with any hobby
  • Bar & Cocoa box subscription club includes chocolates from around the world
  • Can subscribe for yourself or send a mystery chocolate box as a surprise
  • Wide selections of themed boxes for Valentine's Day


  • Not all chocolate subscription boxes contain just chocolates

4. Chocolate of the Month

  • Best Match For: Anyone looking for a perfect gift consisting of premium hand-crafted chocolates delivered monthly anywhere in the contiguous US.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: The contiguous US (No Alaska or Hawaii)
  • Value: Monthly membership for this club costs $44.95, and it brings you 1 lb of world-class chocolates. You’ll also have to pay shipping and handling fees.
  • Type: Gourmet chocolate of the month club

As the name suggests, this is a subscription chocolate club. Their chocolate makers give you hand-dipped treats and pick chocolates per month.

If you’re looking to explore other subscriptions, they also offer pizzas, coffees, fruits, flowers, and cigars. With their “Mix subscriptions” option, you can taste them all.

If you think that a pound of gourmet chocolate might be a little too much for every month, they also allow you to choose one to two months between deliveries.

Each box of chocolate flavors ships with ice packs so that your goodies do not melt. The treats come with serving suggestions, profiles of each chocolatier, and tasting notes.

Chocolate of the Month's subscription chocolate club and delivery service


  • Subscription box features creams, nuts, toffee, candies, and other flavors
  • Option for bi-monthly or every 3 months delivery of products
  • US subscribers get free shipping
  • Can get a personal note of thanks as a gift announcement


  • Can't choose what's in your per month subscription box

5. zChocolat

  • Best Match For: (Unavailable until September 2021) People searching for premium French chocolate gifts they can send to friends and family anywhere in the world.
  • Commitment Level: No commitments - Order at any time
  • Availability: Worldwide express delivery available
  • Value: These luxury chocolate gifts start at $33.05 per box. You can choose one of the curated boxes or simply pick your favorites and make your unique chocolate gift. There is a $21.25 flat rate shipping fee for up to five items and $8.26 for each additional one.
  • Type: Luxury French chocolate gifts

zChocolat is a luxury candy club company based in France. They have twenty-six carefully crafted fair trade chocolate items.

There are a variety of options for chocolate delivery, which makes the packaging just as fun as the ingredients.

The number markings on the chocolate and the opportunity to customize an assortment. Make these a fun thing to send to someone's door with an important date or a secret numbered message.

The V.I.P membership also ships awesome deals year-round, a coupon code, and double the cocoa for every order you place!

zChocolat's luxury candy club and chocolate delivery service


  • Ships box chocolates, caramels, and candies all over the world
  • Chocolates are numbered so you can order your favorites
  • Personalized packaging as a way to level up your box gifting
  • Website lists all ingredients, details, and nutrition facts for all batches


  • Only one brand of chocolate

6. iGourmet

  • Best Match For: People with gourmand friends who would appreciate premium gourmet food gifts and unique subscriptions to excite their taste buds.
  • Commitment Level: One time orders; Subscription
  • Availability: Everywhere in the US
  • Value: You can pick individual items, bundles, or choose one of the monthly subscription boxes. These are mostly gourmet foods and premium gifts, so most pre-made bundles are over $100. Standard shipping is $13.99, express is $24.99, while the overnight one is $39.99. There are additional charges for Saturday deliveries and shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Type: Gourmet foods, meal kits, pantry items, premium meats, gourmet gift baskets, ready-to-eat sweets, and more

iGourmet is an online marketplace for all sorts of treats, including chocolates and cookies. And if you just so happen to love a specific chocolate, you can order it separately as well.

They host an extensive product list of caramels, bonbons, and other goods. Their experts know how to make gourmet food and drink from scratch.

Their other monthly clubs are separated into categories, including organic. So, you can be sure that your box of things has no additives and is non-GMO. They also allow you to filter their assortment by states of origin, meaning you get the opportunity to support local businesses.

With their shipment tracking feature, you’ll also know exactly when to expect your sweet treats and make sure you’re home to enjoy them.

iGourmet chocolate delivery service


  • Offers premium plans and fast shipping for customers
  • Purchase corporate gifts for good deals
  • Can choose a single gourmet chocolate or a batch
  • Provides a custom box to create your own experience


  • More of a chocolate and dessert catalog than a subscription service

7. Harry & David

  • Best Match For: People looking for unique gifts for every occasion, ranging from gourmet foods to gift of the month clubs.
  • Commitment Level: No commitments - Order at any time; Subscription
  • Availability: Anywhere in the US
  • Value: Gift prices can vary significantly depending on what you choose; $6.99-$23.99 shipping fee for orders under $150; 16% shipping fee for orders over $150; Additional $9.99 charge for deliveries to Hawaii and Alaska; Additional $5.99 to PO Box deliveries
  • Type: Exclusive gifts, gift baskets, fruit boxes, premium chocolates, baked goods, gourmet food, wine clubs, and more.

Harry & David is a quality subscription service based around sweets. The 

chocolate of the month service ships chocolates to your doorstep every month.

The candy club option has a menu of the chocolates you receive every month.

Subscribers can order treats, ice cream, bonbons, and truffles for themselves or others. They have two monthly clubs: the choco-lovers club and the Moose Munch club.

With the latter, you get popcorn pieces of a different flavor monthly also with a mixture of chocolates. This product is perfect for the holidays when nothing in the stores will do.

Read our full Harry & David review.

Harry and David chocolate delivery service


  • Contents of chocolate boxes are sent to your email address by the end of the month
  • Chocolate-covered fruits are included in subscription boxes
  • Ships monthly or just once all over the world
  • Their premium popcorn plan is available in subscription or separately


  • Subscriptions only come in the option of three or twelve months

The Health Benefits of A Chocolate Subscription Box

Although someone may take a look at a chocolate bar and put it on their no-no list, the treat can be beneficial to your health. Chocolate actually promotes urine production which makes it a great detox booster, and it’s also proven to boost the nervous system. A study found that eating chocolate is linked to:

  • Improvement in blood vessel health
  • A positive effect on blood pressure
  • Reduction of blood clots
  • Stimulating the heart

The reason that chocolate is also known as a go-to comfort food is because it decreases stress and anxiety in many individuals. A natural ingredient called anandamide is found in many of the yummy comfort foods we love. Just remember, the darker the chocolate, the better impact it has on your health (and the more bitter it tastes)!

People around the world appreciate cocoa for its links to health and excitement. A chocolatier making a classic bar or some fudge is a genre of art. Cocoa fields produce quality, natural flavor. However, the taste of raw cocoa bean is often too bitter for some. So, as a fan of the stuff, it's important to watch out for the amount of sugar and processing added to your favorite bars.


Is there a chocolate of the month club?

Luckily for chocoholics, yes! There is a chocolate club, and the reviews and comments are immaculate. Chocolate of The Month is one of the best subscription boxes because it features seasonal offerings in all sorts of arrangements and assortments.

They’ve been around since 1994, so you know they’re expert chocolatiers. Every order comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and an awesome newsletter from the chocolate makers. You can be the recipient of one-of-a-kind, chocolatey goodness.

What is the best box of chocolates?

The best chocolate subscription box can be found on Simply Chocolate. They have an extensive list of gourmet chocolates to devour, including Godiva, Lindt and Neuhaus, and ships to anywhere in the U S. Their selection of chocolates, chocolate-covered items, and gift basket arrangements make it hard to focus on their page without drooling.

You can join their chocolate fanatics club for special coupon code, free shipping, and more of the bite of heaven you love. Memberships come with a lot of extras and we can't get enough.

Conclusion - Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

If you’re a true sweet-lover and love chocolates, you know that just any purchase won’t do. Regardless of preference, these chocolate subscriptions and catalogs have your choice of bars. Whether you’re looking for bites to go with your book, a different type of quilty pleasure, or pure chocolates every month, there are the best subscription boxes available.

If you’re really looking for something to satisfy your taste buds, however, the best-rated, go-to service is Simply Chocolate. Pick yourself out some gourmet pieces, or indulge a little and let yourself try them all with a friend.

Simply Chocolates' selection of chocolate bars delivery service

Simply Chocolate

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Choice to shop chocolate bars by brand or price
  • 15 different name-brands of the best chocolate assortments
  • Categories for specific occasions
  • Get milk or dark chocolate bars, truffles, nuts, or chocolate-covered fruit

Hi, I'm Paul. Welcome to my website! I, along with my cronies, are leveraging our years of working in the food industry to review meal and drink delivery services. We review. You eat happily ever after.

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