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MUD/WTR Review: Is this Coffee Alternative all Hype or is there Something to It?

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

When you're constantly on the go or working tirelessly, it can be easy to load up on coffee. Before you know it, you can be dependent on coffee for energy and experience insane side effects like jitters, anxiety, or insomnia. Mud/Wtr is a coffee alternative that gives you long-lasting, natural energy.

If you're done with relying on coffee to start your day (or you want to consume less caffeine), then Mud/Wtr is worth a shot. It's made with a blend of spices and functional mushrooms that have tons of health benefits.

The founder of Mud/Wtr was inspired by going to India and then returning to California. He wanted a drink that could boost clarity and brain function while not promoting dependence and interrupting your sleep cycle as coffee does. He began adding different healthy ingredients to chai tea, and he eventually found the combo of products that became the Mud/Wtr formula.

We conducted this Mud/Wtr Review to explain what this trendy drink is and to see if it's really worth the hype.

Mud/Wtr At A Glance

  • Best Match For: People looking to substitute their morning coffee for a unique blend of organic herbs and spices that offer all caffeine benefits without the side effects.
  • Commitment Level: One-time purchase; Subscription (33% off)
  • Availability: All 50 states
  • Value: $25-$60/bag with 30 servings; Free shipping
  • Type: An organic coffee substitute blend

How Mud/Wtr Works

The ingredients in Mud/Wtr are all-natural and organic. It comes in a powder form, and (much like instant coffee) you just have to add hot water to create your beverage. Like coffee, you can drink it hot or iced and prepare it however you prefer.

According to the company website, Mud/Wtr is made of:

  • A mushroom blend of Lions Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, and Chaga
  • Cacao to act as a mild stimulant
  • Turmeric and cinnamon for their anti-inflammation antioxidant properties
  • Himalayan Pink Sea Salt for your digestive system
  • Masala Chai, which is made of black tea, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper, and cloves

Made with a blend of nourishing organic foods and botanicals that include spinach, ginger, turmeric and beetroot among others, Innate Response Formulas is a selenium supplement used to support optimal health, while providing an increasing number of antioxidants and other nutrients in your body.

This product is Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Glyphosate Residue Free, Certified B Corp, Certified Kosher, tested for 125+ herbicides and pesticides, free of gluten, as well as dairy and soy.

Since the caffeine content in Mudwater comes from the Masala Chai, each serving has 1/7th the amount of caffeine per serving as a regular cup of coffee.

So, you get the benefit of consistent energy levels without the crash.

If you're familiar with mushroom coffee, then you know the health benefits of functional mushrooms. Lion's Mane is thought to support overall mental performance, focus, and memory. Chaga is known for supplying the body with vitamins and nutrients. Reishi helps you feel calm and supports your immune system, and Cordyceps boosts physical performance.

By drinking this combination of ingredients every morning, you can enjoy health benefits such as:

  • reduced blood pressure
  • better stamina and endurance
  • immunity boost
  • improved mood
  • reduced dependency on caffeine

While one cup of coffee may leave you anxious and restless, a cup of Mud can give you focused alertness. Consider trying some when you need to work, exercise, or create.

What You Can Expect From Your Order

Mud Water, once you get past the name, has something for all levels of coffee drinkers.

You can make a one-time purchase or sign up for a subscription so that you never run out of your coffee replacement.

We recommend starting with the starter kit, obviously.

The trial kit contains 30 servings of Mud/Wtr, a rechargeable frother, free stickers, and a guidebook that tells you ways to prepare the product.

It also comes with a sample of the brand's creamer, which is a vegan creamer made with MCT oil and coconut milk.

It's a great way to figure out how you like to prepare your Mud/ Wtr every day before you go all in. If you want to upgrade after getting the starter, you can add more Mud Wtr to your next order. The site has a bigger creamer tin, as well as a 90-serving bag option in addition to individual serving packets for on-the-go preparation.

The packaging is black and white and super sleek. It makes you feel cool just for using it, and people around you will be curious to know what the thing in your hand is.

See where MUD//WTR ranks on our best mushroom coffee delivery services list.

Sample Recipes

To prepare your Mud Wtr, you just need to stir one tablespoon into eight ounces of hot water. Naturally, you can scale this amount to taste, but remember that the low caffeine content is based on the average serving size. You can drink it black or make several types of beverages, including:

  • A latte with your favorite plant milk
  • Smoothies/ shakes
  • Bulletproof with butter and coconut oil

Mud/ Wtr can be anything you want if you get creative. Some people even like it with a sweetener such as honey (or sugar, if your diet allows). Paired with other healthy ingredients, Mud Wtr can be healthier for you than black coffee or even black tea.

Some customers aren't ready to give up coffee, but still want to try to limit their caffeine consumption. When added to coffee, Mud Wtr can get a great way to add a bit of variety to your morning brew.


Mud/Wtr ships all over the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada with free shipping.

You can get this mushroom coffee on-demand or as part of automatic delivery.

When you pick the subscription option, you can choose from 30, 60, or 90-day frequency.

You can also find Mud/Wtr in person at specific places around the US. Thanks to their site, you can get directions to Mud/Wtr at a store near you in:

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • Bridgton, ME
  • Franklin, TN
  • Haines, AK
  • San Diego, CA
  • and elsewhere

According to Mud/Wtr reviews, the stuff comes in an aluminum canister and the package has a shelf life of 12 months.


Is Mushroom Coffee Healthy?

For some people, the average cups of joe can have a negative side effect on their mind and body. While coffee has some positive qualities, research data shows that it can lead to sleep problems or affect digestion.

Functional mushrooms are rising in popularity for their natural health benefits. Though it still needs more research, these good mushrooms can improve your cognition, creativity, and your lifestyle in general.

If your daily routine must include coffee in some capacity, consider mushroom coffee or a coffee alternative. Adding mushrooms and supplements to coffee can help with stress relief, blood sugar, and many other issues.

How Does Mud/Wtr Taste?

With a name like Mud/Wtr, it makes sense to be concerned about the flavor. Fortunately, it defies expectations.

While it tastes much different than a regular cup of coffee in comparison, your enjoyment may surprise you. According to many Mud/Wtr reviews, the flavor is like a combo of hot chocolate and cinnamon, which also describes the smell.

You may also get a kind of earthy taste when you first drink Mud/Wtr. Of course, the way you prepare it makes a difference. If you don't like your first impression, try different things inside of it and vary your preparation process until you find a ritual the works for you.

When you drink it like coffee, Mud/Wtr may leave some residue at the bottom of your glass or mug when the liquid is gone. You can get the most out of your cup by swishing around some more hot water or using a straw.

Does Mud/Wtr Have Caffeine?

Mud/Wtr has 1/7th the amount of caffeine per serving as coffee beans. The caffeine comes from the chai ingredient, which makes this the perfect coffee replacement to still maintain alertness. Mud/Wtr also contains mushrooms, sea salt, turmeric, and cacao. It has 21 calories per serving and four grams of carbs.

The ingredients work to promote balanced wakefulness and a positive mental and physical response. Other coffee replacement companies often have too much or too little natural caffeine.

How Do You Make Mtr/Wtr at Home?

Based on the expense and effort alone, buying Mud/Wtr in bulk is a better option for convenience. You have several options on the brand website that allow you to get the best value for the price.

Are There Mud/Wtr Discounts?

One of the perks of Wtr Mud is that you can catch cool deals often. For example, if marketing is your thing, you can join the affiliate program for the Mud/Wtr organization and get earnings when someone uses your links.

Additionally, you can enter your email address to sign up for the company newsletter. When you do so, you get access to awesome savings opportunities as well as $10 off when you refer others. For any other ideas, you can contact their customer service team.

Is Mud WTR actually good?

Yes, Mud WTR is good! If you are trying to lower your caffeine intake, then MUD/WTR is an excellent option. It is made from 100% organic ingredients, and it only has 1/7 the caffeine found in coffee. Most importantly, it tastes great.

What are the health benefits of MUD WTR?

MUD WTR is made with mushrooms and herbs used in traditional medicine because of their vitamin, mineral, and bioactive compound content. This blend can boost your energy, improve mood, support overall well-being, reduce the effects of stress and more. The results are a product of antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and other properties of these organic ingredients.

Does Mud WTR help you lose weight?

Some of the ingredients of MUD WTR have weight loss effects. However, you need to improve your diet and activity levels to experience any significant weight loss.

Does Mud Water taste like coffee?

These coffee alternatives rarely taste exactly like the real thing. However, MUD WTR has a nice, bold flavor, and although it isn’t exactly like coffee, it is pleasantly delicious.

Can you drink mud water at night?

Yes, you can. However, keep in mind that MUD WTR has caffeine in it, so don’t overdo it. But, if you are used to drinking coffee in the evening, and now want an alternative that won’t give you the jitters, MUD WTR is a perfect option.

Does Mud WTR break your fast?

Yes, consuming MUD WTR will break your fast.

How do you drink Mud WTR?

MUD WTR is super easy to make. Just take one scoop of powder and mix it with hot water. You can add milk and sweetener to taste, stir, and drink it.

What is similar to Mud WTR?

If you are searching for more coffee alternatives, you can look into Rasa Herbal Coffee, Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee, Sun Alchemy Mushroom Coffee, and others.

What is Mud water made of?

MUD WTR is made from a mushroom blend, spice blend, organic cacao, black tea, and Himalayan pink salt. All ingredients are organic.

How do you make Mud water taste better?

You can add a little bit of milk and sweetener to make your MUD WTR taste better. I personally add oat milk and a touch of honey and it is OFF THE HOOK delicious!

Is Mud water coffee?

No, Mud WTR is not coffee. It is an alternative made with organic mushrooms and other ingredients. Although it has a lower caffeine content than coffee, it still supports your energy level and focus, just without that caffeine crash and other side effects.

Is Mud water mushroom coffee?

Yes, the main ingredients of MUD WTR are organic mushrooms.

Is Mud water safe for pregnancy?

If you want to start drinking MUD WTR during pregnancy, you should talk to your physician first.


You can purchase a 30-serving starting kit for $60. If you choose an auto-ship option, you can save 20-33% on your orders, compared to one-time purchases. Shipping is free.
Munchery: All recipes are completely free.

Pros & Cons


  • Only 20 calories per serving
  • Can drink it every day without the negative symptoms of coffee
  • Everything in it is organic
  • Offers your choice of subscription


  • Can be an acquired taste for some reviewers

Food For Thought - In Review

Overall, Mud/Wtr is one of the best coffee replacements on the market. It has a straightforward list of ingredients that works for just about any diet. You can prepare it just like instant coffee and get that full-bodied taste that you love in the morning.

It has similarities to the taste of chai and other earthy herbs plus an abundance of benefits. Plus, it's easy to prepare quickly when you're on the way to work or school instead of waiting for a brewed cup of coffee or a steeped tea.

The creamer is also a rare find. Not only is it smooth and tasty, but it's also sugar-free, gluten-free, and plant-based. We also love that you can get automatic delivery for the type of Mud you want. This means you don't have to worry about running low or constantly re-ordering one every month.

The only downside is that the taste may be acquired for some people. However, there's nothing stopping you from serving it up in any method you like.

Mud/Wtr is most compatible with people who are looking to replace their daily caffeine with a healthier source of energy.

Mud/Wtr coffee delivery service


  • Only 20 calories per serving
  • Can drink it every day without the negative symptoms of coffee
  • Everything in it is organic
  • Offers your choice of subscription

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