Veestro Review
Plant Food You Can Really Dig

Is good health contingent on practicing a plant-based diet; the more plants you eat he healthier you’ll be? Is it really that simple?

This concept is what the brother-sister duo behind Veestro have built their company around.

Their meals are 100% plant based, preservative free and made with organic, non GMO ingredients. Read our review of the top rated organic and prepared meal delivery services.

We have to admit, after perusing their offerings and tasting their meals, they have us actually enjoying plantatarian meals, so much so that we’ve put Veestro on our list of best prepared meal delivery services.

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So here’s the story: founders Mark Fachler and Monica Klausner grew up in Costa Rica, where they recalled constantly eating fresh fruit and vegetables.

The concept of “pura vida” or healthy life, was a big part of their childhoods and they began wondering how they could translate that to an American audience when they started Veestro in 2012.

“Veestro is about what feeds us, body and soul—delicious, organic, healthy, sustainable, from plants,” they write on the company’s website. “And it’s fully prepared for any time we need to eat it.”

How Veestro Works

Veestro’s simple premise — which is that we all need to eat more plants — has also translated to a company whose methods are quite easy to follow (and to sign up for.)

By far the most appealing part about Veestro is that it is completely vegan, which is a rarity in the world of meal delivery services, usually chock full of meat, milk, and cheeses.

“Our meals are free from meat, chicken, fish, dairy, eggs and honey,” the Veestro site promises. (Their meal program is one of the top frozen meal delivery services.)

We also appreciate having the option of ordering a la carte or subscribing to a meal plan. This flexibility allows all to have the opportunity to try out different dishes to figure out what they like.

Those curious about Veestro and its meal options are best off trying out the company’s starter pack, which is exactly what it sounds like.

For $99.00 customers will receive 10 meals that are among the Veestro staff’s favorites. You’ll also get one juice. (It’s important to note that coupons and discounts do not apply to Starter Pack sales.)

In addition to the starter pack, those interested in Veestro also have the opportunity to try out several different one-time boxes that are organized around basic themes.

Those include a 21-day kickstart pack, a protein pack, a Meatless Monday box and a 30-day Wedding Prep pack that is specifically designed to get a bride or groom ready for their big day. Those interested in seeing the full list of boxes should head here.

The Veestro 21 day Kickstart boxes are particularly intriguing. This special box is the perfect option for those who want to start a diet (or just take a little breather from heavier meals) but don’t know how to begin.

Here’s how the Veestro 21 day Kickstart works: you’ll get 21 Veestro meals (so that’s one a day) so that you can ease into a vegan diet. “You’ll be surprised how easy this small change can be,” the Veestro site promises.

Veestro also offers several diet plans that allow users to find the right method to approach their weight loss goals.

Weight loss plans offer a good deal of control not often found in the world of diet meal services.

Veestro offers plans that offer three, five or seven days worth of diet meals a week.

The beauty of these plans is that you’ll have your meals all planned out for the structured number of days while also having the freedom to figure out your approach to meals for the rest of the week.

For those who need a bit of a reset in terms of their systems and energy levels, a Veestro juice cleanse might be just the thing. In addition to the company’s three and five-day juice cleanses, the company has an extensive a la carte listing of various juices.

What You Can Expect From Your Meal

Each Veestro meal is made from fresh ingredients and whole foods. (Read our review of the top rated gluten free, fully cooked meal delivery services.)

When your food arrives, you can expect it to be completely frozen and packaged in a vacuum-sealed box with dry ice.

As we mentioned earlier, all of the items on the Veestro menu are vegan.

You then also have the option of choosing from the following specialized starter kit boxes:

  • Regular
  • Gluten-Free
  • Kosher
  • Kosher Gluten-Free

In addition to signing up for a Veestro subscription, in which meals are delivered to your door every week, customers also have the option of ordering meals and juices a la carte.

It’s also important to note that Veestro’s commitment to the environment is not just limited to its menu.

All of their packaging is recyclable, with your meals arriving in either compostable carton trays or in pouches made from BPA-free plastic.

Don’t worry if there is an ingredient or item on Veestro’s menu that you can’t (or don’t like to) eat.

For meal substitutions, all you’ll have to do is email with the details of what you’d like to switch or omit.

Sample Menu

One of the most appealing aspects of Veestro’s menu is how extensive it is.

Here are some of our favorite items currently offered on Veestro’s menu:

  • Chick’n Nuggets: These nuggets are one of the most popular items on the Veestro menu. The company’s twist on the beloved childhood classic is built around a completely plant-based soy protein. The nuggets come with a yummy chipotle BBQ sauce.
  • Moroccan Melange: This North African-style curry dish substitutes millet for rice and is packed with vegetables like sweet potatoes, red bell peppers and shallots.
  • Mushroom Risotto: A beloved Italian staple, this risotto is made of organic Arborio rice and in addition to mushrooms features organic kale and heirloom carrots.
  • Spinach Pie: This is one of our favorite items on Veestro’s breakfast menu because it manages to replicate the buttery crust that is the standard of most Mediterranean spinach pies without using actual butter. In addition to spinach, the pie’s filling also includes sautéed mushrooms, corn, zucchini, and shallots. Yum!
  • Golden Chickpea Stew: A vegan version of the classic Indian curry, this stew gets its protein richness from quinoa and its slightly spicy kick from turmeric, ginger and some jalapeno peppers.
  • Pad Thai: This Thai restaurant staple is completely gluten free (and tasty to boot!) This dish gets its unique flavor from its rice noodles, red curry paste and a vegan ‘fish’ sauce that’s made of tamari, rice vinegar, pineapple juice concentrate, seaweed, horseradish, and wasabi.)

veestro-juicesWe should also take a moment here to talk about the many juices on the Veestro menu.

Veestro offers both three and five-day juice cleanses, which promise to leave customers “happy and refreshed.”

Those on the juice cleanse can expect to enjoy drinks with fun names like “Johnny Appleseed,” “Morning Warrior,” and “Beta Blast.”

The a la carte juice menu features everything that is part of the cleanse and are $6.99 a serving.

Here are some Veestro juices we like to sip when we need a pick me up:

Hand Greenade Juice: Packed with greens, this juice contains celery, pineapple, cucumber, green apple, spinach, kale.

Immunity Kick: As you can imagine, this is the perfect juice for when you are feeling under the weather and a little sniffly. In addition to a strong boost of vitamin C from the orange juice, the Immunity Kick also contains red apple, lemon juice, turmeric and cayenne.

Weights and Balance: We have to admit to being a bit taken aback the first time we saw this pure black juice. But Weights and Balance gets its color from its key ingredient — activated charcoal.

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Veestro delivers everywhere in the contiguous United States.

The minimum order amount is $35. Veestro free shipping is only available for orders that are over $199 or are orders of a Veestro Starter Pack (which contains 10 meals and a juice and retails for $99.00).

All Veestro products are shipped via FedEx and no signature is required to receive your package.

Orders placed by Sunday will be shipped the following Monday or Tuesday.

Once your order has shipped, you’ll receive an email with a tracking number so that you can follow the progress of your order.


Veestro subscriptions currently come at a variety of price points, depending on whether you choose the three-day, five-day or seven-day program.

If you choose the three-day meal plan, you’ll be charged $209.00 for three days worth of meals a week. Those who go for the five day meal plan, will pay $279.00 for their meals while those who want meals for all seven days of the week will be charged $369.00.

Veestro’s plans auto-renew, which means that you’ll be billed for shipments every week unless you pause your account or cancel (which you can do at any time by logging into to your account and clicking on the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ button.)

Because all Veestro meals and juices are perishable, the company does not accept returns on its products.

However, if anything arrives at your door damaged or spoiled, customers will receive a company credit.

Food for Thought

Let’s face it, the options out there for vegans or vegetarians are few and far between for those who are seeking ready to eat meals. (Read more on why Veestro is on our list of best vegetarian meal delivery services reviews.)

For that reason alone, we jumped at the chance to review Veestro’s services.

In particular, we love Veestro’s focus on having vegan options that are unconventional, healthy and tasty.

Because all of Veestro’s package is recyclable, you go in knowing that both your food and the containers it came in are as safe for the environment as possible.

The Veestro meals we tried were flavorful and we appreciated that the menus were filling.

For those who aren’t vegan or vegetarian all of the time, it is particularly encouraging that these dishes did not make us miss having meat or dairy around.

We also liked that Veestro’s price points were clear and that all of the juices and entrees were generally the same price (which isn’t always true in the world of meal kits!)

However, giving a close read to the directions that come with your meal is absolutely essential.

Some items require more defrosting than others and we’ve seen other customers report that they’ve sometimes had to heat their food longer than they expected to.

It’s also important to note that not all Veestro meals are best heated in a microwave. The company recommends that you heat your meals in an oven or skillet if possible for the best taste and results.

While we agree that heating things up on a stovetop is better, we wish that the heating process was a bit easier, especially after a long day at work.

Because Veestro is (as we all know by now) completely vegan, it’s also important to think hard about how you feel about certain ingredients before picking your dishes for the week.

What we essentially are saying is that you have to make up your mind about products like vegan cheese and milk substitutes.

Vegan cheese can often be a hit or miss thing, and that is sometimes the case in the Veestro meals that we tried.

Along those same lines, while we loved dishes like Veestro’s Chick’n Nuggets and the Shepherdless Pie, we couldn’t help wish that there were more entrees that were centered around the actual taste and texture of vegetables rather than around the textures of meat substitutes.

Dishes like Veestro’s Black Bean Pasta Alfredo and the Kale and Quinoa Salad truly let the vegetables at the center of these recipes shine and we’d love to see more dishes like that in the company’s future.

How to Order

Ordering your Veestro meals and juices is simple. Those interested in signing up for a subscription will be prompted to create a login and password. You’ll then have to choose between a three, five or seven-day meal plan. Each plan consists of selections from a curated menu. (You can view both the regular and gluten-free menu here).

You’ll then be asked for your credit card info and delivery information.

The same process applies to juice cleanses.

You’ll select between a three or five day cleanse and then, in the case of juices, will be asked if you want your order to be a one time affair or a recurring order.

After you choose which option you prefer, you simply have to enter your payment and delivery information.

For those who want to just order some Veestro meals a la carte, you’ll first have to head to this menu and add the items you want to your online cart.

Your order must be a minimum of $35 in order to be delivered.

Ready to get started? Don’t wait, get on it today!