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The Best Food Advent Calendars

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on December 22, 2021

Have a favorite Advent calendar tradition from your childhood that captures the feeling of the holiday season for you? The uninspired imitation chocolate calendars of your youth can be less magical as an adult, though.

Fortunately, there's no need to give up the tradition just because you're ready for something more sophisticated.
Whether you're a Grade A foodie, know your way around a fine vintage, or love a soothing green tea, there is an Advent calendar — 2020 appropriate — to fill your season with joy. Check out some of these best food and drink Advent calendars to get started.

Our Top Food Advent Calendars

1. Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar

Best match for: A whiskey drinker who wants new flavors every year.

If you want a new experience each year and love a good whiskey, look no further than the Flaviar Whiskey Advent calendar. This year's calendar features 24 spirits samples — a completely different set from last year's — so you can enjoy the purchase, even if it's not your first Flaviar Advent calendar.

If you pay in full upfront you'll receive a price break of $25. Not available in stores, this cheerful Advent calendar will be shipped straight to your door in November, arriving in plenty of time to ensure you get to enjoy your calendar this holiday season. Read our Flaviar review here.


  • New flavors every year
  • Price break when you buy upfront
  • Ships directly to your door


  • A more expensive option

2. Harry and David Chocolate Advent Calendar

Best match for: Those looking for a classic chocolate advent calendar.

A classic name in holiday gift-giving, the  Harry and DavidDeluxe Advent Calendar makes a perfect family or hostess gift and elevates the traditional holiday chocolate experience.

The Deluxe Advent Calendar features an assortment of 100 different gourmet milk and dark chocolate truffles and costs just under $100. Looking to spend a little less? A flagship brick and mortar store in Oregon does exist, but if you aren't local, you can have your Advent calendars shipped directly to your — or someone else's — door.

Read more about Harry and David here


  • High-quality chocolate
  • Suitable for families and children
  • Multiple price points


  • Shipping will cost you extra

3. Uncommon Goods Cookie Making Advent Calendar

Best match for: Someone who loves to spend time in the kitchen.

Baking is a holiday time staple, and this option reflects that. Countdown to Christmas with 25 days of ingredients, recipes, and baking tools to fully enjoy the season. Perfect for families and small children, this is one of those food Advent calendars that inspires families to spend time together while also celebrating.

An Uncommon Goods exclusive, these are made in Pennsylvania. Place your order through the website and have it shipped directly to its final destination this holiday season.


  • Celebrates traditional holiday activities
  • Great for small children and families
  • Beautiful recipe cards included


  • Standard baking ingredients are not included, double-check your pantry before you start to bake

4. Williams Sonoma Fortnum and Mason Children's Advent Calendar

Best match for: Families with children who are looking for a decorative holiday option.

Fortnum and Mason has been associated with top-of-the-line products since the 1700s.

Modeled after the flagship store in the heart of London, if you've been looking for a traditional Advent calendar that features above-average chocolate and will add to the feeling of Christmas, Williams Sonoma has you covered.

This table-top option has windows and doors your little ones can open leading up to Christmas day. It contains cute candies made of fine milk chocolate to get you in the holiday spirit.


  • Great for families and children
  • Attractive and adds to holiday decor
  • Contains in-house made chocolate from the U.K.


  • This Advent calendar is not available for in-store pickup.
  • No dark chocolate or white chocolate option

5. Bonne Maman Preserves Advent Calendar

Best match for: Someone who loves traditional jams, jellies, and preserves during the Christmas season.

If you've been looking for an Advent calendar that features some of the best food out there, you'll want to consider this preserved Advent calendar. Filled with limited-edition honey, fruit preserves, and jellies, this set contains 24 different mini jars to get you through the 24 days of Advent.

Each jar contains one-ounce of product and uses classic French recipes. A great hostess gift or a fun way to get your days leading up to Christmas started, this Advent calendar is a reasonable price and can be picked up at the store or shipped directly to an address.


  • Great Advent calendar option for those who don't love sweets
  • No artificial flavors, colorings, or GMOs
  • Can be shipped or picked up in-store


  • Shipping is not free

6. The Spirit Co. Collection Series Advent Calendar

Best match for: Those who are looking for an Advent calendar that features 12 days of adult beverages.

Whether you're looking forward to tasting spirits from around the world or just want to sample some flavors you don't usually buy, this calendar comes with 12 different drams to get you through the Christmas season. Whether you prefer rum, tequila, whisky, gin, or scotch, there's an Advent calendar at Spirit Co. that fits the bill.

Enjoy shopping products from the world market, including specialty spirits from Japan, Mexico, Ireland, and the United States. There's even a wine lovers Advent calendar for those who prefer wine.

Prices vary depending on which Advent calendar you go with, but they start just below $50. Products are shipped to your door and shipping times depend on your location.


  • Many different spirits to choose from
  • Wide variety of price points available
  • Rare and hard-to-find options available


  • Delivery is not available everywhere

7. XO 2020 Marshmallow Advent Calendar

Best match for: People who prefer gourmet marshmallow products over the more traditional chocolate options.

Love a good sweet to look forward to during the holidays, but have had your fill of chocolate? This marshmallow Advent calendar contains 25 gourmet marshmallows.

They're gluten-free, egg-free, and do not contain nuts. Made without preservatives or high fructose corn syrup, this is a sweet treat you don't have to feel guilty for indulging in.

Available for a wallet-friendly price point, this Advent calendar is shipped directly to your house when it's released mid-November.


  • Sweet alternative to chocolate
  • Gluten-free
  • Includes fun flavors like salted caramel, cotton candy, and creamsicle


  • Marshmallows are made with real alcohol

8. Ilchester Advent Cheese Calendar

Best match for: People who are more interested in savory than sweet treats.

Whether you're hosting for the holidays or just looking for more of the best food Advent calendars out there, this cheese Advent calendar is perfect!

It's great for pairing with a late-night beverage or homemade meal. 

Cut up some pear and add some charcuterie and you're in for a treat each evening.

Priced affordably, it contains 24 different kinds of cheese and can be found in some stores or shipped directly to your door.


  • A great alternative to sweets
  • Affordable
  • Can be shipped or picked up in stores


  • May not be available in all locations

9. VAHDAM Tea Advent Calendar

Best match for: Tea drinkers looking for an Advent calendar for 2020 featuring quality teas from the world market.

Nothing says Christmas like cool evenings and a hot beverage. If hot chocolate isn't your thing, a cup of green tea may be up your alley. Add to the season with this calendar that embraces the Christmas countdown with 24 days of tea.

Loose leaf for the freshest flavors, this set has been featured in Oprah Winfrey's Holiday Gift Guide multiple times. Additionally, each tea is stored in a single-serve container and attractively packaged and shipped directly to your door.


  • Available in caffeinated and decaffeinated
  • Responsibly sourced tea
  • Ships to 85 different countries


  • May not be suitable for those with nut allergies

10. Jack Daniel's Whiskey Advent Calendar

Best match for: The whiskey lover in your life.

Featuring 50-ml bottles, this set contains a variety of Jack Daniel's products, including Jack Daniel's Tennessee Rye, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey, and Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire.

Additional varieties and even collector shot glasses round out the 24 different items you'll receive with this set. We like that Mr. Daniel's set is available to purchase in-store or can be shipped to your door.


  • Contains Jack Daniel's favorites
  • Includes drinking accessories
  • Available in stores for immediate purchase


  • Repeat products are included

11. Man Crates Jerky Advent Calendar

Best match for: A meat lover looking for a fun way to celebrate the season.

Any carnivore in your life will love sinking their teeth into this fun spin on Christmas tradition.

This Advent calendar is filled with 25 high-quality beef jerky bits individually wrapped in mini bags.

Flavors like honey bourbon, ghost pepper, and teriyaki will keep you entertained and sated when it's calendar time!


  • Pairs well with a beer Advent calendar
  • An ideal carnivorous alternative option to sweets
  • Delivered directly to your door


  • Not great for sharing

12. Kaffeebox Advent Calendar 2020

Best match for: Coffee lovers around the globe.

Looking for more of a coffee Advent calendar instead of a wine Advent calendar?

If you aren't interested in 12 nights of wine, these 24 different specialty coffees from 12 of the best Scandinavian roasters may be what you've been waiting for.

Order in advance and you'll receive your collection in several shipments, to keep the surprises coming throughout the holiday season.

Though this year's coffee selections are a surprise, you can expect every flavor of beans and check out previous years' collections for a taste of what you'll receive.

This set is priced reasonably given the contents and shipping is included.


  • Perfect for coffee drinkers and bean addicts
  • Features individual canisters of coffee
  • Whole-bean coffee for richer flavors


  • May not work well for picky coffee drinkers

The Best Food and Drink Advent Calendars

Whether you're in the holiday spirit because you love Christmas trees or listening to The 12 Days of Christmas on repeat, a food advent calendar can help you celebrate. Your favorite flavors of the holiday — candy cane, salted caramel, even peppermint bark — can capture the season and help you make lasting memories.

We can't tell you which option is the best advent choice, but we can tell you if we were to recommend only one it would have to be the Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar. We love that each year gives you a new set of spirits and that you catch a price break when you buy the collection in a single payment.


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