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Raised Real Review – Is this Baby Food Delivery Service Worth it?

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on December 23, 2021

Raised Real was created in 2016 for parents who want to ensure that their babies eat healthy, clean and organic foods.

All Raised Real meals are not blended and include real and simple vegetables, fruits, grains, oils and seeds that you can see.

It is up to you if you want to serve the contents whole, mash them or puree them. The food packets are safe for most babies who are six months or older.

One unique aspect about the company that inspires confidence in many customers is its leadership team, which consists of several thought leaders in related industries. Its founders are Steven Kontz and Santiago Merea. Kontz is the CFO of Orange Chef, and Merea was the CEO of Orange Chef. Also, Merea is a devoted father. Raised Real has an advisory team, which includes a co-founder of Birchbox, a former executive of Vitaminwater, a former marketing VP of TaskRabbit and a co-founder of Glossier.

Based in San Francisco, Raised Real has a goal to give customers a healthy alternative to the popular baby food brands that fill most grocery store shelves.

Merea developed the idea after he experienced the frustration of how long it took him to prepare healthy baby food. He started making large meals and freezing portions.

Merea saw a solution to a pain point that every busy parent could sympathize with, and he decided to share that benefit with others by using frozen food delivery. Schwan’s, the pioneering frozen food delivery service that was established in the early 1950s, is one of the biggest investors of Raised Real. The Schwan’s CEO said that he supports Raised Real’s vision of providing the best homemade baby food delivery services.

Raised Real At A Glance

  • Best Match For: Parents seeking nutritionally balanced organic meals to support their baby’s or toddler’s development.
  • Commitment Level: Weekly or bi-weekly subscription
  • Availability: The contiguous US (No Alaska or Hawaii)
  • Value: $4.99-$5.49/meal;
  • Type: Fully prepared fresh organic meals for babies and toddlers

Raised Real Ingredient Review

Babies’ developing skin, organs and bones grow rapidly and require high-quality nutrients that promote proper growth. Each food packet is carefully prepared with required micronutrients that your baby needs, and each product is a complete source of essential carbohydrates, fat and protein.

These are some examples of Raised Real baby food breakfast, lunch and dinner meals and the purposes of the combinations.

Breakfast Packets

There are multiple categories of oat-based packets. Each category supports digestive function, and three of the four categories support immunity and brain function. One category supports vision health. Another supports bone growth.

To provide an example, there is a packet that contains oats, mango, butternut squash, ginger and coconut butter. This packet boosts immunity, helps brain development and promotes digestive health. Butternut squash has vitamin A and potassium. Ginger reduces inflammation and supports digestion, and oats are packed with nutrients that promote a healthier heart, growth and digestion. Mangoes have vitamin A, carotenoids and other nutrients that support immunity. Coconut butter can help promote healthy teeth and skin. The lauric acid in it may also boost immunity and reduce inflammation. When you research the benefits of each packet’s ingredient list in relation to benefits for your baby, you will see the nutrition science behind the power-packed combination choices.

Lunch or Dinner Meals

Like the breakfast oat packets, the main meals are categorized by their benefits. Each one has three specific purposes. For example, if your baby has an inflammatory condition, you will likely be interested in the food choices that include anti-inflammatory nutrients. There is a packet that includes cauliflower, kale, white quinoa, garlic and avocado oil. It helps fight or prevent inflammation, boosts immunity and supports good vision. Another anti-inflammatory example from the menu is a packet with turmeric, tahini, chickpeas and cauliflower. While there are three target purposes, the nutrients have additional benefits. Your curated shipment will include cards with specific information about how each packet helps your baby.

Raised Real Food Delivery Service Area Review

Since Raised Real started, it has seen a steady month-over-month growth rate of about 50%. In addition to Schwan’s backing the company, this gives it more power. In comparison with other baby food delivery companies, Raised Real is rated higher for availability. You are eligible for home delivery if you live in the contiguous 48 states. Shipping is free. For people who live in rural areas where high-quality groceries are priced high or limited in availability, Raised Real’s services may be especially favorable.


Is Raised Real organic?

Yes, Raised Real is 98% organic. Sometimes they use conventional ingredients if they can’t find organic ones, but they are always from sustainable sources.

How much does Raised Real cost?

Raised Real meals cost $4.99-$5.49 per serving, which makes them one of the more affordable options on the market.

Is Raised Real frozen?

Yes, Raised Real meals are flash-frozen to preserve the nutrient properties of each ingredient.

How long does Raised Real last?

Your Raised Real meals can stay fresh for 3-6 months in your freezer.

How do I cancel Raised Real?

To cancel your Raised Real membership, you need to submit a request via their website or text their Real Hotline. You need to do it before the weekly cut-off time, or you will be charged for your next shipment.

Raised Real Cost 

You have four choices for Raised Real plans, and there are two price tiers. You can choose 12 meals to be delivered monthly or every other week. You can choose a plan with 12 meals for $65.88 ($5.49 per serving) or 24 meals for $119.76 ($4.99 per serving). The shipping is free, but a slight inconvenience is that you can’t hand-pick the meals, only select the dietary preferences.
Alternately, you can choose 24 meals to be delivered every month or every other week. If you can make some of your baby’s food, you may want the minimum plan of 12 Raised Real meals every month. However, if you are too busy to make multi-ingredient meals that are nutritious, you may need 24 meals every other week. Although costs are subject to change as the company grows and food prices fluctuate, the current Raised Real cost structure is:

  • Twelve meals every two weeks at $5.49 per meal packet.
  • Twelve meals every month at $5.49 per packet.
  • Twenty-four meals every two weeks at $4.99 per meal packet.
  • Twenty-four meals every month at $4.99 per packet.

Most people who purchase the packets and review them rate them highly in terms of the price for the nutritional quality. Even canned baby food on grocery store shelves can be expensive, and most canned products lack the same level of natural nutrients.

Raised Real: Food for Thought

Now that you are familiar with Raised Real and its prices, shipping, vision and purpose, it is important to weigh the pros and cons. Most people who review Raised Real agree that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. These are the top benefits.

  • Raised Real meals are easy to prepare. Both moms and dads who are either full-time or part-time care providers can appreciate this aspect. You can steam them or use another reheating method, and the food is ready in minutes. If your baby likes mashed or pureed food, you can simply put it in the blender.
  • You can send a text to ask a question. There is no need to risk waking the baby by making a phone call if you have a question about your Raised Real baby food. If you would rather not send a text, there is also an online contact form. Also, you can still call and talk to a real person. Raised Real sends its customer help number to all plan subscribers.
  • Raised Real baby food is more nutritious than canned products. Since Raised Real uses flash freezing, the nutrients are preserved as long as you follow storage and preparation instructions. As long as they are kept in the freezer, the packets should be usable for about 90 days or more.
  • Raised Real offers flexibility. Signing up for a plan is not like signing an obligatory contract that comes with cancellation penalties or change fees. If you want to increase or decrease the frequency of shipments or the number of Raised Real baby food packets, you can do so anytime and without penalty.
  • Raised Real is sensitive to your baby’s sensitivities. If your baby dislikes certain things or cannot eat them, you can let the company know. Raised Real will work with your specifications and may be able to offer substitutes. Many people who review the company rate it highly for taste and say that even picky eaters like several of the combinations. As you learn what your baby likes and dislikes, you can modify your restrictions for future shipments.
  • Raised Real provides science-based variety. Unless you specify restrictions, Raised Real curates a box with a variety of six packet types. The choices are a mixture of packets with varying benefits to ensure that your baby will receive well-rounded nutrition.
  • Raised Real makes you feel valued. Some people who review this delivery service like its customer service. All moms and dads feel overwhelmed about nutrition at times, and Raised Real will provide encouragement when you call and need a pep talk during the day. Also, Raised Real offers some exclusive discounts and even sends free surprises to thank you for your loyalty.
  • You get top quality in several aspects. Today, most people are concerned about sugar, dyes, food allergies, GMOs and preservatives. Also, people are discovering the benefits of a plant-based diet for babies. Raised Real does not put any dyes, preservatives or additives in its meals. Additionally, Raised Real meals are made from certified organic substances. Raised Real will never include anything in its plant-based meals that your baby is allergic to. On average, each packet contains under 5 grams of sugar.
  • Raised Real uses responsible sourcing and packaging. The world that kids live in now and in the future is important the company. Raised Real uses recyclable packaging for its meals and box shipments, and it sources every food ingredient from sustainable and responsible farms.
  • You can order for multiple kids. If you have more than one child, you can add names of your other young kids to your account. Although many people order the packets for babies, they are also designed to meet the needs of toddlers. The process of adding restrictions, modifying child details and maintaining your account is easy and can be done quickly online.

Potential Drawbacks

If you want the packets heated quickly, one potential drawback of this choice is microwave use. When you do not want to give your baby a microwave-cooked product, you will need to use the steaming method. This can take a little longer. If you prefer only fresh food, you may not want flash-frozen meals at all.

Another possible drawback is that you cannot fully customize the contents of each packet. If there are certain ingredients in the initial shipment that your kids dislike, you can add each unfavorable option your restriction list.

According to the company’s terms of service, shipments are packed with dry ice. The shipping carrier may leave the package on your doorstep. If the weather is warm, the meals may start to defrost. Be sure to carefully track your Raised Real baby food shipments.

Overall, Raised Real food delivery is worth the investment if you want clean and high-quality meals from a company that will work with allergies and dislikes.

You can use the meals as the main source of nutrition for babies and toddlers. Alternately, if you have multiple kids who can consume solids, they can share the packets as snacks.

For babies, these meals make feeding time quicker and less stressful. They also minimize cleanup tasks after feeding time. Since you do not have to sign a contract and can choose a smaller initial shipment, the risk of trying this service is low.

Raised Real

  • Excellent nutrient-dense, plant-based baby meals
  • Allergy-friendly
  • Flexible subscriptions
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of April

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