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Top Food Delivery Apps in India

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on June 30, 2023

Food delivery apps remain a convenient way to get your desired food without leaving your home. As you stay in India, you may wonder which India food delivery app will work in your area, so you’ll get the food you want based on your region.

Ensure you look through the best food delivery apps in India, so you’ll find one you enjoy and can use regularly. That way, you won’t waste money while also maximizing your value from the app, so you’ll get some food and enjoy your time at home.

What To Look for In an India Food Delivery App

You should remember multiple points when identifying an India food delivery app. The process can help you go through the best delivery apps available, use them, and help you get the food you want while you stay home.


You want to ensure the India food delivery app will reach your home quickly, so you won’t wait an hour or so for food. Many of these apps offer estimated wait times, so you’ll know what to expect, but it can be frustrating if they all have long wait times.

For example, you could go with a meal delivery service that drops off meals for you to make at your home. However, some people may dislike spending time cooking food all the time, so they’ll want something fast and convenient, like a delivery app.

Not only should they prepare the food quickly, but also bring it to your home. Of course, timeliness also matters with the app’s speed, so pay attention to how long it takes to load and place your order to save more time.

Good Reviews

You must look into meal delivery service reviews to understand what you can expect, so the same matters for delivery apps. That means you should scroll through the app’s store page and check the reviews people left.

Not only should you look for ones with high reviews, but lots of them. So if you can find a service with good popularity and reviews, you can rest easy knowing it’ll meet your needs and make getting the food you want accessible.

However, every app will have bad reviews, so don’t worry if you see a few. Generally, you know it'll be a good option if the app has over 80 percent positive reviews or four stars. So take some time to review the highest-rated delivery apps and pick your favorites.

Food Selection

Not only can you go through food delivery reviews to understand the options, but you should check the food selection. For example, if the service doesn’t let you access certain restaurants you like, it may quickly become a dealbreaker, requiring you to look into more options.

Try to list your favorite food places, allowing you to go through the apps and see what they offer. Since some apps have exclusivity deals, you may only find some food places on a single app, requiring you to check them and see which ones have what you want.

Even though an app may not have everything you want, you can always compare them and see which has the most locations you enjoy. You can then use this to narrow your search and pick the best delivery app for your needs.

Discounts and Memberships

Even though most food delivery apps allow you to use them for free, you should still consider the discounts and memberships involved with them. For example, some may offer discounts and promotions to specific stores, allowing you to save money.

On the other hand, other apps may include unique membership options, which can give you free delivery and other benefits. Some may even give you free food, additional discounts, and other benefits if you purchase consistent memberships.

Some apps may give consistent deals or even offer a first-time-use deal, allowing everyone to enjoy different benefits the first time they use it. Since these deals can change regularly, you should review them periodically and check what you can get from the various apps.

Payment Options

Food delivery apps offer different payment options, which may matter as you consider your choices. Almost all of them let you use credit cards, which may work fine for your situation, allowing you to choose whichever delivery app works for you.

Others may allow you to use PayPal or sync other accounts to the app, giving you flexibility and allowing you to pay how you want. Some will even have you save your information to the account, so you’ll automatically pay and save some trouble as you make purchases.

You can review the choices and pick an app that allows you to pay after the delivery person arrives to avoid problems. You can pay in cash sometimes, so see what payment options the apps offer and choose based on how you like to pay for your food.

The Five Food Delivery Apps in India

Now that you understand which points matter the most regarding an app, you can review the best options. Ensure you read about each app since they’ll have differences and benefits that may cause you to pick one over the other.

The list doesn’t follow a specific order since all the apps offer benefits and drawbacks. So don’t worry if you love one that someone else dislikes since you’ll want to focus on the features and points that matter the most to you.


If you want an excellent starting point that reaches a broad audience, try Zomato. This app stands out since it has nearly eight million reviews and 100 million downloads, showing that it has plenty of users, and a 4.2-star average, indicating that most people like it.

The app has over three million restaurants and 24/7 services, allowing you to find something you’ll enjoy. In addition, the app includes real-time tracking, allowing you to see how long it takes until the food finishes cooking and when your delivery person arrives.

The app also gives you access to discounts, saving you money while finding new food locations. On top of that, Zomato has been a food app since 2008, meaning it established itself, learned from the trends, and knows what customers want.

You should choose Zomato if you want a straightforward app with many options. Since the app has a wide range of users and fast times for your delivery needs, you won’t have to spend long getting the food you want while you remain at home.


Swiggy is another familiar app people can use in India, allowing them to order their food easily. The app has over seven million reviews, over 100 million downloads, and a 4.4-star rating average, so it has mostly positive opinions and a good user base size.

Swiggy makes itself appealing by offering free delivery and 50 percent off on a person’s first order, allowing them to see what the app offers. The app offers over 2.5 million restaurants, giving you plenty of variety with your delivery needs.

As a bonus, you can order groceries and get them in about 30 minutes, giving the app some versatility. You can even review the various deals while tracking your order, saving money, and checking how long you must wait to get your food.

Choose this one if you want versatility while using a popular app since you can use it to get groceries. It offers plenty of options to let you choose a good range of food, so the app offers a wide appeal to many people.


As you look into more India food delivery apps, take a moment to see what EatSure offers. EatSure has 10 million downloads, 192,000 reviews, and a 4.2-star review average, meaning most people enjoy the app and recognize its value.

You can enjoy 50 percent savings on your first order and free delivery by using a code. You can order from multiple locations, allowing you to get everything from a single order, helping you save time and getting food from multiple locations.

The app offers free deliveries if you spend enough money on an order, and you can also get free food if you spend even more. The app allows you to pay for it with cash once the delivery person arrives, making it safer if you don’t want to input credit card information.

The app works great for people who prefer to pay with cash and don’t want to risk anything with their credit cards. It also has good deals and ways to get free food and delivery, so it works well since some people plan to save money while enjoying excellent food.


If you prefer home-cooked meals over fast food or restaurants, you should try Homefoodi. Even though the app only has over 100,000 downloads, it has over 2.5 thousand reviews and a 4.7-star review average, meaning most people have a positive experience with the app.

The app has you order food from chefs, so you’ll get something healthier rather than fast food. The creators seek to give you access to many food options while keeping the prices affordable, so you don’t spend too much money while you order food.

You can also customize the food to your needs, allowing you to find the perfect order to enjoy the meal. To add to these points, you can have the food delivered directly to your home, saving you the trouble of cooking your meals while having something healthy.

This app works best for people tired of fast food or unhealthy options, so they’ll get something delicious and nutritious. The app isn’t as popular as the most prominent names, but it offers something to a specific niche, meaning the people who want this app will love it.


You can see what BOX8 offers compared to various delivery services as you go through more delivery options. The app has over one million downloads, over 73 thousand reviews, and a 4.5-star average, so plenty of people love and enjoy the app.

The app offers a first-time discount if you use it, and you can join the Eat Club to get a 30 percent discount on every order. You can order authentic food from the stores, enjoying the different dishes while seeing what the app offers.

You can get your food delivered quickly as you track it throughout the delivery process. You have over 250 stores around India, so you can order from their menu and get the food, making it an excellent choice if you like their food.

If you like this app's specific food, you’ll want to choose it since you can’t get the food from other options. Choose this one if you prefer authentic food and want to stick with the one type, so you won’t become overwhelmed with too many choices.

Trying Multiple Options

If you can’t decide between the food delivery apps available, you should try multiple apps. As long as you have the phone space, you can download each one, try them out, and compare the choices to see which ones you like the most.

For example, you may find one hard to navigate while another offers a better food selection. Ensure you go through the pros and cons to determine what points matter the most to you, so you’ll get the ideal delivery food app for your situation.

You can even keep multiple apps on your phone if some have different options in food. That way, you can use the apps based on what you want to eat rather than committing to a single app since doing so could prevent you from enjoying all the options available.


Spend time going through an India food delivery app to understand what it offers, why you should pick it, and remain comfortable. Going through the process will help you have some savings and avoid wasting time since you don’t need to download every app and try it.

Not only should you go through the different options, but you should also consider what you want from the app. You can go through the options and try them out, allowing you to have food delivered to your home in India.


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