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Seven Grams Caffé Review

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on February 21, 2021

If the thought of fresh, roasted coffee and handmade baked goods makes you smile, then you've come to the right place. Seven Grams Caffé is an independent coffee shop with a passion for providing quality cookies and satisfying cups of coffee. At the NY location, you can get a cold brew, a matcha latte, an iced latte, a flat white, and other café staples.

Though Seven Grams Caffé has locations in New York, New York, they also have an online shop for people with no shop in their area. No matter where you live, you can get bakery items, coffee beans, or gifts shipped to your home. The best thing is there's a subscription option so you can always get your favorite items at a great price. (Click here to read about some of other favorite coffee delivery subscriptions.)

So, how do you order from Seven Grams, and what can you get?

How Seven Grams Caffé Works

You can subscribe to any product on the Seven Grams site, from the almond croissant to the espresso. Once you add an item to your cart and reach the checkout page, hit "Subscribe and Save." From there, you can pick the frequency of your delivery from every two, four, or six weeks.

It's easy to adjust or cancel your subscription at any time. You can manage your subscriptions on your account page and add or remove products. Seven Grams Caffé sends a reminder email three days before your next order ships so that you have time to make adjustments to your cart.

You can also order any item without a subscription. They have an amazing selection of pastries such as brownies, a cookie, a granola bar, a croissant, or bread. If you are buying coffee, their selection includes espresso (hello home latte or red eye!), single-origin roasts, cold brew, and coffee accessories.

When it comes to gift items, you can send someone a cookie and coffee gift box, a bundle of coffees, loaf cakes, or a gift card. The gift box comes in two varieties: classic and vegan. (Click here to read our review of the best cookie subscriptions.)

You can also find Seven Grams on artisanal foods online market Goldbelly as well! 

Click here to read our Goldbelly review

What You Can Expect

If you purchase baked goods such as loaf cakes, a croissant, a cookie, or a chocolate brownie, your items are baked to order in NY. When you receive them, it is best to store your goods in a container for no longer than one week. You can also keep them in the freezer if you'd like to maintain freshness for a long time.

When you're ready to eat your pastries, you can eat them at room temperature or heat them in the oven.

For coffee, you can order one or more bags of beans at a time (remember to subscribe for a discounted price). Online, the coffee options have information listed such as the flavors, region of origin, roast type, and process.

You can select if you want to order whole beans or a specific grind for a drip coffee maker, a pour-over, french press, or Aeropress. Unlike other shops without those options, Seven Grams makes it easy to get a quality brew from home.

Sample Meals

While Seven Grams is a coffee shop with premium drinks, they also have a famous line of cookies. Their cookie flavors include:

  • chocolate chip cookies
  • vegan tahini & olive oil cookies with dark chocolate chips
  • vegan peanut butter dark chocolate chip cookies
  • matcha white chocolate chip cookies
  • snack-size thumbprint cookies

Some of their other popular bakery items with great reviews are flourless brownie bites, vegan energy bars, extra virgin olive oil bread, pain au chocolat, and pecan & caramel squares. At an in-person location, you may also see a selection of loaf cakes and their chocolate almond croissant.

As for coffee, Seven Grams Caffé has:

  • Brazil single-origin
  • Ethiopia single-origin
  • Nicaragua single-origin
  • Signature house blend
  • Signature espresso blend
  • Decaf Nicaragua single-origin

If you're more of an iced coffee person, you can order their cold brew concentrate. Some other fun items available for purchase include a mug, a metal straw, and a traveler cup for when you want to show Seven Grams pride.


Seven Grams Caffé ships to all 50 US states from New York, New York. They do not offer shipping outside of the US. According to their site, your delivery should arrive within two to five business days, and all orders are baked and packaged the same day they ship.

The New York, New York-based company offers shipping discounts for orders that meet a minimum price. If you place an order over the weekend, Seven Grams will not mail it until the following Monday to avoid weekend shipping delays.

If it's a gift item, you will have the option to leave a personalized note in the package. Also, the company will not include the price in a gift package.


Is Seven Grams Caffé Kosher-certified?

Seven Grams Caffé is fully vegetarian with vegan options. They are not certified Kosher. However, they advertise as "Kosher-Friendly."

Does Seven Grams Caffé have subscription fees?

No, there are no fees so subscribing to a product from this business. In fact, you get a small percentage off the total price of your order when you subscribe. You can also cancel the subscription at any time with no penalty.

Pros & Cons


  • The staff ships orders from New York, New York to any US home address
  • Discounted prices for subscription orders
  • Delicious vegan cookies
  • Loaf cakes, pain au chocolat, and other baked treats ship fresh


  • No overnight shipping option

Food for Thought

If you go into a Seven Grams NY store, you'll find loaf cakes, cold brew, and typical drinks such as hot chocolate, a flat white, a red eye, an iced latte, regular latte, or a matcha latte. You may even get to bite into a chocolate almond croissant or their famous chocolate chip cookie. For people who can't access a physical location, now you can bring the cafe experience home.

Seven Grams Caffé is most compatible with people in the US seeking a subscription to quality coffee beans and vegan pastry items.

Seven Grams Caffé delivery service

Seven Grams Caffé

  • The staff ships orders from New York, New York to any US home address
  • Discounted prices for subscription orders
  • Delicious vegan cookies
  • Loaf cakes, pain au chocolat, and other baked treats ship fresh

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