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Super Bowl Food Delivery with Goldbelly for the Win

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on February 4, 2022

The Super Bowl only comes around once a year, making it a great opportunity to make unforgettable memories and celebrate in style with friends and family. Unlike other ceremonial dates of the year that have more rigid traditions to adhere to, the Super Bowl boils down to nothing more than good food, good company, and good football. 

With creative advancements in culinary accessibility, it has become even more convenient to have the perfect food for the ideal time. Goldbelly has made it possible to have delicious Super Bowl cuisines from iconic American establishments delivered to your doorstep. They have taken the idea of comfort food delivery to a whole new level, delivering the best to people, “Whatever they dream of. Wherever they are.”

 From Buffalo wings from Buffalo, New York to Pat’s “true” Philly Cheesesteak, Goldbelly delivers on their customers’ most emotionally-packed comfort food dreams.

How does Goldbelly’s work?

The idea is simple. “Our mission is to bring people comfort through food.” How do they do that exactly? Well, for starters, they make some of the most iconic and desired comfort foods available for delivery nationwide. At first, it sounds messy- it doesn’t seem like a good idea ordering a Philly Cheesesteak (from Philly) to an apartment in San Diego. Yet as Momofuku Chef David Chang so aptly put it, “You’re only getting the things that will travel well and freeze well, and that’s the smart thing.” 

Goldbelly has opened a market for restaurants to provide freeze-friendly specialties to drooling and demanding customers across the country. The food is delivered frozen or semi-thawed, and instructions are included on how to bring it back to life and back to complete deliciousness. Not only is it brilliant, but it works. 

The Best Super Bowl Food on Goldbelly’s

If you’re looking to make this year's Super Bowl experience the most memorable to date, it’s time to talk about food. People may come for the game, but they leave with taste-induced memories seared into their brains. In ten years, you may not remember the final score of the game, but there’s a good chance a vivid picture of the cheesiest, most delicious bowl of nachos you ever tasted will surface with involuntary salivation. 

Momentous occasions are always marked with good food. While Goldbelly’s has plenty of incredible options on offer for this year’s contest, here is our top recommended list of Super Bowl foods available for delivery and the iconic places that provide them.

Don’t forget to pre-order to ensure it arrives before February 13th. 

Philly Cheesesteaks

There are two highly-rated options for authentic, mouth-watering Philly Cheesesteaks for your Super Bowl party platter. Both options are delivered as a 4-pack, and the reviews show (again and again) that they do not disappoint.

Pat’s King of Steaks (Free Shipping)

As legend has it, brothers Pat and Harry Oliveri invented the Philly Cheesesteak in the 1930s out of their hotdog stand.

Since then, it has been known locally as the best cheesesteak sandwich in South Philly and a contender for the best in the country. It’s available on Goldbelly’s with or without onions and with a choice of either Whiz, American, or Provolone Cheese.

These delicious cheesesteaks arrive frozen, and once dethawed, should be baked for a short 10-14 minutes before being enjoyed. 

Pat’s King of Steaks
Jim’s Steaks

Jim’s Steaks (Free Shipping)

Jim’s Steaks has been serving their iconic Philly Cheesesteak since 1939 from their location of 62nd Street.

For many local Philly cheesesteak lovers, Jim’s is the place to find the best of its kind.

It’s so good, and it hasn’t changed much over the years. 

Available with all the same options for delivery (with/without onions and various cheese options), as well as similar prep time upon delivery.

BBQ Ribs

Central BBQ Memphis Style Ribs (Free Shipping)

Started in 2002 by two regional BBQ competitors, Central BBQ in Memphis has no reason to change their perfected rib recipe.

Their award-winning pork is meticulously flavored with a Memphis-style dry-spice and smoked over a hickory and pecan wood blend.

These ribs are not to be missed and can be the centerpiece of your Super Bowl spread. 

Central BBQ Memphis Style Ribs
Joe’s KC Ribs, Brisket, and Burnt Ends

Joe’s KC Ribs, Brisket, and Burnt Ends

If you’re undecided about what type of meat will most aptly wow the tasters, look no further than Joe’s KC BBQ combo.

This savory spread features Joe’s nationally-acclaimed ribs, sliced brisket, and true Kansas City burnt ends.

All meats are frozen, vacuum-sealed, and ready to serve after 15-30 minutes of bake time.

Buffalo Wings

Duff's Famous Buffalo Wings (Free Shipping)

Get a 50 order of what have widely been declared the best Buffalo wings in the world.

Duff’s in Amherst, NY, now ships their world-famous wings to anyone who wants a taste and gives Super Bowl hosts a unique opportunity to spice up their party.

Wings arrive in packs of 50 and are ready to be baked for 12-20 minutes, depending on the desired crispiness. Careful, hot means HOT at Duff’s. 

Duff's Famous Buffalo Wings
Anchor Bar Buffalo Wings

Anchor Bar Buffalo Wings (Free Shipping)

The famous Anchor Bar of Buffalo, New York, provides customers the chance to order 50-packs of their world-famous Buffalo wings.

Heat levels range from Medium-Hot-Extremely Hot, and each order comes with an option to add a 12 ounces bottle of wing sauce to make the experience even more “authentically Anchor.”

If you’re looking for quality wings that will impress even the most hardened of wing critics, Anchor Bar is an excellent place to order from.


Nothing says convenient satisfaction like pizza, and Goldbelly has a wide selection of authentically American pizzas for delivery. We make an easy recommendation for a Chicago deep dish and thin crust combo that is sure to delight. 

Bartolini’s Pizza Combo (Free Shipping)

With so many pizza options available on Goldbelly’s, we don’t take this recommendation lightly.

Bartolini’s has been serving world-class deep dish and thin crust pizzas since 1995 and now offers customers a chance to mix and match to satisfy any and all cravings. 

Pizzas are sent fresh with ice packs and can be baked and eaten immediately or frozen for a recommended maximum of two months.

Bartolini’s Pizza Combo

Unique Extras

If you were in the market for something a little less conventional for your Super Bowl experience this year, here are a few uniquely delicious options offered on Goldbelly. 

Bacon-Wrapped Cheddar Jalapeno Sausage Slammers

Bacon-Wrapped Cheddar Jalapeno Sausage Slammers (Free Shipping)

It’s a mouthful to say, so imagine what it tastes like.

Southside Market and Barbeque have been perfecting their sausage cuts and creative culinary tricks since 1882’s motto “butcher today, deliver tomorrow.” 

These tasty morsels are sure to make this year’s Super Bowl stand out, regardless of the winner. 

Flannery Beef Burger Blend (Free Shipping)

Flannery Beef now ships its famous burger blend nationwide if you’re looking to level up your Super Bowl burger selection.

This four-part burger blend (25% Choice Filet Tails, 25% Prime Short Ribs, 25% Prime Chuck, and 25% Dry-Aged Steak Ends) is highly sought after by recreational BBQ’ers and Michelin-starred restaurants alike.

 You can order this tasty blend in four-pound quantities.

Flannery Beef Burger Blend

Goldbelly Costs

Since Goldbelly has so much to offer, the prices of different food items will vary significantly. You can find some sweets and soups for as low as $10, while the monthly subscription clubs start at $45. On top of regular prices, there is also a delivery fee based on your location and selected items.

Wrap Up

If you want this year’s Super Bowl to be remembered for more than just the game’s outcome, look to Goldbelly’s for some help. Take advantage of the iconic dishes the site offers to make your Super Bowl festivities one for the books. Great food, great company, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Goldbelly food services that delivered worldwide


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