18 Weirdest Candies You Can Buy Today

Written By: Paul

Weirdest Candies You Can Buy Today

By all accounts, candy usually implies a sweet treat that anyone loves to eat. Candy comes in all shapes, sizes, textures, and flavors. Whether you love a rich chocolate bar, honey-coated nut bars, gummy bears, or suckers, there’s a candy out there for you, and it may even arrive at your door in a subscription box. After all, everyone’s taste buds are unique.

Additionally, culinary traditions play a big role in candy preferences. What may be delicious for one country is grotesque in another. Candy varies from place to place, but lately, candy companies have come up with some strange creations for adventurous and curious eaters.

Below, you’ll find a list of the weirdest candies you can find on the market today. You’ll see that even weird candies run the gamut of definitions, whether it be texture or flavor.

1. Sour Pickle Balls

Sour Pickle Balls
  • Taste: salty and sour
  • Texture: sandy and rocky
  • Popularity: 6/10
  • Worth Trying? For the pickle fans!

Sour Pickles are a wonderful treat that you’ve probably delighted in at your local movie theater or county fair! 

Their pickled flavoring couldn’t be further from conventional candy, but these little green balls might be the perfect gift for any of your pickle-loving friends. 

This weird candy flavor packs the taste of a sour pickle in the form of a gummy. Pucker up!

2. Scorpion Insect Suckers

Scorpion Insect Suckers
  • Taste: sweet like a lollipop
  • Texture: hard
  • Popularity: 2/10
  • Worth Trying? Surprisingly, yes!

If you really want to scare the kids during Halloween, hand them a Scorpion sucker! 

These fruit-flavored suckers use candy to make a sweet, fruity mold around a real dead scorpion. They actually don’t taste that bad – just a normal sucker, with a friend inside.

Scorpions are a frightening creepy crawler known for their venomous tails. While they may be harmless to eat once they’re dead, they’re still a scary sight to behold! 

3. Lil Nitro World’s Hottest Gummy Bear

Lil Nitro World’s Hottest Gummy Bear
  • Taste: no flavor, just heat
  • Texture: chewy
  • Popularity: 10/10
  • Worth Trying? If you can handle the challenge!

If you’re a daredevil, Lil Nitro World’s Hottest Gummy Bear is a weird candy that will give you an adrenaline rush before scorching your tongue and esophagus!

Give this one a try if you’re truly daring; the gummy had me crying before I’d even chewed it up! 

It’s doubtful you would want seconds of this gummy, as it’s packed with chili extract that rates up to 9 million Scoville units. 

It even comes with a disclaimer so the company won’t be liable for whatever injuries you may endure from eating this fiery gummy!

4. Hot Dog Candy Cane

Hot Dog Candy Cane
  • Taste: like hot dogs
  • Texture: crunchy
  • Popularity: 3/10
  • Worth Trying? If you’re looking for something different!

You may love hot dogs for their savory flavor and delectable juicy pop. But converting them into candy canes? It sounded dubious to me. 

And as for the flavor – they definitely fell short of the mark. Still, they make for a unique, novelty candy.

These candy canes look exactly like the regular red and white peppermint candy canes you get at Christmas. That’s what makes them great gag gifts to give to a pesky sibling!

5. Caesar Salad Flavored Candy Canes

Caesar Salad Flavored Candy Canes

Taste: just like the salad
Texture: crunchy
Popularity: 1/10
Worth Trying? If you want more savory candy canes!

While we’re on the subject of savory foods-turned-candy, we might as well give you a multicourse meal to enjoy! You could accompany those hot dog candy canes with a nice Caesar salad – perfect for your Christmas stocking!

These green-striped candy canes will surprise you with their accuracy. You’ll get every bit of the watery lettuce, followed by the creamy dressing with a hint of anchovy.

6. Maple Bacon Salt Water Taffy

Maple Bacon Salt Water Taffy
  • Taste: sweet and salty
  • Texture: chewy
  • Popularity: 2/10
  • Worth Trying? For bacon lovers, yes!

Salt Water Taffy was novel and weird at the time of its creation, apparently earning its name after getting accidentally doused with salt water. The name stuck, but saltwater has stayed out of the recipe for this weird candy!

These Maple Bacon Salt Water taffy candies bring salt back into the mix thanks to the saltiest savory pork product of all. A gooey, chewy candy may be a weird texture for bacon, but the flavor profile could very well compensate.

7. Macaroni and Cheese Gummies

Macaroni and Cheese Gummies
  • Taste: fruit
  • Texture: soft and chewy
  • Popularity: 8/10
  • Worth Trying? If you’re a fiend for dinner as dessert!

So far on this list, I’ve had hot dog and Caesar salad-flavored candy canes – but what about the other dinnertime heavyweight, mac and cheese? 

Unfortunately, there’s nothing weird about the flavoring of these candies as they’re sweet tasting, but the weirdest attribute comes in their shape. 

They’re designed to resemble actual macaroni elbows! This makes for the perfect trick for your candy bowl. 

8. Wasabi KitKat

Wasabi KitKat
  • Taste: sweet and spicy
  • Texture: crunchy; normal KitKat
  • Popularity: 9/10
  • Worth Trying? If you like wasabi and KitKats – yes!

Just as Coca-Cola and Lays have created a wealth of flavored drinks and chips to suit the culinary tastes of the many countries that sell their products, so too does KitKat! A case in point is this ghoulishly green KitKat with a strong horseradish kick.

The combo of spicy wasabi and sweet chocolate strangely works, making this one of the weirdest candy flavor combos in the world! 

Once you get past the first bite, you’ll move from heat to creamy chocolate – making for a surprisingly delicious treat.

9. Sour Flush Candy Toilets

Sour Flush Candy Toilets
  • Taste: mixed sour flavors
  • Texture: powdered candy
  • Popularity: 7/10
  • Worth Trying? Yes, for the novelty

While the actual edible part of this candy isn’t too wacky, the weird part comes from the mechanism by which you eat it. 

These candy toilets come with plungers that you use to scoop the sugary, sour candy powder out of the toilet bowl.

10. Box of Boogers Gummy Candy

Box of Boogers Gummy Candy
  • Taste: sweet and tangy
  • Texture: chewy
  • Popularity: 7/10
  • Worth Trying? yep

Despite the gross appearance of these crusty green gummies, if you dare to put them into your mouth you’ll find that boogers never tasted so good! 

The silly flavors of each green gummy booger blend mucous terminology with standard fruit flavors. So while it’s a strange candy name for sure, it’s a not-so-weird taste! A personal favorite was Snottermelon.

11. Jelly Belly Harry Potter Series

Jelly Belly Harry Potter Series
  • Taste: mixed flavors of gross and nice
  • Texture: chewy
  • Popularity: 10/10
  • Worth Trying? absolutely!

If you’ve ever seen Harry Potter, I can guarantee you’ve wanted to try Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans! 

Jelly Bellies are known for their hyper-real flavors, and half the fun of eating them is guessing which flavor you bite into one bean at a time. 

They’ve teamed up with the wizarding world to create a wild guessing game that’ll have you scared of the next bean!

These jelly beans intersperse normal flavors like banana and cherry with outrageous and disgusting flavors like vomit, ear wax, and rotten egg.

12. Durian Candy

Durian Candy
  • Taste: sweet – once you get past the smell!
  • Texture: hard
  • Popularity: 8/10
  • Worth Trying? yes

Durian is an Asian fruit that’s popular all around Asia despite its pungent odor of dirty feet. If you can get past the smell, the fruit itself is sweet and tropical. These squishy yellow durian gummies are a hit around Southeast Asia, but it might be hard for foreigners to overlook the smell. 

If you’re interested in trying the fruit in a friendlier way, this candy could be a great place to start!

13. Chocolate Covered Insects

Chocolate Covered Insects
  • Taste: citrusy chocolate
  • Texture: crunchy
  • Popularity: 5/10
  • Worth Trying? yes

Insects are a key source of protein and a popular snack sold on the streets everywhere from Mexico to Cambodia. Covered in chocolate, the firm, slightly chewy texture makes these an interesting treat!

You’ll find chocolate-covered ants, crickets, and even spiders as novel delicacies. The insects add a crunchy texture to the creamy chocolate if you can wrap your head around eating them in the first place!

14. Vegemite Chocolate

Vegemite Chocolate
  • Taste: chocolate and caramel
  • Texture: smooth
  • Popularity: 6/10
  • Worth Trying? If you can find it!

If you’re not from Australia, chances are you won’t be able to stomach vegemite – an uber-salty, bitter spread made from residual brewer’s yeast. But in chocolate form, you might find yourself with a weird-flavored snack!

This spread becomes the filling in one of Cadbury’s country-specific chocolate bar flavors. A stranger candy is hard to find! 

15. Chlorophyll PEZ

  • Taste: planty
  • Texture: hard
  • Popularity: unknown
  • Worth Trying? If you can find this long-lost candy, sure!

Another hard-to-find weird candy flavor, these PEZ pellets will be an interesting test! 

PEZ candies have been a fun part of a standard childhood since they debuted in the 1960s. Most of us remember collecting dispensers modeled off our favorite Disney or comic book characters. 

The rectangular pellets that shot into our mouths were of little significance. However, these Chlorophyll PEZ aren’t just an afterthought – more like a rude awakening!

16. Brach’s Turkey Dinner Candy Corn

Brach’s Turkey Dinner Candy Corn
  • Taste: like Thanksgiving dinner
  • Texture: waxy
  • Popularity: 6/10
  • Worth Trying? If you’re intrigued, go for it!

Candy Corn is one of the more hated candies, but these Turkey Dinner candy corns capitalize on their controversial reputation. As the name implies, Brach’s Turkey Dinner Candy Corns give you a veritable Thanksgiving Day spread with each bite-sized candy corn.

Instead of sickeningly sweet, you’ll get Turkey, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole. One of the better-sounding flavor combos on this list while still being a weird candy!

17. Chamoy and Chili Gummy Candy

Chamoy and Chili Gummy Candy
  • Taste: sweet and sour
  • Texture: soft and chewy
  • Popularity: 7/10
  • Worth Trying? yes

In Mexico, fruit vendors always sprinkle freshly cut fruit with chili powder and salt, followed by a squeeze of lime. 

Many Mexican fruit candies take a similar approach. This Chamoy and Chili Gummy candy starts with a fruit-flavored gummy, coating it with tart and sweet Chamoy with a final dusting of chili powder. Sounds weird, but tastes delicious!

18. Ketchup Candy

Ketchup Candy
  • Taste: Rich tomato
  • Texture: hard
  • Popularity: 8/10
  • Worth Trying? Yes, but not for tomato haters!

Ketchup is arguably the most beloved condiment in the US – a delightful blend of sweet and tangy tomato that we smother on burgers and drizzle over fries. If you can’t get enough of it, these weird candies have turned them into hard candies. 

They look deceivingly like those melt-in-your-mouth peppermint candies, but you’ll know the instant you pop one in your mouth that they’re not!

Final Thoughts

Are you craving an afternoon snack that’s out of the ordinary? Whether your looking for a spicy gummy bear or a Harry Potter inspired jelly bean, there’s a weird candy out there for you. This list of 18 weirdest candies is sure to have something that piques your interest and your taste buds!

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