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Sips By Review: Is This Tea Subscription Worth It?

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on December 23, 2021

Sips by is a women-led company dedicated to providing personalized tea subscription boxes to customers. So if you're a tea-drinker looking for some new options, this might be the subscription for you! Every month, you'll get a box of loose-leaf or bagged tea tailored to your preferences. Sips by has over 150 partners worldwide, so you're sure to find something you enjoy.

A tea subscription box makes a great gift for someone interested in tea or even someone new to it. The recipient can look forward to trying new flavors and combinations while refining their taste for teas. Sips by reviews from customers are generally positive, and the highlights include the beautiful box, the quality teas, and the easy to navigate site.

Though the main attraction is the subscription box, you can taste teas from Sips by without a profile. The website has an online shop of one-time purchase items. While you won't find all of the teas that come in the boxes, you can find awesome gift ideas and handy accessories.

So, how do you get started with Sips by? Keep reading to find out more about the service, what to expect, and the pros and cons.

Sips by At A Glance

  • Best Match For: Tea-lovers looking to expand their palate with an affordable personalized tea subscription box.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: US and Canada
  • Value: $16/month; Free shipping
  • Type: Personalized tea subscription

How Sips By Works

Based in Austin, Texas, Sips By connects tea-lovers to different types of tea each month. First, a user has to create a profile and fill out a questionnaire to set their preferences. The detailed quiz includes questions such as:

  • Caffeinated or caffeine-free?
  • Loose leaf or bagged teas?
  • What flavors do you like and dislike?
  • What are your dietary preferences?
  • How often do you drink tea?
  • What's your preferred brew method?

The company also allows you to select any allergies you have to make sure none of your teas contain ingredients you can't enjoy. It's a handy system to make sure you'll like your boxes, unlike some other subscription services that send you items at random.

Sips By delivers 16 bags of four different teas monthly. When you sign up, you can decide whether you want to pay month-to-month or get a 3, 6, or 12-month prepaid subscription. With only one type of subscription box, Sips by makes the sign up process a breeze.

If you're the type of tea-lover to double-steep a tea bag, then you can get even more drinks out of your Sips by box. Each tea comes with brewing instructions and tasting notes so you can prepare your teas properly. If you receive loose leaf teas in your box, Sips by will send you disposable tea bags. The bags are biodegradable and created using unbleached paper. You can even use the cloth bag they come in as a reusable bag for any remaining teas.

Lastly, you can browse the Sips by the online shop for items other than subscription boxes. There, you can purchase gift cards, pre-made boxes for special occasions, tea collections, mugs, and more. You can cancel or skip a month in your subscription any time from your profile page on the website.

What You Can Expect From Your Order

After you create your profile and choose your payment plan, it's time to sit back and wait for your tea journey to begin. Your adorable Sips by box will arrive at your door decorated with tea leaves and hearts. Inside, there will be a card with your name on it that tells you all about your selection of teas. Then, of course, you'll find your tea brands and tea bags.

The information card will tell you:

  • The names of the teas and their companies
  • How much to brew per cup of water
  • How long to steep the teas for the best flavor
  • The optimal water temperature
  • Whether there's caffeine or no caffeine
  • A flavor description

You may also come across coupons or discount codes just for you.

What can you expect if you order a la carte? Let's look at some of the non-subscription options on the Sips by site, such as their Best Earl Grey Tea Collection. When you look at the site, you will find product descriptions and a list of contents. For example, the Earl Grey Tea Box contains the brands Ahmad Tea, Oteas, Stash, and Biron. Before you check out, you can choose to add a Gold Star Tea Infuser or a Sips by box gift card.

Anyone who creates a profile can earn rewards points for shopping with Sips by. You can redeem points by going to your profile, selecting "points" to find your balance, and selecting "rewards" to see a list of perks you can unlock.

Lastly, sometimes your taste preferences change over time. It h

Sample Teas

Every month, your personalized tea package will contain a different variety of teas. You may not be a fan of each one, but you might also discover your new favorites. Some examples of tea you might find on your Sips by box include:

  • Stash Tea Double Bergamont Earl Grey
  • Miracle Tree Orange Passion Fruit Moringa Energy Infusion Tea
  • Tea Head Strawberry Blend Tea
  • Rishi Golden Triangle Breakfast
  • Bare Leaves Fujian Oolong

Sips by does a great job of including a lot of types of flavors. And, depending on your preferences, you'll get a good mix of black tea, green tea, and herbal tea brands. You may have seen some of the more popular brands before, while others will be completely new.

When you find some you enjoy, make sure you write the name down so you can purchase a full box one day.


How much does Sips By cost?

A Sips by personalized tea subscription costs $16 per month with free shipping in the US. You can pay monthly or sign up for a three, six, or twelve-month plan. Sips by also has one-time purchase items in their online store that you can add to your cart.

What is the best tea subscription box?

One great tea subscription box is called Sips by. After you create a quick profile and fill out a tea questionnaire, you get a personalized tea subscription service of four types of tea monthly. The service sends a variety of both bagged and loose leaf teas to your home at an affordable price.

How long does Sips By take to ship?

On average, your Sips by box ships within two weeks of the day you place the order.

What are the best monthly box subscriptions?

There is a monthly subscription service for almost anything you can think of. If you are a tea person, consider trying the Sips by personalized tea subscription. Every month, you get a box of green tea, black tea, herbal teas and more based on your preferences. It's a great way to expand your knowledge of tea flavors.

What comes in a Sips By Box?

Your Sips By box comes with four carefully picked artisan teas that match your taste preferences. Each box can brew at least 16 cups of tea.

How long does Sips by take to deliver?

Your Sips By box should arrive within 2-3 weeks from your purchase.

How do I cancel Sips by?

You can cancel your Sips By subscription online by going to your account page. Click on the “Manage Subscription” tab and then on the “Cancel Subscription” button.

Does Sipsby come with mugs?

Your monthly subscription box doesn’t include a mug. However, you can purchase cups, kettles, and other tea accessories in the shop on the Sips By website.

Does Sips By ship to Canada?

Yes, Sips By ships to Canada for an additional cost of $9.50.

Sips by Costs

Your monthly box brings you four different teas making 16+ cups, for only $16 a month. Shipping is free.

Pros & Cons


  • Personalized tea habit quiz makes tea fun
  • Sips by reviews from subscribers are mostly positive
  • Tea drinkers can taste different types of tea without buying full boxes
  • Great customer service


  • Can't change the quantity of tea your subscription box

Why Would I Get a Tea Subscription?

These days, you can find a subscription for almost everything. There are coffee clubs, wine clubs, pizza clubs, and much more. Teas are no different. That said, there are plenty of reasons why someone would want a personalized tea subscription box.

You Want To Try New Things

There are a lot of teas out there. However, when you want to try something new, you usually have to buy an entire box or bag of the stuff! Then, if you don't enjoy it, you're stuck with at least ten servings of a flavor you don't like. With a subscription, you have a trial-sized amount of tea. From there, you can decide if you want to buy more.

Sips by also lets you do a deep dive into the teas that interest you. If you want to try more black teas, you can set your preferences and dive right in. If you want to get into herbal flavors, you'll expand your collection each month.

If you aren't heavily into tea, you still might want to switch up your routine every now and again. For the days when coffee won't cut it, your collection of monthly teas will be right there waiting for you.

Shopping Is A Hassle

One of the main perks of any subscription is not having to leave your house to get what you want. It's never fun to get ready to make some tea only to search the kitchen and realize you don't have any. With a subscription box, you can rest-assured that your tea stream is never-ending. So, you can scratch it off your shopping list and have one less thing to worry about.

It's A Gift

Any tea-lover would be thrilled to receive a subscription box gift card. However, it can also be a nice idea for someone new to the world of tea. It's an easy, thoughtful chance to make someone's day. It's also an original gift if you want to deviate from the typical presents you might give someone. There are many occasions for this type of present, such as a birthday, anniversary, or housewarming.

Lastly, it's fun. Getting a new box of quality teas to your door can be exciting, and it gives you something to look forward to. Even if you don't want to collect all these teas yourself, it's the perfect excuse to invite some friends over for a tea party.

Food for Thought

In review, if you are a regular tea-drinker, then you know it's hard to scratch the surface of all the teas that exist in the world. Even in the grocery store, your selection is limited. Thanks to Sips by, you have the option to try new brands of bagged and loose leaf tea every month.

Signing up as a subscriber is easy and fun. Some subscription services don't take your preferences into account, but Sips by only sends you products they think might interest you. Your Sips by box includes cool things about each tea variety, so you're always learning as you go. Though we wish you could make more modifications to your box (like how many servings are included), Sips by is an awesome way to explore teas.

The Sips by site also makes it easy to send teas as a gift. You can purchase a digital or physical gift card online, or you can put your gift recipient's address in the delivery information when you check out. Nothing is more fun than getting a cute box of teas from quality brands!

Sips by is most compatible with tea lovers looking for a one of a kind personalized tea subscription box.

Sips By

  • Personalized tea habit quiz makes tea fun
  • Sips by reviews from subscribers are mostly positive
  • Tea drinkers can taste different types of tea without buying full boxes
  • Great customer service

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