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Last Updated on June 8, 2021

Feel overwhelmed from the many bits and pieces that go into making sure there's food on the table? Paprika is an app for managing everything around cooking. The Paprika app helps you organize your recipes, make meal plans, and create grocery lists.

In this Paprika App review, we'll look at the functionalities and features of the Paprika recipe manager and how it can simplify cooking. Are you ready?

How the Paprika Recipe Manager Works

Save recipes from anywhere on the web with the built-in browser. And if you need to access your recipes on your phone or tablet, the cloud solution allows you to seamlessly sync your data across all of your devices.

Technically, there's no upper limit as to how many recipes you can store in the app. In reality, the number depends on how much free disk space you have available.

One-Time Purchase

There are no recurring subscription fees to use the Paprika app. Instead, you purchase it once for lifetime access.

Note that you need to buy a new version for each platform you intend to use it on (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android). However, if your spouse or other family members need access to the app and have the same operating system, you can share one user account.

Download the Paprika app where you usually get your apps: The Apple app store for iPhone/iOS or Google Play store for Android.

The app is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. On the Paprika website, you find user guides for each operating system.

Seamless Cloud Sync

Different devices are optimal to use during different parts of the preparation and cooking process. You might wanna cook with your tablet in the kitchen, handle recipe management on your computer, and take your phone with you to the grocery store for grocery list access.

Thanks to the automatic cloud sync, Paprika makes sure you'll find your recipes, grocery lists, and meal plans across all of your devices.

Recipe Management Made Easy

Browse for recipes anywhere on the web with Paprika's built-in browser. Saving your favorites to the Paprika app couldn't be easier – when you find a recipe you fancy, simply tap a button to download the recipe and save it into Paprika.

Grocery Lists Sorted by Aisle

With Paprika, grocery shopping is easy. Ingredients in your grocery list are automatically sorted by aisle: Fruit & Veggies, Dairy, Spices, etc.

If there are several recipes with the same ingredient, they'll automatically be added: 1 bell pepper + 2 bell peppers = 3 bell peppers on your list. You still have the possibility to organize and customize your grocery aisles to your liking.

Interactive Recipes

One popular feature that sets the Paprika app apart from cookbooks and online recipes is the interactive feature.

As you go through the recipe, cross off ingredients that have been used.

Tap to highlight the current directions step.

Paprika keeps your screen lit when you open a recipe.

No need to worry about having your hands full and the screen turning off mid-cooking!

You can customize the recipe by adding bold, italic, links, and photos to the recipe text.

This recipe manager also lets you add high-resolution images to recipes – which will be stored in your free cloud sync account.

Link to Other Recipes

You can link to a recipe within a recipe using a special syntax – see the Paprika website for detailed instructions.

Smart Recipe Filter

The filter lets you search recipes based on ingoing ingredients or recipe sources. Perfect if you have a huge collection of recipes and don't remember the full name of that pecan pie, or remember that you found an amazing stew from a particular site.

Share with Other Paprika Users

Paprika has made it easy to use sharing features inside of their recipe app. That way, you can send the recipe to your friends who were over for dinner. There are even multiple ways of sharing the recipes – for example, via AirDrop.

Tools to Make Cooking a Walk in the Park

Integrated Timers

Whenever you're at a step where you need a timer, it's integrated into the text. Simply tap one to start.

Multiple Recipes

Paprika has thought of the fact that you might need to cook multiple recipes at once. Pin active recipes to easily switch between them when cooking.


Have friends over and wanna cook for more people than the recipe is designed for? With the automatic scale feature, simply tell your desired number of servings – and ingredients will scale accordingly.

Unit Conversion

Convert ingredients between the metric and imperial systems and between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Monthly Meal Planner

Save time and money using Paprika's meal planner!

Create meal plans for the week or month to avoid impulsive orderings of takeout or to grab for those blood sugar rushing snacks on the way to the checkout since you're overwhelmed about what to have for dinner.

Design reusable menus with your favorite meals for those weeks you're too busy to think about meal planning.

Export Recipes

To share your recipes with non-Paprika users, you can export them in PDF-format and email or print them.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy management of meal planning, shopping list, and recipe storage
  • Share recipes with other users 
  • Smart functionalities like built-in timers and internal linking
  • Shopping lists sorted by aisle 


  • You need to buy a version for each platform

Food for Thought

Many users think that Paprika is the best recipe manager app, thanks to its user-friendly interface design and clever features. You can use Paprika to make your weekly or monthly meal plan, get automated shopping lists, and as a cookbook.

The cookbook's many integrated features and the possibility to easily share recipes with your friends makes this app a welcome assistant in your cooking and meal planning endeavors. Bear in mind that you need to buy one purchase per platform in case you want to use it on both desktop and your phone.

Paprika is the perfect match for those who want a kitchen assistant on a budget!

Paprika App

  • Easy management of meal planning, shopping list, and recipe storage
  • Share recipes with other users
  • Smart functionalities like built-in timers and internal linking
  • Shopping lists sorted by aisle 

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