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Shipt Review: Here’s What you Should Know

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on December 23, 2021

If grocery shopping is not one of your favorite chores, you aren't alone. Thanks to Shipt, you can order groceries as easily as you would order takeout food from your phone or computer. When you look into the best grocery delivery services, you may come across a few different companies and wonder how Shipt compares.

This Shipt review will take you through all the steps of using Shipt as well as some notable benefits and drawbacks. Overall, the grocery delivery service is a major time-saver for people with hectic schedules or those who can't always leave home at a moment's notice.

Before you place your first order, take a look at the following information so that you have a seamless experience using Shipt.

Shipt At A Glance

  • Best Match For: People looking for an affordable grocery delivery app with a great interface.
  • Commitment Level: Monthly or yearly membership
  • Availability: Over 5,000 cities in the US
  • Value: Shipt claims that the average order costs only $5 more than what it would if you went down to the grocery store
  • Type: Grocery delivery from local stores

How Shipt Works

As you can imagine, Shipt is much different from a typical trip to the grocery store. For many people, the process is a lot easier than running up and down aisles looking for certain products. All you have to do is download the app or go online to order household items and groceries.

Once you sign up, you pick from the stores in your area. In addition to food stores, you may also see liquor stores and convenience stores. You'll place your order by adding to your virtual shopping cart, and a Shipt Shopper will pick up and deliver your items. If you'd rather pick them up yourself, some places offer that option.

Signing Up

Whether you use the app or the Shipt website, you'll need to first make an account. Creating an account is free, but you'll have to pay a membership fee before placing an order for the first time. The sign-up process only requires your email address, name, and password.

After signing in, the platform will prompt you to enter your address and zip code to find delivery options in your area. Some of Shipt's partner stores include:

  • Piggly Wiggly
  • Target
  • Winn Dixie
  • Costco
  • CVS
  • Safeway
  • Meijer
  • HEB
  • Publix
  • Office Depot

You can only pick one store per order, so you'll need to place multiple orders if you need something from different places. The best part is you can use your membership or rewards card for any of these locations through the Shipt service. For example, if you have a CVS card, you have the ability to enter your information when you checkout.


To make purchases, you browse the app to find everything you need. Though the company allows you to browse by category or use the search bar, it can be easier to make your grocery list beforehand and simply enter it. This way, you know you aren't forgetting anything.

Shopping with this method is an opportunity to stick to your budget and avoid the impulse purchases you might make if you went to the store yourself. As you add items to your cart, you will see the total cost of your order updating.

If you need to put something back, it's as simple as removing the item from your cart. It's much better than being shocked at the register!

Now, when you check out, you will need to choose a plan for membership. If you will use the Shipt app regularly, it may benefit you to get the annual plan. If you just want a trial period, you can select the monthly plan.

Checking Out

After choosing your membership, you will need to verify your payment method, delivery address, and phone number. Next, you can select a delivery time that works for you and whether it's okay if your shopper arrives early. For orders placed early, you may have the option to get your groceries the same day.

At this point, you can set your substitution preferences. If they don't have the item or brand you want at the store, you can instruct your shopper whether you want them to find substitutions or not.

Even after ordering, you can make changes until your person begins shopping. Shipt will give you constant updates on the status and location of your order. Though you can get alcohol with Shipt, you cannot get tobacco products.

What You Can Expect

If your Shipt Shopper has any questions or issues while shopping, they will contact you. Then, they'll bring all of your things during the delivery window you chose.

For some grocery stores, you won't have to pay the Shipt membership fees, but you may encounter a service fee. You will also notice that your credit card or debit card is charged for slightly more than your order total.

The reason for this charge is to account for any possible price discrepancies or substitutions. The amount will adjust once your delivery is complete.

For safety purposes, you will either wait to grab your items until the shopper drops them off at your door.

Otherwise, the shopper may drop them into your house.

While some people prefer to use reusable grocery bags when they shop, it's usually not an option for Shipt grocery delivery service. The plastic store bags are better for hygiene. When possible, you may be able to request the use of paper bags if you make a note on the checkout page.

Finally, you can review and tip your shopper when they're done. Tips can be adjusted for a short period after your experience.

Experiencing Shipt Shoppers

Shopping for Shipt is a side gig for many people, and just about anyone with a vehicle can apply for the job. Shoppers make a small percentage of every order, but they mostly survive off of the tipping feature of the platform.

Shipt Shoppers go through an in-depth hiring process to be able to pick out and deliver your items. All of their applicants must complete a background check, driving history check, and do a video interview. Your experience can feel like you did the shopping trip yourself without leaving home.

You can leave specific directions for your shopper if you are particular about certain items. For example, you may say "some browning on bananas is okay," or "no cans with dents, please." Your shopper will accommodate your wishes and check in with you as they shop. If you have an issue, customer service will correct the situation for you.


Shipt allows you to place as many orders as you want every month. As long as there is a delivery time available, you can even order from multiple places in one day. While Shipt doesn't require you to add a tip, it's the main way that their shoppers make any income. You cannot tip your shopper in cash, you will need to tip through Shipt.

Usually, you can get delivery when you want it. However, during peak hours or holidays where a store may be busy, you may have to wait until the next day to get your grocery delivery. As a member, you get free delivery for qualifying orders. If your order falls under $35, you will need to pay a small delivery fee.

According to the Shipt website, the grocery delivery service is available in 260 cities. To find out if you have access to Shipt drivers and deliveries, you'll need to enter your zip code online.


Is working for Shipt worth it?

The advantage of working for Shipt is getting to earn money on your schedule doing something you already know how to do. Like many similar contract jobs, it's possible to make more or less than minimum wage depending on a variety of factors. Shipt drivers make a small commission on every order and they keep 100% of their tips.

If you live in a busy city, it will be easier to get opportunities as a driver. The more you drive, the greater chance you have to earn tips. Currently, Shipt is under criticism for not paying their community a living wage. So, the company may change its payment rate and pricing model shortly.

Is Shipt better than Instacart?

The answer to this question depends on your state and your preferred store. Instacart is more widely available in the United States and has more store partners in general. Both grocery delivery services offer same-day ordering, and both have a membership service (although Instacart's is optional).

Your decision will come down to what's most affordable for you. While you don't have to pay for an Instacart membership, you will encounter service fees and delivery fees without one. Additionally, Shipt is more straightforward about their price markups, while Instacart's prices vary by store.

If using rewards and finding sale items is important to you, you'll have an easier time using Shipt. On the other hand, Instacart offers more flexibility when it comes to substituting items and approving changes.

Are Shipt prices higher?

The Shipt website explains that you can expect to spend $5 more on your average grocery purchase online than in-store. Of course, this upcharge doesn't include tipping. When you use Shipt for the first time, you can compare the difference between your typical expenses to your Shipt receipt.

When you want to find discounts, you can use Shipt's "on sale" category to shop. Depending on your region, a retail partner may charge a service fee on your order. Finally, you can expect to pay a bit more on small orders due to their small-order fees.

Is Shipt com legit?

Yes, Shipt is owned by Target, and it is 100% legit. In fact, online customer reviews are mostly positive.

Is Shipt overpriced?

No, Shipt is not overpriced. Their items are slightly more expensive than what you would pay for in your local supermarket, but it is reasonable considering you are getting everything delivered to your door.

Which is better, Doordash or Shipt?

DoorDash and Shipt are both excellent options for grocery delivery. Which one you like better will depend on many factors, including your location, store availability, the number of drivers in your area, customer service, and other factors. You should definitely try each one and decide for yourself.

How much is delivery with Shipt?

If you are a member, your delivery is free on all orders over $35. There is a $7 fee for smaller orders, or $9.99 for non-members. Make sure to check that final price at the checkout, as the Shipt app will tell you exactly how much you’re paying for delivery.

Does Shipt have a minimum order?

No, Shipt doesn’t have a minimum order.

Do Shipt shoppers go inside homes?

Of course not. Shipt shoppers are only responsible for getting the food to your door.

Is Shipt free with Target?

No, the annual Shipt membership is $99. You can get single Shipt Passes for $10.

Shipt Costs

Shipt claims that the average order costs only $5 more than what it would if you went down to the grocery store. Annual Shipt membership costs $99, and there are also Shipt Passes you can use for single orders, and they cost $9.99. Delivery on orders over $35 is free for all members, while small orders and non-members pay a $7 delivery fee.

Food for Thought

Making your first order with Shipt is fun and easy. It's a great deal when you want to save time, gas, and a little bit of effort.

Though it may feel odd to have another person do your shopping, you can have peace of mind that you will get quality items.

The company is quick to handle any problems, so it's worth a shot for someone interested in grocery delivery.

The costs can add up, but the Shipt site allows members to see deals, sales, and use rewards cards.

As you shop, you will see your total cost adding up in real-time, making it easier to stick to your budget than it is in a physical store.

Also, there is a wide selection of products that you may not see on other apps. You can even send stuff to family and friends by putting their information in the checkout section.

 There are few better feelings than coming home after a long day and seeing your groceries on your doorstep.

Shipt grocery delivery is most compatible with people looking to get food, alcohol, or house items delivered from popular stores and quality brands.

Shipt's grocery delivery services


  • Can get your items from the store within one hour of ordering
  • Easy to track the progress of your first order online or in the app
  • Can communicate with your delivery person quickly
  • Categories make it easy to find the product or brands you like

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