Meal Matchmaker – Matching You with Your Perfect Food

What if you could get fully cooked, homemade meals delivered to your door and they’re more tailored to your lifestyle, health needs, and/or food hankerings?

Or what if cooking is more your thing, but its shopping and prep that’s too time consuming; so instead, you opt to receive pre-measured ingredients shipped to you, complete with accompanying recipes? Would this be your thing?

What if you could be part of wine club that mails you monthly wines? A candy club? A coffee subscription service?

There are meal delivery services, ingredient meal kit subscriptions, and food and drink monthly clubs available for just about every lifestyle and diet out there.

There are many, MANY services to choose from. In fact, we think the biggest challenge you’ll face is deciding which service is right for you and your family.

If you feel daunted by wading through the many services, we got you covered.

In fact, we have a list of our  favorite services such as our reviews of the best prepared meal delivery services and our review of the best food subscription services, and so much more.

We here at Meal Matchmaker do not have any leanings towards one particular diet or way to eat. However, where can be of help is in providing you with information on all diets, products, and meal programs that are available on the market.

We aim to match you with your ideal delivery service by offering you deep dives into product roundups and reviews so your decision is better informed.

As experienced private chefs, we know a thing (or 10!) about what good services and excellent food tailored to specific needs really means. We know what meals are value for money. We give you good food for thought and most importantly, we’ll get you great food on your plate.

We review so you can eat happily ever after!