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Paleo On The Go Review – Are These Meals Worth Buying?

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on February 22, 2023

Paleo meal delivery services are nothing new in this day and age, amirite?

What is unique though is a service providing locally sourced and farm fresh meals delivered straight to your door thanks to Paleo On the Go’s commitment.

So, check it out: CEO Dave Rohde was inspired to begin the company in 2012 when he suffered a series of reactions to the food he was eating.

He completely changed his approach to food and diet after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

He found his health was dramatically improved after switching to a Paleo diet and was determined to create a meal service that served Paleo meals that were particularly accessible to others that needed autoimmune protocol (or AIP) meals.

(Paleo on the Go are also ketogenic friendly. Read our review of the best keto meals delivered to your door.)

Paleo on the Go At A Glance

  • Best Match For: Paleo dieters looking for ready-to-eat meals made with carefully sourced ingredients.
  • Commitment Level: No commitments - Order at any time
  • Availability: All 50 states
  • Value: $9.75-$22.75/meal; Minimum order of $99
  • Type: Fully prepared frozen paleo meals

How Paleo on the Go Works

Here’s how Paleo on the Go works: Everything is completely Paleo, as the name of the company suggests. That means that there is no gluten, added sugar or grain in anything on the Paleo on the Go menu.

The autoimmune protocol diet means that all meals on the AIP menu are also free from nuts and seeds, coffee, chocolate, seed-based spices (like cumin, peppercorns), all nightshades (peppers, paprika, tomato, potato, eggplant), beans (even green beans), grains (all grains, even white rice), gluten, sugar and artificial sweeteners (not swerve, stevia etc), eggs, and dairy (including ghee and butter). Click here to read more.

That can be a daunting list to adhere to if you’re making meals for yourself. Paleo On the Go obviously reduces the stress of having to craft a AIP menu for yourself with its ready to eat meals.

Paleo On The Go sends frozen foods delivered to your door, and they can be kept in a frozen state for up to 6 months.

Food that is thawed can be kept in the refrigerator for 5 days.

Paleo on the Go offers two subscription plans: the $300 and the $500.

With each of these plans you can choose to fill your online cart with meals every 15 or 30 days.

It also offers a series of bundles that can easily be turned into recurring orders if you are so inclined.

The bundles on the menu include the following:

  • Breakfast Meal Bundle (AIP)
  • Comfort Bundle
  • Keto Success Bundle (AIP)
  • Sugar Detox Meal Bundle (AIP)
  • ShopAIP Bundle

Customers also have the option of ordering Paleo on the Go meals a la carte. It's also a great option for whole30 meal delivery.

What You Can Expect From Your Meal

Because Paleo on the Go’s AIP meals are specifically meant for those with restrictive diets due to their health, customers ordering those meals can be assured that their food will be safe and healthy (as well as tasty).

Many of Paleo on the Go meals will arrive at your doorstep frozen in an insulated cooler.

You’ll have to place your meals in your freezer as soon as they arrive.

All of your meals will come with detailed heating instructions and your food should be thawed before heating it.

While the company recommends heating your meals in an oven or stovetop for the best results in terms of taste, your food can just as easily be heated using a microwave.

There are also a selection of Paleo on the Go meals that are freeze-dried, which means that they just need water to be added and absorbed to prepare.

It’s particularly convenient that hot or cold water can be used to prepare Paleo on the Go’s freeze-dried foods.

It’s important to note here that the freeze-dried meals tended to all be curries, chilis and stews. If that’s not your thing, it’s best to stick to other choices on the menu.

Sample Meals

Paleo on the Go chefs manage to infuse their dishes with flavor even with the restrictions of AIP and Paleo diets.

  • Beef Breakfast Empanada (AIP).
  • Broccoli Cauliflower Casserole (AIP).
  • Bacon Apple Chicken Burger with Maple Cranberry Sauce (AIP).
  • Cuban Style Mojo Chicken Wings (AIP).
  • Grandma’s Chicken Soup (AIP).

Click here to read why we’ve put Paleo On The Go on our list of best Keto meals, too!

Paleo on the Go also deliver Paleo and AIP Thanksgiving meals.


Paleo on the Go delivers to all 50 states, making it a great option for those looking for Paleo diet delivery nationwide.

Your Paleo on the Go meals will be delivered via FedEx straight to your door.

Shipping is not included with your Paleo on the Go purchases, so you should budget accordingly.

Customers can choose between receiving Fedex Guaranteed 3-day shipping or Fedex Standard Overnight.

Meals for most of the country are delivered Monday-Wednesday and Thursday deliveries occur for overnight deliveries only. Customers in Florida (where Paleo on the Go is based) can get their Paleo on the Go items delivered on Monday through Friday.

Paleo on the Go Costs

Ordering these paleo meals will cost you $9.75-$22.75 per serving. You can also order broths, dressings, soups, desserts, snacks, and meal bundles. The minimum order is $99, and it comes with a $7.99 shipping fee.

Food for Thought

Paleo on the Go’s staff and founders are clearly passionate about their product and the need to provide meals that are completely Paleo and follow AIP protocols.

The frozen foods tasted fresh, which (as anyone who eats lots of frozen food knows and have looked for where to buy easy paleo meals) is particularly remarkable.

Paleo on the Go’s freeze dried meals are a particularly great option for those looking for paleo meals on the go and paleo lunches.

Those who need a Paleo or AIP diet for health reasons often normally spend countless hours preparing their meals or worrying about cross-contamination of ingredients.

Paleo on the Go’s service insures that will not happen, which in addition to being a time saver also reduces a great deal of stress in the lives of its customers.

We have to say that Paleo on the Go is definitely more expensive than other Paleo prepared meal delivery services currently out there.

But you are getting quality food with a strictly AIP menu with that heftier price tag which makes it worth it.

The company is also committed to flavorful dishes and fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Plus, those on an AIP or other restrictive diets really can’t do better in terms of Paleo on the Go’s meals.

How to Order

Once you’ve picked the menu you’d like to go with, the next step is to start picking the meals you are interested in.

After you’ve hit the $99.00 minimum order for a la carte dishes you can click on your shopping cart. It’s here that you can enter any coupon codes or gift certificates that you may have and calculate your shipping costs.

You’ll then be asked for your shipping and payment information to complete the process. (While you have the option of creating a Paleo on the Go user account, it is not necessary to complete the checking out process. Keep in mind that having a user ID will make repeat orders easier in the future.)

If you are interested in a subscription plan, the ordering process is as follows:

  • First choose whether you’d like a $300 or $500 subscription.
  • Then, choose whether you’d like to fill your cart every 15 days or every 30 days.
  • The next step is to place your order for the subscription plan only (any non-subscription items must be part of a separate order.)
  • As part of signing up for a first-time subscriber, you’ll receive a gift certificate and code from Paleo on the Go that you can use for your first order. Once you’ve received that email, you can enter that code into your order.
  • You’ll then be asked to finalize your order and your food will soon be on its way.

Paleo On The Go

  • High quality ingredients 
  • Everything is 100% Paleo and AIP-friendly
  • Meals are shipped in a recyclable, insulated package
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of July

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