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What are the Best Vegan Online Grocery Stores?

Written By: Paul

Editor's choice

Vegan Essentials online vegan grocery stores

Vegan Essentials

#2nd Best choice

Billions Vegan online vegan grocery stores

Billion Vegans

#3rd Best Choice

GTFO Its Vegan online vegan grocery stores

GTFO It's Vegan

Shopping online for groceries is hard enough. But when you're vegan, you have to wade through tons of different products to find the ones you can use. Even then, you probably spend a lot of time scrutinizing the items to make sure they're really vegan.

Fortunately, there are online grocery stores that you can use to find plant-based, cruelty-free products you can trust. We looked at the top selections available and ranked them so you can find the best option for your needs. Don't go without your favorite grocery items any longer.

Our Top Vegan Online Grocery Stores

1. Vegan Essentials (Editor's Choice)

  • Best match for people looking for food and personal products in the same area.

As the name suggests, Vegan Essentials has almost all of the vegan products you could want.

They pride themselves on offering high-quality, animal-free, and cruelty-free vegan options. 

Every order puts money into the pockets of vegan companies, so you don't have to worry about inadvertently supporting a cause you don't believe in.

The company allows you to shop by category, and there are plenty of them. You'll find snacks, meat and seafood, cleaning products, vitamins, pantry staples, baked goods, cheese, and much more.

They even have pet food!

The company has won several awards from the VegNews recipe club.

Lastly, they have an impressive selection of product picks for holidays and special occasions.

Vegan Essentials online vegan grocery stores


  • Offers vegan dog food and cat food
  • Easy to find deals and sales
  • People have the option to suggest a brand
  • Ships anywhere, even outside of the country


  • No wholesale purchasing for most foods

2. Billion Vegans

  • Best match for those who like to support small businesses.

Billion Vegans is the largest plant-based and vegan grocery store.

They have more than 8,000 products in categories like kids, shoes, fashion, health, grocery, and pets.

If you struggle to find your favorite cookies or primal strips in other markets, you'll likely find them here.

The cool part about Billion Vegans is that anyone can set up their own shop.

Think of it as an Etsy for vegan options. Once you find something you'd like to add to your cart, you buy it from the seller directly. 

The platform fosters community by sharing seller stories and recipes in its magazine.

Billions Vegan online vegan grocery stores


  • Tons of goods to choose from
  • Feel part of the community when you sign up for the newsletter
  • Easy to become a seller
  • Has more shopping categories than most other stores


  • Website can feel busy and overwhelming for new customers

3. GTFO It's Vegan

  • Best match for vegan meat and seafood lovers.

GTFO It's Vegan has a phenomenal array of ingredients, prepared meals, family packs, and baked goods that will blow your mind.

They have vegan "meats" from the Be-Hive Deli Market that your family won't believe are plant-based.

The goods from their store, protein or otherwise, are known for their great taste.

The company has a membership program, which allows you to access discount prices and free shipping in certain locations.

If you have a company, you can access wholesale prices and markets after providing a little info about your business.

GTFO Its Vegan online vegan grocery stores


  • Delicious vegan seafood, protein, and dairy
  • You're able to buy in bulk for your household
  • The membership option lets you save money
  • Get news and discounts in your inbox by joining the email list


  • Membership not available in all states

4. Vegan Black Market

  • Best match for people seeking eco-friendly staples.

Vegan Black Market has over a thousand vegan products from brands all over the US.

They have no membership fees, they're vegan-owned, and the shipping is carbon neutral.

The platform has categories such as food, supplements, personal care, beauty, babies & kids, apparel, and kitchen.

If you're interested in meal delivery services so you can save time cooking, you can find meal kits as well.

Some of their options include vegan tacos, green Thai curry, and chicken-less stew delivered to your doorstep.

Vegan Black Market online vegan grocery stores


  • Offers allergen-friendly foods
  • Everything is non-GMO, plant-based, and gluten-free
  • Products come from trusted brands such as Amy's Kitchen and daiya
  • Deals section allows you to save money on the things you love


  • Not many informational blog posts available

5. Plant-Based Grocery

  • Best match for snacks and vegan baking ingredients.

Plant-Based Grocery offers cheese, protein, sweets, snacks, holiday items, and other things made from plants.

The company uses small-batch goods from small businesses, so customers can try new plant-based items.

Odds are, you won't find these foods at your local grocery store.

Plant-Based Grocery online vegan grocery stores


  • Offers fun snack foods such as popcorn, granola, jerky, and protein bars
  • Shipping goes anywhere in the US
  • Pick up options for those who live in the Dallas Fort Worth area
  • Has a newsletter so you can keep up with store news and updates


  • Not a ton of options

6. Only Vegan Organic

  • Best match for new parents looking for vegan baby products.

Only Vegan Organic has all of the home, baby, and non-GMO vegan grocery items you love.

With this company, you can have canned fruits and veggies, condiments, drinks, and pet essentials delivered to your door.

They also have packs of microwave meals such as noodles, soups, and ramen.

The best part of this site is the variety of baby offerings such as sunscreen, bath stuff, and toys.

You get your delivery shipped within three to six business days.

Only Vegan Organic online vegan grocery stores


  • Great home and health goods
  • You can create an online wishlist
  • Options to shop for brands you love
  • 1% of all sales goes to MockingBird Farm


  • Shipping only in the contiguous US

7. The Vegan Warehouse

  • Best match for finding accessories and things for personal care.

Founded in 2017, the purpose of The Vegan Warehouse is to provide a place where vegans can find products in categories such as skin care, makeup, jewelry, and accessories.

Everything in the store is 100% cruelty-free and hand-selected.

Additionally, a percentage of the profits goes to animal sanctuaries.

Though they do not have many food items, they have a comprehensive selection of other essentials.

Their site also includes a resources page for anyone looking for more information about living a vegan lifestyle.

The Vegan Warehouse online vegan grocery stores


  • Wide selection of handbags and personal products
  • Offers gift guides to help you shop for someone else
  • Fast shipping
  • Partners with quality brands


  • Not many grocery goods

Shopping Vegan Online - What Items to Begin?

If you are new to veganism, buying your groceries online may be a challenge. How do you know what to buy? What are the best brands?

There are two approaches you can take to finding out what works for you. The first option is to search for curated lists of vegan staples. You can look online or go to events to find recommendations. These lists will tell you what snack foods, grains, fruits, protein, and veggies are good for beginners.

Many of the online shops also have blog pages or an email newsletter to help you find recipes and ideas. If there is a recipe that you enjoy, you can look at the ingredients and add them to your cart in the future.

The other approach is to be adventurous! Go to the "new" or "popular" sections of the vegan stores and just give some things a try. You never know what could become your new favorite menu item.


Is Thrive Market good for vegans?

Thrive Market is a membership-based grocer. The company allows you to shop by many different diets, including vegan. You can find food, pet, home, and bath and body stuff. They also have a guide of the top vegan brands and frequently asked questions.

Food for Thought - Vegan Grocery Stores

Being vegan for any reason is full of rewards. However, when you don't have the stores you need in your area (or you have to jump from place to place), things can get stressful. Not everyone has time to hunt down the vegan goods they need on a daily basis.

More and more online vegan shops are popping us these days, and they allow you to get your necessities right to your door. Whether you want to stick with companies you know and trust or experiment with small-scale producers, there are plenty of ways to do so.

If you're struggling to keep up with grocery shopping, try placing an order on one of these sites.

Vegan Essentials online vegan grocery stores

Vegan Essentials

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Offers vegan dog food and cat food
  • Easy to find deals and sales
  • People have the option to suggest a brand
  • Ships anywhere, even outside of the country

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