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Last Updated on November 5, 2020

The interwebs have been buzzing these past several days with the news that Olive Garden is offering a bouquet of their famous breadsticks (breadsticks!) for Valentine’s Day.

Further inspection of this “news” and Olive Garden’s website would prove that this bouquet isn’t actually for sale.

Rather, you can head to their site to find a “wrapping square” and instructions on how to print and cut it, roll and tape it up, and then “Fill with breadsticks, and give them to your love.”

Though we love how it looks, it was it a lil too DIY-ie for us, yet got us thinking: are there other already put together food bouquets out there that could be delivered?

Indeed there are and WOW, we are NOT disappointed!

Read ahead to find how you to get your hands on foodie bouquets including both sweet and savory options.

Valentine’s Day Food Bouquets

1. Doughnut Bouquet

Harry & David is pulling out all the stops this year on their bouquets that will satiate the sweetest of sweet teeth.

Here’s what their doughnut bouquet includes:

  • 10 Belgian chocolate-covered vanilla and chocolate mini cake donuts (10 oz):
  • 1 pink-tinted white chocolate-covered decorated with white drizzle
  • 4 milk chocolate-covered decorated with pink drizzle (2) or mini heart decorettes (2)
  • 3 dark chocolate-covered decorated with pink drizzle (2) or mini heart decorettes (1)

Harry & David also offers a mixed cake pop and doughnut bouquet as well.

This one includes:

  • 2 Belgian dark chocolate-covered mini donuts decorated with pastel sequins (1) or red-tinted Belgian white chocolate drizzle (1)
  • 3 Belgian milk chocolate-covered mini donuts decorated with pastel sequins (1), rainbow nonpareils (1), or yellow-tinted white chocolate drizzle (1)
  • 2 Belgian white chocolate-covered mini donuts decorated with pastel sequins (1) or rainbow nonpareils (1)
  • 2 Belgian dark chocolate-covered chocolate cake pops decorated with rainbow nonpareils (1) or blue-tinted white chocolate drizzle (1)
  • 1 Belgian milk chocolate-covered yellow cake pops decorated with green-tinted white chocolate drizzle

Both bouquets ship overnight. Put your order in so bouquet bae will receive it by Valentine’s day! Click here to order.

Read out full Harry & David review here.

2. Cookie Bouquet

Nothing says I love you like a artisan-crafted bouquet from Mrs. Fields Cookies.

Imagine 10 Nibblers® bite-sized cookies enrobed in semi-sweet Belgian chocolate and hand-decorated with heart sprinkles and drizzled icing. Wrapped in white tissue and tied with a Mrs. Fields® bow, each delicious bunch includes 4 milk chocolate, 3 dark chocolate, and 3 white chocolate cookies.

These famous cookies have a shelf life of 12 days, but come on, they’re not gonna last that long!

With up to 25% off of SWEET DEALS or 15% sitewide, click here to get to shopping.

Use Code LOVE for the hookup! 

3. Salami Bouquet

You could skip all the sweet bouquets and go straight for savory goodness. Ah yes, the fine folks at Hickory Farms have found a elegant way to gift air dried meat.

Their salami bouquet pairs three of their famous dry salamis—one each of Original Dry Salami, Three Pepper Dry Salami, and Truffle Dry Salami, all festively wrapped in red tissue paper and accented with a ribbon.

This particular item ships free as a Valentine’s day treat to you, the gifter! Buy this bouquet by clicking here.

4. Ribs Bouquet

This is the one item on our list that can’t be ordered online but it was too good to not showcase.

Boston Market is offering “BAE-by” Back Ribs bouquet! Boston Market restaurants nationwide will sell these one-of-a-kind bouquets made of new Baby Back Ribs ONLY on Feb. 14 and while supplies last!

5. Bacon Bouquet

Who’d want a dozen long stem roses when instead you could give or get glazed bacon, with a country hand blend of molasses, brown sugar and black pepper, in bouquet form?!

Bacon Bouquets has more variety of bacon bouquets; head here for all the details.

6. Edible Arrangement

Edible Arrangements pioneered the concept of food bouquets, offering a bevvy of fresh fruit arrangements.

The arrangement above, one of many, pairs their signature Swizzle Berries® with red velvet cake berries. Each red velvet berry is dipped in semisweet chocolate and rolled in red velvet cake crumbles. Featuring a “I Love You” Belgian chocolate pop, this bouquet is one of the more healthier bouquets on our list.

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