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Sprinly Review: A Deep Dive Into This Meal Service

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on December 23, 2021

Looking for a meal delivery service with plant-based meal plans? Then you might have come across Sprinly, which delivers fully cooked vegan meals right to your door. The company's goal is to increase access to plant-powered nutrition and make it easier to live a healthy life. Trying a meal from Sprinly will give you a more accessible plan for vegan cooking.

The service has meal options such as sweet potato tacos, gluten-free pasta with cashew parm, and other fun dishes. With this type of variety, you won't get bored with your weekly meals. Additionally, you can enjoy a nice side salad in as little as 3 minutes.

Sprinly chefs work with nutritionists and doctors to make sure each meal is balanced. The meals have mostly organic fruits, vegetables, and grains. There are no animal products, dairy products, or artificial sweeteners.

Sprinly also keeps oil and sodium levels low per meal. Therefore, you can have all the taste and flavor with none of the bad side effects after each meal. Sprinly even offers a detox salad as an option if you choose to skip the pasta dishes or the brown rice noodles!

Sometimes, thinking up new dishes to prepare or searching for interesting recipes to create a meal plan is overwhelming. If you have a busy schedule, making time to shop for a meal and cook every day is nearly impossible. That's why meal services such as Sprinly are so useful. And with tasty-sounding meals such as pasta and cashew parm and pasta primavera marinara, it's no surprise Sprinly has such a high rating.

If you are new to plant-based eating, Sprinly meal kits can be a great way to get started. Or, maybe you just want to simplify mealtime. Whatever the case, here's our Sprinly review to help you understand how this service works and what you can expect per meal.

Sprinly At A Glance

  • Best Match For: Vegans looking for ready-to-eat gourmet meals made with organic and gluten-free ingredients.
  • Commitment Level: Weekly subscription
  • Availability: East Coast, Midwest and South
  • Value: $16-$18/serving; Free shipping
  • Type: Fully prepared fresh vegan meals (heat and eat)

What is Sprinly?

Sprinly is a plant-based meal delivery service that has a high rating and has been growing since it was founded in 2016. The company prides itself on nutritious meals that are always vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and organic.

In addition, they focus on using only high-quality ingredients in meals with no preservatives, artificial ingredients, or refined sugars.

All of the ready-to-eat meals are also low in sodium, providing you with a way to get healthy, nutrient-dense meals to your door. The founders of Sprinly want to encourage people to view plant-based foods as exciting.

With reviews boasting how colorful and full of texture the food is, you'll be in for a treat by signing up for Sprinly.

Getting Started with Sprinly

The bottom line is that getting started with Sprinly is straightforward. First, you need to select how many meals you want per week. The options are 6, 12, or 18 meals every week. There are no set plans for different family sizes, but you can select how many meals you'll need for your household.

Then, you'll enter your email address to create an account so that you can pick your meals from the rotating menu.

There are about six meals to choose from each week. After that, you can sit back and wait for your vegan meal delivery to arrive at your door in a refrigerated box.

While many meal delivery services claim to be healthy, Sprinly takes the extra step by putting their philosophy on healthy food on their website.

All of the chefs work directly with nutritionists and a doctor to design meals specifically for plant-based nutrition packed with macro and micronutrients. With Sprinly, you're sure to become your doctor's new favorite patient!

The Sprinly team believes that a healthy diet is rooted in eating whole foods with limited artificial sweeteners and flavors. So, you can enjoy your meal guilt-free while still having all the flavor! Eating healthy definitely doesn't have to be boring or bland.

The menu of six dishes changes every week, but you will find some repeat plant-based meals every so often. So, if you liked a certain dish a lot, keep an eye out for it to appear again. This includes their red pepper salsa!

Sprinly & Veganism

Although Sprinly offers 100% vegan and plant-based meals, anyone can order one of their meal kits. Vegan meals have many health benefits, such as maintaining a healthy heart and offering protection against diabetes and certain cancers. These are health benefits anyone can benefit from, no matter the pre-existing conditions they do or don't have.

Sprinly reviews rave about foods that you may sometimes feel guilty about eating, such as macaroni and cheese and enchilada casserole with queso. With Sprinly, you can guarantee that you're getting closer and closer to a healthier lifestyle per meal.

Additionally, Sprinly uses USDA-certified organic ingredients, and each meal is nutrient-dense ranging between 300 - 650 calories. Moreover, Sprinly review reveals that the meal kits help lower cholesterol.

When You Can Expect Your Meal

No matter if you live in West Virginia, New Jersey, or Washington, your plant-based meals will arrive at your doorstep every Tuesday or Wednesday.

You get to select your meals for the following week by Tuesday night for every order.

If you decide not to choose meals manually, Sprinly will send you some of each menu option.

The meals arrive in an insulated cardboard box with ice packs to keep your meals cold, and the meals will never arrive frozen.

Not many other meal kits and food delivery companies can make you this promise.

Since the vegan meal-delivery service sends pre-made meals, you are only minutes away from enjoying lunch or dinner. As soon as you get your meal, you can get to cooking.

Your meals should last between five and six days in the refrigerator, but some of them may be labeled "eat first" if they have earlier best-by dates.

What's in Each Meal Box

Each item will have warming directions, which is usually either the stovetop or microwave. If you have a salad, then you can enjoy it immediately with no prep or cooking needed. The packaging also has all of the nutrition facts, the name of the dish, and the ingredients. There are even fun facts to read if you want to learn more about food.

Sprinly uses different seasonings, spices, and herbs to add flavor to the meal plans. Additionally, you'll find a wide range of ingredients to promote a diverse diet. Listed below are a few spices you can expect in your food:

  • cumin
  • turmeric
  • paprika
  • cayenne pepper
  • oregano
  • basil
  • Himalayan salt
  • ginger

You're sure to use a variety of new ingredients per meal. Whether you're an experienced cook or new to the kitchen, Sprinly will make it easy and hassle-free for you to enjoy delicious and healthy food. And depending on which plan you select, you can have some for lunch leftovers or enough to share with a friend or loved one.


What should you do with the packaging? You can either donate or cut open the ice packs. Once you cut them open and empty the gel out, you can recycle the plastic wrapping.

The insulated liner is compostable, and the food containers (which are made of 40% recycled materials) are recyclable. You can also reuse the food containers to save other food or items.

This is further proof of Sprinly's dedication to a vegan and sustainable lifestyle through spreading health and creating happiness. Their packaging is included in that.

By using recyclable packaging, they are contributing to creating a better and healthier society and doing their part to sustain our planet. You could join them!

Sample Meals

All of the meals from the meal service are free of animal products, artificial preservatives, and refined sugars. Every meal plan is also gluten-free, so anyone with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease can enjoy them. Most of the options are organic, plant-based meals. However, some ingredients may not be organic, depending on seasonal availability.

As you browse the menu, you will notice icons used to describe the meals so that you can quickly know if a meal is right for you. The descriptors include icons for:

  • nut-free
  • oil-free
  • no refined sugars
  • gluten-free
  • plant-based
  • soy-free

As we mentioned, the menu rotates weekly. So, as you continue to use Sprinly, you'll see some of your favorites, and you might see some new ones every now and then. Still, here are some options you might find in your Sprinly meal plan:

Mediterranean Veggie Kofta Crumble with Vegan Tzatziki and Cucumber Tomato Salad

Sprinly's spin on this dish involves making Kofta meatballs out of veggies, served with cold cucumber salad, pickled cabbage, and turmeric rice. Then, to enjoy it, you heat the rice and kofta and pour everything else over the top. Based on the dish label, this meal is gluten-free, plant-based, and free of refined sugar, soy, and nuts.

Japanese Soba Noodles (gluten-free pasta) with Pineapple Glaze and Tofu

This Sprinly meal contains gluten-free Japanese soba noodles made from buckwheat. On top of the noodles, you'll find tofu, shiitake mushrooms, greens, and carrots with a tasty sauce. This item is nut-free and has no added sugar like all the other Sprinly meals.

Baked Falafel Beet Hummus Plate

Similar to their Mediterranean Oasis Bowl with Baked Falafel and Dill Tahini, this dish has a beautiful Mediterranean appearance and flavor profile. The purple beet hummus compliments the other stars of the dish: falafel, pickled red onion, bell peppers, carrots, spinach, and golden rice.

Characteristics of Sprinly Meals

Every Sprinly meal is vegan, which means anyone can enjoy them whether you do or don't eat meat. The company also uses only gluten-free ingredients. Sprinly does use oil and sodium, but they keep these ingredients at a minimum. When they do use oil, they select either toasted sesame oil or extra-virgin, organic olive oil.

The Sprinly meals are not certified kosher, but the Sprinly team washes all veggies with an organic wash, and all of the vinegar is organic and kosher.


Since the meals are not frozen, Sprinly is intentional with their delivery methods. While they don't ship country-wide yet, Sprinly adds new delivery zones regularly. Currently, the service is available throughout the East Coast, Midwest, and the southern United States.

The service areas include places like Michigan, Nashville, Chicago, New Jersey, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. You can enter your zip code on their website to find if Sprinly operates in your area.

Some of Sprinly's notable areas are Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, Western Virginia, and the Greater Chicago Area. Their customer service is excellent, and Sprinly reviews attest to the food service's mission statement.

It's also worth noting that you do not have to be home to receive your food box. Simply refrigerate your meal options immediately when you get home. Sprinly understands that you're busy, which is why when you are free, pasta and cashew parm will be waiting for you at the door!


How much does Sprinly cost?

The price of Sprinly vegan meal delivery services depends on how many meals you order per week. You will pay $109 for 6 meals per week, $199 for 12 meals per week, and $289 for 18 meals per week. The meals come fresh, never frozen, and they are prepared weekly by experienced chefs. Your meals come with free delivery.

Where is Sprinly based?

The Sprinly company is based in Cleveland, Ohio. They deliver mostly organic, plant-based meals to various locations in the US. So, location plays a minimal factor in receiving meals. So, it doesn't matter if you're in West Virginia, Northern Virginia, or Washington, D.C., Sprinly will make sure your needs are met.

What is the best plant-based meal delivery service?

Sprinly is a plant-based, gluten-free meal service that delivers ready-made meals to your doorstep every week. With Sprinly, you get to pick from a menu of nutritionist-approved, chef-made vegan meal options and make mealtime easy on yourself. Sprinly offers meal plans of 6 meals per week, 12 meals per week, or 18 meals per week.

Can you freeze Sprinly meals?

According to the Sprinly site, you can freeze the soups and bowls if you need to. However, the company doesn't recommend freezing your plant-based meals because it reduces the quality. It would be best if you also did not freeze the salads.

Can You Use Sprinly For Weight Loss?

Sprinly is designed as a meal plan for individuals on plant-based diets. While not specifically geared to weight loss, the meal service could help you stick to a healthy diet. In general, diets that focus on whole, natural foods can lead to losing weight.

When you look at the Sprinly menu, you can view all of the nutrition facts per meal. You will find the serving size, calories, carbs, fiber, fat, sodium, and protein amounts, which you can use to plan your balanced diet. Sprinly meals contain a lot of plant protein and are full of fiber, which can help you lose weight on a low-calorie diet. Paired with a healthy lifestyle, a Sprinly subscription can be a key step on your wellness journey.

How long do Sprinly meals last?

Because Sprinly meals are freshly made with no preservatives, they can last 5-6 days in your fridge.

Is Sprinly good for weight loss?

Sprinly meals can be an excellent option for weight loss as they offer healthy plant-based recipes. However, they are not explicitly created for that purpose.

How do I cancel Sprinly?

You can cancel Sprinly directly on their website, or you can do it by contacting customer support at They reply to emails within 24 hours.

Sprinly Flexibility

One of the best parts about Sprinly is that there is no commitment necessary. Since you can cancel your subscription at any time, you don't have to fear trying out the service. You can try Sprinly even if you've never had vegan meals before, so hopefully, our Sprinly review has helped you decide whether this service is right for you. If not, you can read more Sprinly reviews on their website. However, be warned: The reviews are outstanding!

The world is ever-evolving, and we simply don't have as much time as we want sometimes. So don't let your diet suffer when Sprinly can help.

Sprinly Cost

You can select your meal plan with 6, 12, or 18 gourmet vegan entrees for $109, $199, or $289. That’s around $16-$18 per serving. All plans include free shipping.

Sprinly Pros & Cons

There are many benefits to getting meals delivered with Sprinly. For one, it's a convenient way to make sure you have healthy meal options on hand for mealtime. Eating fresh, diverse, and well-prepared vegan ingredients at home often takes careful planning and lots of time in the grocery store. Instead, you can trust that lunch and dinner are taken care of after just a few clicks. Also, Sprinly is a great way to try new foods you might not normally consider.


  • The rotating menu means you'll never get bored with your meals
  • Sprinly meals are packed with nutritious veggies
  • Chefs cook the meals fresh each week, and food arrives ready to eat
  • Allows you to order enough meals for multiple guests


  • No a la carte or extra items available for purchase

Food for Thought

Sprinly is a good choice for people who want a simple way to get plant-based meals delivered to their door.

Though their menu options are limited, the menu changes weekly to provide customers with variety. 

With Sprinly, you'll always know that you are consuming fresh, quality, mostly organic ingredients.

But, unfortunately, it may not be the best pick for a picky eater.

When it comes to flavor, many meal delivery services come up lacking.

Sprinly uses a variety of spices and sauces to bring flavor to every meal without added sugars.

Your meals will taste like you just prepared them yourself, which is why Sprinly suggests storing them in the fridge instead of the freezer to maintain that freshness. Everything takes less than five minutes to prepare.

Sprinly has three different meal plan options. With 18 meals per week, you can either have ready-to-eat food for every mealtime, or you can share meals with your household. Each meal is individually packaged into a single serving, so you only ever heat up as much as you want to eat at the time.

Sprinly is most compatible with foodies who follow a plant-based diet and want innovative, fresh, ready-to-eat meals delivered.

Sprinly's food delivery service


  • The rotating menu means you'll never get bored with your meals
  • Sprinly meals are packed with nutritious veggies
  • Chefs cook the meals fresh each week, and food arrives ready to eat
  • Allows you to order enough meals for multiple guests

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