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Snack Crate Review: Our Honest Thoughts on This Global Box of Hard to Find Goodies

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on December 23, 2021

Have you ever wondered what the snacks around the world taste like? Although traveling is a passion of many people, it isn’t very likely you’ll be able to visit every country and taste their everyday food and snacks.

Luckily, there is now an option to do so from the comfort of your home with Snack Crate. Snack Crate, one of a few snack boxes with an international focus, creates an ultimate snacking experience with its unique monthly subscription box with snacks from all around the world.

Make sure to read our SnackCrate review, and find out why this snack delivery service is a perfect fit for all adventure eaters.

Snack Crate At A Glance

  • Best Match For: Adventurers looking to experience other cultures through a monthly box full of the most popular snacks from a different country.
  • Commitment Level: Monthly subscription
  • Availability: Anywhere in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and Malta
  • Value: Starting at $9.99
  • Type: A monthly snack box from around the world

How Does Snack Crate Work?

Snack Crate works hard to review different snacks from all around the world and find the best goodies in every country. Each month they try various snacks and present you their uniquely blue SnackCrate box with a selection of best options.

All products are hand-picked by their expert snack lovers to make sure all products meet an exceptional level of quality and uniqueness.

Each month you will receive a SnackCrate box from a different country, with a selection of best treats. The Snack Crates comes in three different sizes:

  • Mini Box – 5-6 snacks
  • Original Box – 9-12 snacks
  • Premium Box – 16-20+ snacks
  • Big F* SnackCrate – Over 110 snacks

You can’t choose or review your snacks beforehand, as the company wants to surprise you. The whole idea is to try something you never have. Plus, with different countries every month, you won’t ever get the same item twice.

Upon registration, you will need to fill some information about yourself so that SnackCrate can learn about your snack preferences. You can select whether you like sweet and chocolatey, salty and savory, or the mix of the two.

Plus, you can choose a country that seems like the best option for delicious snacks. Snack Crate will use all of this information to create the best possible experience for you.

Each subscription offers you a unique chance to win an Adventure Ticket and fly to that month’s featured country. It is a fantastic opportunity for experiencing a new culture and trying all those tasty snacks.

Snack Crate could also be an awesome gift for a loved one, and you can easily get a gift certificate on their website. 

What You Can Expect From Snack Crate

Each SnackCrate box comes with a selection of tasty snacks ready for you to enjoy them. Every item has a full nutrition label, so you can always review for any food restrictions and allergies you may have.

However, Snack Crates aren't customizable, and the only thing you can choose is one of three different sizes for all boxes. 

The company’s team of snack experts deep dives into the review and research of different international snacks. They make sure to try everything before you get a chance to order it. They even visit each country to get first-hand experience and personal reviews.

Each box contains roughly half the amount of candy and half different snack foods like chips, pretzels, crackers, cookies, etc. And if you are looking to host a family or business event, Big F* SnackCrate is an excellent option. With a variety of never seen snacks, it will be a great conversation starter and an incredibly fun experience.

Sample Snacks Review

Here is a review of the most popular boxes with unique candy and snack options full of unique flavor. Each subscription box comes with a booklet filled with fun facts, games, and a playlist with some cool music.

  • Hawaii – Feel the island breeze with Maui Onion Chips, Choco Mochi, Hi-Chew Lilikoi, and many other tasty snacks.
  • Germany An October fest in a box brings you Knoppers, Haribo’s Vulcano Fizz, Erdnuß Locken, and other unique products.
  • Caribbean – These are some delicious treats. Try Big Foot, Catch Bar, St. Mary’s Banana Chips, and other fun goodies.
  • France – You will certainly feel the love once you try Orangina Pik, Chocolate Crepes, Minizza, and other flavor-packed snacks.

Delivery Review

Snack Crate offers free worldwide delivery. Your order should typically arrive within three business days if you are located in the US. International shipping can take 2-4 weeks.

Currently available delivery locations outside the US include Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Malta. If you live in any other country, contact Snack Crate, and they will start working on arranging delivery to your location.

Keep in mind that your order usually takes around three weeks from the confirmation. Snack Crate first has to order everything to the US, wait for the package to pass the US Customs review, and then ship to your location. That is why you will often get your box at the end of the month.


How many snacks should be in a Snack Crate?

You can expect 10-12, 18-20+, or over 110 snacks based on the box you select.

How long does SnackCrate take to ship?

Shipping can be on the slower side since Snack Crate needs to acquire all the international snacks first. That is why shipping usually takes around three weeks from the confirmation for the US orders and can take even longer for international shipping.

Your order typically arrives within three business days in the US after it’s shipped, and 2-4 weeks everywhere else.

What comes in a Snack Crate?

Each Snack Crate features a premium selection of candies from one of the countries. Expect the most popular snacks from around the world, and get ready to explore different flavors.

Who owns Snack Crate?

Kyle Roarke from Pensacola, Florida, is the CEO and owner of Snack Crate.

How much does SnackCrate cost?

SnackCrate boxes come in three different sizes. Mini is $14.99, Original is $26.99, and Family Size is $49.99 a month. You get a $5 discount for your first SnackCrate.

Is SnackCrate easy to cancel?

Yes, canceling your SnackCrate is easy and you can do it online in just a few steps. Go to your account, click on the subscription tab, and then click on the “Cancel Next Plan.”

Can you cancel SnackCrate at any time?

Yes, you can. But make sure to do it before the cut-off date if you don’t want to receive your next snack box.

How do I get a refund from snack crate?

To contact customer support and request a refund, you need to email SnackCrate at You have a 30-day window after you receive your order to do so.

How much is SnackCrate per month?

Depending on the box size you select, SnackCrate is $14.99, $26.99, or $49.99 per month.

Does SnackCrate come with a drink?

Yes, Original and Family Size crates come with a drink.

What countries does SnackCrate offer?

SnackCrate features a new country every month. Some recent ones include Hong Kong, Morocco, Thailand, Ukraine, and Spain.

How long does it take to get your first snack crate?

It takes around three weeks to receive your first SnackCrate.

How many snacks are in the original SnackCrate?

The Original SnackCrate contains 10-12 full-sized snacks.

What sizes do snack crates come in?

SnackCrate comes in three sizes. Mini contains 5-6 snacks, the Original features 10-12 snacks, while a Family Size crate brings you 18-20+ goodies.

Snack Crate Costs

These monthly boxes start at $9.99 for the mini version. When you become a member, you can also shop for individual snacks or receive a box full of unique treats each month. Shipping is free.

Pros and Cons Review


  • A unique chance to order a box with the best international snacks
  • Raving reviews from other happy customers
  • A fun way to learn about different cultures
  • Free shipping for every box


  • Shipping can take too long

Food for Thought

SnackCrate is a creative and fun way to order one or more boxes filled with snacks from a foreign country. It combines the love for travel and food, which are one of the things that all people love.

Each box comes with a carefully curated snack selection, fun facts about the featured nation, games, and vibrant music. This way, every box brings you more than just snacks, and it’s a fun activity for the whole family.

The ordering and cancellation process is easy, and you just need to make sure to do it before the fifth every month, as that’s the date when every subscription box is renewed and confirmed.

SnackCrate is perfect for all the snack-lovers looking to up their game by exploring some of the world’s tastiest treats.

Snack Crate unique snacks delivery service

Snack Crate

  • A unique chance to order a box with the best international snacks
  • Raving reviews from other happy customers
  • A fun way to learn about different cultures
  • Free shipping for every box

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