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MealPro Review – Have Athletes and Bodybuilders Found Their Match?

Last Updated on April 19, 2023

There’s a reason fitness enthusiasts and serious athletes looking for bodybuilding meal delivery services rave about Meal Pro’s meals and subscription plans. It’s because the company was designed and organized with them in mind.

In addition to being prepared by chefs and nutritionists, professional bodybuilders have significant input in what MealPro meals look like and how they taste. The fact that a serious athlete plays a crucial role in the creation of MealPro’s bodybuilding food delivery service adds an extra level of trust in the product for us.

If you're looking for a great meal delivery service that keeps health consciousness in mind, then this might be a good fit for you. My Mealpro review will take a closer look at various aspects of this service, ranging from the nutritious meals to the pricing. Let's get into it.

 MealPro At A Glance

  • Best Match For: Busy individuals looking for customizable pre-cooked meals made with fresh seasonal ingredients to support healthy nutrition.
  • Commitment Level: One time purchase; Recurring orders
  • Availability: All 50 states and British Columbia
  • Value: $8.99-$13.99/portion; Shipping fees based on your location
  • Type: Fully prepared fresh meals (heat and eat)

How MealPro Works

MealPro is an awesome single-person meal delivery service. You’ll be able to customize meals to suit your needs. Do you need extra protein or more veggies?

By entering your preferences, your meals will be prepared according to the guidelines you set out. You’ll be poised to have food that fuels your workouts.

Read our review of the top rated bodybuilding meal delivery services.

If you are unclear on how many calories you need to meet your weight and fitness goals, the MealPro site helpfully has a calorie calculator on its site that allows you to figure out what your daily intake should be.

It is possible to order just a one-time box or get a regular subscription. Best of all, you can cancel or postpone an order at any time.

One significant advantage to setting up a recurring order is that the company offers a rewards points system that allows users to accrue points for every dollar they spend.

These points can then be redeemed for either free meals or MealPro merchandise. Because the company allows users to customize their plans according to their needs, there are no set meal plans that focus on themes like ‘high protein’ or ‘low carb.’ Instead, you can enter your preferences and your meals will be created according to the guidelines you set out.

Each MealPro dish will arrive at your door frozen and can easily be heated in the microwave.

What You Can Expect From Your Meal

Those who elect to get a recurring subscription can choose to receive a box of either 16 or 18 meals per week.

If you select the 18 meal box, you will also receive $10 off on shipping.

MealPro offers breakfast, lunch and dinner items.

While traditional breakfast offerings tend to be heavy on sugars and fats, MealPro instead offers breakfast options that are built around ingredients like fresh fruits and steel cut oats.

The breakfasts are also designed for bodybuilders and others hitting the gym to be able to maintain their energy levels throughout the day.

“With a healthy breakfast you can sustain your workouts, reduce muscle breakdown and recover faster with the added protein powder,” the MealPro website notes.

Protein and a focus on strength and energy levels are also a key part of the recipes of MealPro’s lunch and dinner entrees, which makes sense considering how often the company is mentioned on lists detailing the best prepared meal delivery service for bodybuilders. It's also one of our favorite meal delivery services with paleo options

MealPro for bodybuilders

As you can imagine, lean meats and a focus on grains take center stage in all of the company’s meals and are part of the careful focus of MealPro’s nutritionists.

MealPro’s founders also stress that their concern for the environment is reflected in their business practices.

They guarantee that they only serve seasonal and sustainable seafood and makes sure the meat in their dishes in hormone-free.

Additionally, the produce used is always non-GMO.

All of your MealPro meals can be heated in the microwave after thawing them.

Most meals take just 3-5 minutes to heat. If you don’t think you can consume all of your meals in a week, MealPro recommends freezing them and then thawing and heating them when you are ready.

For best results, it’s advised that any frozen meals are transferred from your freezer to your refrigerator about two days ahead of when you want to serve them.

As a bodybuilding food delivery service, we appreciated that MealPro dishes could be heated and served in just minutes, allowing customers to not worry about meal prep or extensive clean up.

Focused MealPro Menu Options

MealPro dishes come in a wide array of different menus to suit specific use cases. 

In my opinion, this company's health claims bear out, and they cater to many different sets of dietary requirements. It offers everything from general health-conscious menus like the Chef's Choice option to highly specified menus like the low-sodium diet. 

I was impressed by the diversity, so I thought this would be an ideal place to discuss some of the exciting options.

General Sample Meals

Here are some of the MealPro dishes:

  • Fish and Chips: MealPro’s take on this English pub staple, features fish that’s grilled, not fried. The accompanying chips aren’t fried either, but are so tasty you won’t even notice.
  • Taco Bowl: This Mexican-inspired dish gets its protein from the tri-bean salad, brown rice, and baked potatoes at its core.
  • Garlic Chicken: We loved the simplicity of this meal. It’s perfect for a weeknight dinner.
  • Lemon Tilapia: While the tilapia obviously takes center stage here, we also thought the accompanying garden veggie mix and three bean salad.
  • Turkey Plate: The turkey is balanced out with brown rice, corn peas and other seasonal vegetables to create a well-rounded dinner.

Senior Menu Choices

The senior menu is one of the many interesting menu options on offer at this meal delivery service. It caters to the needs of older folks who may have specific health needs or prefer softer food options. 

Some of the breakfast items on this menu include:

  • Waffle Breakfast - two meals of two servings each, featuring Belgian waffles, fresh fruit, and sausage links.

  • Pancake Breakfast - two meals of two servings each, featuring lovely, light pancakes with fresh blueberries.

Some of the mains and sides include:

  • Beef Bolognese - Perfectly cooked al dente pasta, covered in marinara and parmesan and topped with succulent meatballs. Consists of two meals and four servings.

  • Wild Salmon - Succulent grilled salmon topped with rosemary and served with a side of asparagus spears.

  • Beef Brisket with Mashed Potato - A side of mashed potato that complements juicy pulled steak.

The dessert options include:

  • New York Cheesecake - Six slices of cheesecake with creamy, New York-style filling and a crumbly graham cracker crust.

  • Lemon Custard - Six slices of lemon custard filling in a crispy pastry shell.

There are several other options as well, and this meal delivery service caters to most food allergens on this menu. In my opinion, the only real disadvantage to this menu option is that there's only one dairy-free meal.

Keto Diet Menu 

If you're following a keto diet, you'll be pleased to find that MealPro has a meal tray selection for you as well. Specifically formulated by nutritionists, all the meals comply with the strictest keto standards.

A couple of the meals on offer on this menu include:

  • Avocado Chicken - Grilled chicken served with roasted almonds, broccoli, and carrot.
  • Steak Fajitas - A keto-friendly take on an old classic. Bell pepper and onion fajitas complement juicy beef strips.
  • Meatball Cauliflower Mash - Keto-friendly cauliflower mash topped with succulent meatballs.
  • BBQ Cheddar Chicken - Chicken glazed with barbecue sauce and paired with a side of roasted veg, cheddar, and almonds.
  • Roasted Tilapia - Lovely, filleted tilapia with a side of green beans and roasted almonds.

If you want to receive meals that suit your keto diet, this plan is a great way to start. They have keto alternatives for almost everything, though not deserts.

MealPro Review: Delivery

MealPro delivers everywhere in the United States and parts of Canada.

Their delivery area is particularly impressive because they deliver to more neighborhoods than any of the other bodybuilder-focused meal plans out there. You can expect your MealPro meals about 1-3 days after you first place your order.

Because MealPro delivers to so many areas, I'd recommend giving detailed delivery instructions if you live in a hard-to-reach place.

Your meals will arrive packed in a thermally sealed box and packed with dry ice, which guarantees your food will arrive chilled. It is recommended that you put your meals in your freezer as soon as you open your package.


How long do MealPro meals last?

Your MealPro meals can stay good for 4-5 days in the fridge. If you decide to pop them in the freezer, make sure to use them in the next four weeks.

How much does MealPro cost?

With MealPro, you pick a la carte meals that can cost anywhere between $8.99 and $13.00 per serving. You’ll have to pay extra for any add-ons, such as an additional serving of protein. You’ll also have to pay shipping fees based on your location.

MealPro Costs

You can shop for entrees that cost $8.99 to $13.99 per serving. If you sign up for recurring orders, you enter MealPro’s reward point system, which can help you cut down costs. Shipping fees are based on your location.

Most shoppers agree that MealPro is far more affordable than other meal delivery services with a focus on fitness. Combined with its focus on healthy, sustainably produced, and organically grown food, I’d say that this meal service is worth every penny.

MealPro Review: Pros and Cons

If you read many MealPro reviews, you will find that it's much like other meal delivery services. It has things it excels at and things it doesn't. When I tried the wonderful meal services this company offers, I found the following pros and cons.


  • MealPro is probably the best meal delivery service for athletes, thanks to their focus on fresh food and nutrition.
  • They have a fantastic assortment of meal types, including cold soba noodles, simple citrus salad, roasted chicken, and even crispy salmon.
  • MealPro meals are set by nutritionists, so meal trays are perfectly balanced in terms of nutrition and caloric intake.
  • The company has a sizeable rotating menu containing 24 different options
  • Fully custom meals
  • Order food without making a commitment to a subscription.
  • The service offers a tremendous assortment of special diets, including senior, low-sodium, and keto menus.
  • MealPro menus are a lot more affordable than most similar meal delivery services.


  • You have to order at least 18 MealPro meals at a time.
  • This company doesn't offer free shipping to all states.

It's safe to say that MealPro has far more advantages than disadvantages. If you're looking for a wonderful meal delivery service that caters to the nutrition-conscious, then MealPro is a great choice.

Is MealPro Right For You?

Food prep is time-consuming and can really cut into your workout time if you’re not careful. If you combine that with the time it takes to plan your menu and go shopping for ingredients, it takes even more time. Fortunately, the convenience of meal delivery services can help.

But, With so many meal delivery services out there, it can be difficult to decide which is best for you. How do you know if the MealPro meal delivery service is right for you?

You might want to consider this service if:

  • You'd like rotating menu choices with great single-serving meals like a chickpea tomato salad, a turkey pumpkin chili, or a cold soba noodles dish.

  • You want wholesome, healthy meals delivered to your door without sacrificing flavor or nutrition.

  • You hate grocery shopping and meal planning and would like to order a few meals a week through a meal delivery service.

  • You prefer fresh food and sustainable produce like organic brown rice and fresh, crunchy veg.

  • You're a bodybuilder or professional athlete who pays careful attention to the amount of protein and calories per serving.

  • You have dietary restrictions and require a keto diet or something similar.

  • You take sustainability seriously and would like to avoid plastic trays, GMOs, and other elements that have a hefty impact on the environment.

Food for Thought

As I mentioned in my introduction, MealPro is a service founded by a serious athlete for serious athletes and bodybuilders.

As a food writer, I see many meal delivery services that claim to support weight loss and specific dietary requirements. Very rarely have I seen a company like MealPro that offers everything from low-sodium diet options to a keto and senior menu.

Another thing that's really impressive about MealPro is that they pay such care to sustainability. Most of the food comes from local suppliers, and all of it is organically grown. They truly pay great attention to doing things with minimal environmental impact.

I appreciate the service’s commitment to creating high-protein meals that support users who are weight training and have serious fitness goals and that they changed things up every week, and that there was plenty of variety from the menu to menu.

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  • Most meals take only 3-5 minutes to heat
  • Excellent service for bodybuilders and athletes 
  • Delivers to the Continental United States and parts of Canada
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May

Hi, I'm Paul. Welcome to my website! I, along with my cronies, are leveraging our years of working in the food industry to review meal and drink delivery services. We review. You eat happily ever after.

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