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Global Pantry Boxes You Can Get from Uncommon Goods

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on January 28, 2022

Love the convenience of pantry boxes but feel like there isn’t enough variety? Or that some are downright boring? Say goodbye to repetitive, uninspired dinners and pantry boxes with Uncommon Goods’ Taste of pantry box range.

Thanks to Ben Simon (longtime food-lover and curator of each Global Pantry Box) you can enjoy authentic pantry boxes filled with ethically sustained goods and ingredients from small-batch producers around the world.

Uncommon Goods ships throughout the United States and each box is assembled in Connecticut. With a wide variety of regions and food types to try, there’s something out there for everyone.

Ready to get started on your next authentic food experience? Start by trying one of our picks, work your way through and see which is your favorite Taste of Pantry Box.

Our Best Taste of Pantry Boxes You Can Choose

1. Taste of India Pantry Box

Taste of India Pantry Box

If it’s your first foray into cooking Indian food, you’ll appreciate the tips and techniques that are included with each box.

If you’re a long-time lover of Indian food and have made several recipes at home, you’ll still love the high-quality, authentic ingredients and products that elevate your meal to that next level.

Each Taste of India Pantry Box includes Indian food recipe staples like Ghee, turmeric, and cumin.

It’s a great way to get a feel for Indian meals and whether or not you want to invest in specialty products and seasonings that many classic meals require. 

2. Taste of France Pantry Box

Dried pepper, gourmet sea salt, and flowering Hyssop Thyme bring depth and authentic flavor to your homemade, French-inspired meals.

If you’ve been using big-name brands found in grocery stores across the United States, you’ve been missing out on just how much a good seasoning can add to your meal.

In addition to tips and tricks on how best to incorporate the high-quality ingredients into your meals, you’ll also receive some products that are ready-to-eat.

Sit down with the lavender blackberry rhubarb jam — infused with honey and apple — and a fresh baguette for a truly French experience.

Taste of France Pantry Box

3. Taste of Spain Pantry Box

Taste of Spain Pantry Box

Classic Mediterranean and North African flavors help bring authentic Spanish meals to your own kitchen.

Each Taste of Spain Pantry Box comes packed with favorites from the Iberian peninsula. Romesco, Pimento Picante, Pimento Dulce, and Harissa bring heat and flavor to your homemade meals.

It’s not all about the spices with this box, though.

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love the addition of Chocolate Negro, made with cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar, and vanilla.

Tips and tricks for adding Spanish flair to your meals are also included. 

4. Taste of Greece Pantry Box

The rich flavors of fennel seed, paprika, marjoram, and roasted red peppers infuse this pantry box with authentic Mediterranean flavors.

From the extra virgin olive oil to the special blend of spices you’re most likely to find on someone’s table in Greece, you’ll love the heady flavors that come along with this box.

Classic Greek fire-roasted peppers complete this box of genuine Greek flavors.

Along with the selection of fine products, each box is packed with some suggestions on how to incorporate the flavors and ingredients into your cooking routine. 

Taste of Greece Pantry Box

5. Taste of Peru Pantry Box

Taste of Peru Pantry Box

Peruvian food can seem like a melting pot of flavors and food types.

If you’re looking to replicate the intricacies of the flavors and ingredients found in traditional Peruvian foods, there’s no better place to start than with this hand-curated box of ingredients and products.

Peruvian red pepper paste, yellow pepper paste, and even Piura dark chocolate are included in every package for a full range of Peruvian flavors. 

Each pantry box is chock full of hard-to-find staples like black mint paste and lemon drop pepper cooking sauce.

Capturing the Incan, African, Asian, and European influences of the Peruvian cooking style has never been easier. Each box also includes tips on how you can incorporate the ingredients into your meals at home. 

6. Taste of Southeast Asia Pantry Box

The complex flavor profile of Southeast Asia can be hard to find — whether you’re eating out or staying in. Known for both sweet and spicy dishes, authentic ingredients can be hard to source when you’re outside of Thailand and Cambodia.

This hand-curated box helps bring some of those flavors and ingredients directly to your door, for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Every box contains tips and tricks for recreating authentic Southeast Asian meals in your own home and is packed with products like Galangal, Tuk Meric, Makrut, and Buffalo Ginger.

With a Taste of Southeast Asia pantry box, you can satisfy that craving you’ve been having for genuine flavors and meals from that part of the world. 

Taste of Southeast Asia Pantry Box

7. Taste of Italy Pantry Box

Taste of Italy Pantry Box

Italian food can be found in independent and chain restaurants around the world. You can frequently even find it in the frozen section of your local grocery store.

If that’s all you know of Italian food, you’ve probably been missing out on how rich and complex the flavors of Italian food actually are. Forget the pasta and pizza drowning in red sauce — there’s so much more to Italian food.

In this pantry box, you’ll find information on how you can bring your Italian-inspired dishes to the next level. You’ll also find some classic small-batch favorites, like quality olive oil, grilled Borettane onions, Romana-style artichokes, and hot peppers that really capture the flavors of Italy.

Goji berry and buckwheat dark chocolate is also included to finish off the authentic Italian food experience.

Flavors from Around the World — Right in Your Own Home

With all the options out there, there’s no reason to settle for boring and bland food boxes anymore. Pick up one of these pantry boxes from your favorite region — or try a Taste of pantry box from a region you haven’t explored and discover a new favorite.

Global Pantry Boxes from Uncommon Goods give you the authentic experience you’ve been looking for while taking the next step in your culinary journey.


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