18 Best Paleo Instagram Accounts You Should Follow in 2024

Written By: Paul

Best Paleo Instagram Accounts

Deciding to embark on a diet of any kind is a journey that takes time and courage – especially with diets like Paleo which can seem confusing at first!

Whether you’ve been paleo for a while or are just getting started, following seasoned Paleo pros on social media can be a great source of both inspiration and encouragement. 

If nobody around you is Paleo, it can be daunting to start. By following along on social media, you can help yourself feel a sense of community through online connection!

Along with personal encouragement, Paleo Instagram accounts can be a great source of guidance and recipe ideas that all fit within your diet. 

Instagram is a wonderful social media tool that can help foster real conversations between yourself and other Paleo people from all corners of the internet. 

More than just a photo-sharing platform, Instagram is a great place to start for Paleo influence and inspiration. 

So, if this sounds like you (or someone you’re interested in becoming), please come along with us as we delve into 17 of the best paleo Instagram accounts that you should be following in 2024!

1. Michelle Tam

First up, we have @nomnompaleo – also known as Michelle Tam. 

Michelle Tam is a California-based creator who has forged a paleo empire with her Instagram account, as well as her best-selling cookbooks, mobile app, and blog. 

At this point, Michelle has amassed just under 500k followers on Instagram who follow along with her health and fitness journey! 

Michelle decided to go paleo in 2010 with her husband as a way of improving their overall health and fitness. 

Since then, she has written 2 cookbooks with recipes that fit into the paleo lifestyle and diet. 

What type of content does she post? 

Michelle posts a range of photos and Instagram reels that demonstrate her daily life that paleo weaves into. She loves cooking and learned to develop her own recipes to inspire others to embark on the paleo journey. 

A typical post from @nomnompaleo is a recipe announcement which can be accessed from her website, as well as a little information about the food itself. 

There are also frequent reels and videos showing Michelle in the kitchen doing what she loves most: cooking and creating. View Michelle’s instagram here.

I like the personal connection that Michelle makes with her audience, as she is a normal person promoting a lifestyle that has made her happy and wants it to do the same for others!

2. Bailey

Bailey, also known as @wholekitchensink on Instagram is a paleo food writer who advocates for personal health and food freedom. 

She has a growing Instagram following that is currently numbered at 104K, and has additionally featured on various podcasts and articles as well as releasing her own cookbook entitled Slow Cooked Paleo in 2019. 

Her allegiance to the paleo diet began in 2015 and allowed her to lose weight, successfully meet her personal health goals, and transform her paleo diet into a long-term lifestyle. 

Her adoption of a paleo diet and the Whole30 diet program allowed her to positively change her relationship with food and transform her quality of life for the better. 

Her Instagram content aligns with a range of different goals of a paleo diet including weight loss, health, and forming a positive relationship with eating. 

You should check out her Instagram for various paleo recipes, kitchen inspiration, and an introduction to the Whole30 elimination diet. 

3. Jessica DeMay

Jessica DeMay and her account @realfoodwithjessica is a must-follow, especially for those of you with a sweet tooth!

Her ethos of inclusivity, acceptance, and love are held close to her heart and work their way into her kitchen. 

Her experiences as a queer woman and single mother are reflected in her passion and pride for food and recipe creation. 

Since her teen years, Jessica has had a passion for baking – ultimately leading her to create a website that has exponentially grown over the past few years.

This has led to her releasing a cookbook in 2020 with the entirety of its recipes being paleo!

As well as her passion for baking, her interest in photographing food is showcased in her Instagram feed and serves as pretty eye candy for fellow paleo eaters.  

Her Instagram posts display delicious treats such as paleo baking and copycat healthier versions of classic popular desserts, and will no doubt provide healthy inspiration to satisfy your sugar cravings.

4. Mary Shenouda

Mary Shenouda is a powerhouse disguised as an Instagram account. 

She not only promotes a paleo lifestyle, but hosts her own podcast in which she interviews celebrity guests. She also owns a nutritional agency for athletes called Eat Play Crush – she’s kind of my idol. 

Mary’s Instagram shares lifestyle inspiration, meaningful messages, and podcast clips all rooted in the exploration of the paleo diet and self-improvement toward a better life. 

Mary has 142K Instagram followers who enjoy and share her content, and you should too!

5. Jennifer Lauren Bailey Robins

Jennifer Robins discovered the healing power of food and a healthy diet after struggling with managing a chronic illness. 

She was motivated to incorporate healthier dietary decisions into her daily life after being confronted by the many issues that came with the standard American diet!

Her journey in experimenting with nutrient-dense food and making cleaner food choices led her to the release of multiple paleo cookbooks and success within the paleo community. 

Through her Instagram page, Jennifer promotes smarter and healthier food decisions and advocates for the idea that natural healing starts with the food we consume. 

If you’re ever stuck for meal ideas or inspiration, she is a go-to creator to look out for!

6. Danielle Walker

Danielle Walker is the new face of grain-free cooking. Now a New York Times best-selling author, health advocate, and self-trained chef, her transition into a paleo lifestyle was born out of an auto-immune disease diagnosis. 

Her own health journey inspired her to share her recipes through her blog and her reach has now expanded to the Instagram world!

Her page shares accessible recipes for paleo meals while also being aesthetically pleasing. 

She is well known for paying homage to recipes she loved from her pre-paleo life by reforming them without grains, gluten, or dairy. 

Her thoughtful captions and beautiful visuals will enchant your Instagram feed, making her one of our top picks for paleo influencers. 

7. Erica & Justin Winn

Erica & Justin Winn are the couple behind the Instagram page @realsimplegood, which has an 81K following and showcases ‘real food’ based recipes they have cultivated to adhere to their unprocessed and authentic diets. 

While Real Simple Good started as a side hustle, it eventually turned into their passion project and livelihood as they now promote to the masses the idea that eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated!

Erica views food as a source of healing and Justin speaks of the value of unprocessed food that was preached to him in his upbringing. 

Together, the two have spoken of how the transition to paleo has reignited a love for cooking and allowed for Real Simple Good to thrive. 

Their Instagram captures beautiful photos of delicious food, partnered with captions and stories reflecting the healing nature of a paleo diet. 

The recipes they share on their Instagram cater to a wide audience and a range of dietary restrictions – making them a hot topic amongst paleo influencers. 

8. Cheryl Malik

Cheryl Malik is a yoga teacher, health coach, and mother of three kids as well as being the CEO and Editor in chief of 40 aprons. 

Her philosophy is that eating healthy does not have to be restrictive or difficult and values whole unprocessed ingredients. 

Her love for paleo content creation was born in 2015 after she discovered the paleo and whole30 diet. 

Her Instagram handle, @40aprons, is loved by foodies and the wellness community alike. 

The content you can expect to see is fun and vibrant, featuring seasonal favorites, festive dishes, and inventive yet quick creations. 

9. Michele Rosen

Michelle Rosen, known on Instagram as @paleorunningmomma, is a recipe developer and food blogger who has upwards of a 470K following! 

Her Paleo journey began in efforts to address digestive issues like IBS, heal from a running injury, and develop a healthier lifestyle overall. 

Michelle has three kids and a passion for running (hence the Instagram username).  By removing grains, refined sugar, and processed foods from her diet, she not only improved her health and wellbeing but increased her performance as an athlete!

Her feed showcases a range of meals, but her specialty seems to be grain-free baked goods and real-food desserts. 

10. Cassy Joy Garcia

Cassy Joy Garcia is a New York Times best-selling author and the woman behind the popular food blog and Instagram handle @fedandfit

Her page offers free weekly meal plans, secrets to healthy living, and food inspiration. 

She also came up with the revolutionary ‘cook once’ method, which she pioneered after discovering that providing a homemade healthy dinner on the table each night was a struggle experienced by many. 

Her content is perfect for a busy working parent and her recipes cater to those who have little ones to feed as well!

11. Jess 

Jess, also known as @paleogrubs on Instagram, has committed to the paleo lifestyle for five years. 

The recipes shared on her Instagram are not only paleo but also gluten and dairy-free. 

Jess’ recipes are tailored to be easy and efficient, and her content includes mesmerizing short clips of her work in action. 

She’s a great one to follow if you’re looking for some healthier alternatives to your classic sweet treats!

12. Jean Choi

Jean Choi is a nutritional therapist who runs the Instagram handle @whatgreatgrandmaate where she posts simple-to-follow healthy recipes that are all gluten-free and paleo. 

She posts re-imagined paleo versions of traditional Korean cuisine, honoring her upbringing and culture. 

She lives by the ethos that healthy eating should be able to be both attainable and interesting at the same time, and she encourages the idea that healthy eating can be fun!

Her content is light and witty as it is filled with humor and inappropriate jokes. Her feed itself is colorful and diverse, and is especially useful if you’re looking for paleo meals with Asian flavors. 

13. Elana Amsterdam

@Elanaspantry is a health and wellness Instagram account that explores the relationship between food and health in a medical sense. 

Elana’s known by some as a paleo pioneer, and her content can be described as authentic and approachable. 

Elana has been paleo for over ten years, and within this time has discovered techniques and recipes for busy individuals to enjoy. 

14. Caitlin Weeks Hashimotos

A bit different from the rest, @grassfedgirl on Instagram focuses on healing people from Hashimotos through dietary changes!

She is a personal trainer, blogger, and certified nutrition consultant as well as being a bestselling author of the book Mediterranean Paleo Cooking. 

After a fluctuating diet during her teens and early twenties, her diagnosis of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis led her to keto and paleo. 

The purpose of her content is to encourage people to find healing and health in the food they consume and challenge conventional food practices. Her Instagram has recipes and handy cooking tips to inspire your paleo journey. 

15. Katie

Katie from @bakeit.paleo has a passion for paleo baking and sweet treats. She believes that treating yourself can be something you do on a daily if you desire – especially if you are incorporating nutrient-dense ingredients!

Her posts are easy on the eyes, featuring delectable baked goods and desserts. 

She views paleo as the end of dieting, as it eliminates the need for calorie counting and instead focuses on nutritional value and wholeness of ingredients. 

16. Juli Bauer Roth

Juli Bauer Roth from @paleomg is an influencer whose content is entertaining and humorous. 

Her natural and easygoing approach makes her a creator that is relatable while also being very inspiring. 

She focuses on recipes for paleo diets as well as looking into exercise to supplement such healthy eating choices. 

She states,  “I want to share with people not only the food that I create in my own kitchen to make me feel healthier and happier, but also the things that make me feel confident. Like fashion. Or beauty. Or my workouts. And how I eat gluten free when I travel. Paleo isn’t just about the food you eat, it’s also about how it makes you feel!” 

17. Ashley Noël

@Paleoleap is an Instagram account that encompasses everything paleo! 

Follow this account for recipes, tips & tricks as well as offering the opportunity for private coaching from Ashley Noel. 

The account features colorful dishes and is sure to inspire you for your own creations. 

18. Rachael Mansfield

Rachel Mansfield (on Instagram as @rachlmansfield is a great creator to follow if you need healthy meal inspiration for you and your family! 

She is a mother of three and is also known for her involvement in the podcast Just The Good Stuff. 

She has 745K followers on Instagram, and is well known amongst the avid paleo Instagram community.

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