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Last Updated on July 3, 2021

What if you could get your meals, snacks and appetizers along with your cookware and kitchen appliances online? Ordering from Williams Sonoma seems to let you do just that. Here’s the insider’s perspective to let you know what you’ll gain — or have to give up — by using this meal service.

What Can You Get From Williams Sonoma?

Williams Sonoma has long been a significant player in the culinary world. The company’s founder was creatively invigorated by the differences he noticed between European and American consumer cookware of the 1950s.

After coming back to the US, he transformed a Sonoma, California, hardware store into an exclusive shopping stop for people seeking specialty French cookware.

Today, the company still sells the things homemakers need to whip up fantastic cuisine, but it also provides for those who’d rather not slave over a hot stove.

In addition to gourmet ingredients and seasonal treats, it offers prepared entrees, sides, soups and other dishes. We’ll be checking out some of these items to see whether they’re worthy of your next taste adventure.

What Should I Expect From the Meals?

Williams Sonoma’s prepared entrees feature inspired selections and ingredients from Martha Stewart, Bob’s Red Mill, Giada de Laurentiis, Tuscan Markets, Elephants Delicatessen and other icons of the culinary world. This means that there’s a diversity of meals that you might not expect if you’ve dealt with other food delivery services.

Prepared Meals

Many of the prepared meal options come in multiple varieties. For instance, vegetarians and Italian food enthusiasts can get multi-entree packs that cater to their innermost gustatory desires in three- or five-day versions.

Even simpler items, such as the tamales, come in a variety of different flavors with unique ingredients as well as party platters designed for those who like to serve.

These meals also give you options for how you prefer to feast.

For instance, while you can try complete pasta dishes like a gnocchi sampler with different filling varieties and sauces, you can also purchase a pasta-only sampler and combine it with a sauce combo.

In other words, it’s just as easy to experiment as it is to have your entire meal delivered in one fell swoop.

Meal Kits

Looking for something a bit less ornate? The Williams Sonoma Sun Basket collection features meal kits with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Although you’ll have to do the cooking, everything is premeasured, and you can choose from 18 weekly recipes to customize the experience.

Sides and Soups

The sides menu is a perfect example of how Williams Sonoma accommodates any hosting style. From truffle mashed potatoes and gluten-free green bean casseroles to organic stuffing mixes and sauces, it’s easy to get a lavish spread together without needing to do absolutely everything by yourself. It also doesn’t hurt that you can buy the soups and side dishes in multiple varieties: fully prepared or as convenient Instant Pot starters.

Other Menu Items

The Williams Sonoma online store is also packed with assorted food items that don’t constitute meals by themselves yet remain essential for creating well-rounded feasts.

For instance, you might pair your family’s favorite main course ingredients with simmering sauces, grab some cake, cupcake and pancake mixes for dessert, or pick up an entire hors d’oeuvres tray to kick off a fancy gala. With a vast selection of infused oils, bread, wines and specialty condiments, you don’t have to look far to become an exquisite host.

Where Does Williams Sonoma Deliver Meals To?

Williams Sonoma ships meals to all 50 US states. Unlike many other companies, it also services FPO and APO addresses, although these orders might take longer to arrive. Pay close attention to the specifics of each menu item — some are shipped from vendors, so your mileage may vary.

What Will You Have to Pay?

Williams Sonoma is a premium brand, so many of its items are high-end buys. That being said, the store is huge enough that you can find lots of great deals.

Entree prices vary based on how many people they serve, but considering what you receive, the costs might be worth it. For instance, although the three-day vegetarian entree item is just under $130, it comes with almost seven pounds of food in three dishes fit for two to four people each.

Be careful when shopping for the most popular dessert items, like cakes and pies. Some of these menu selections will set you back more than $100, which is a lot to pay when the same company also provides many of the ingredients and tools you’ll need to make your own recipe versions for far less.

Do You Need to Add Extra to Cover the Shipping Costs?

If you live in the lower 48 US states, you’ll pay a standard shipping fee based on the total cost of your order. Residents of Alaska, Hawaii and US territories have to add $10 per order.

Can You Have Williams Sonoma Deliver My Holiday Meals?

Williams Sonoma is an excellent choice for a luxurious holiday, but be careful. Each event has its own shipping deadline, so doing everything at the last minute won’t work. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the complete holiday meals this coming Thanksgiving, Hannukah or Christmas. Be mindful that some side items and sets are only available at certain times.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Williams Sonoma?

Williams Sonoma has an established history of quality, and that makes its food offerings top-notch. On the other hand, you’re not going to find super healthy fare unless you stick with options like the Sun Basket kits. If your goal is to entertain, then it’s hard to go wrong here.

Williams Sonoma Costs

Since this marketplace has so much to offer, the prices span from a few dollars for some candies to hundreds and thousands of dollars for home appliances. Shipping fees depend on the selected items and your delivery location.

Food for Thought

Most meal services focus on a specific niche, and this company is decidedly upscale. Although the menu can get pricey, everything arrives fresh and takes its inspirations from culinary experts. What’s more, you can also pick up the kitchen tools you’ll need to go all out and customize your meals.

Williams Sonoma Meals

  • Prepared entrees feature inspired from icons of the culinary world
  • Reliable choice for holiday meals and gourmet gifts
  • Ships meals to all 50 states 
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of October

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