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MamaSezz Review – Is This Service The Right Match For You?

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on February 4, 2022

The story behind MamaSezz is a heartwarming one for the ages.

Co-Founder Meg Donahue says that back in 2011, her mother Millie (the mama of her future company’s name) was gravely ill and it was recommended that she enter hospice care. That’s when Meg and her began wondering if a change in diet would help improve her mother’s health.

It did, and then some. According to Donahue and her wife and co-founder Lisa Lorimer, the entire family’s health began to improve almost the moment they decided to switch to a plant based diet. Now, they have one of the most popular vegan food subscription boxes.

“We believe the miraculous thing may be that so much illness could be avoided if people could only move from foods that hurt to foods that heal,” the company notes on their website.

The MamaSezz team knows that eating whole foods that are plant based is often easier said than done. Sourcing ingredients and cooking takes the kind of time and energy that many busy professionals struggle to come by.

That’s why they decided to create a plant based delivery company of their own. MamaSezz meals are all easily heated meals that are completely plant based and healthy. We ranked it as one of the best vegan meal delivery services on our full list, and it also qualifies as one of the best vegetarian meal delivery services.

 MamaSezz At A Glance

  • Best Match For: People looking for fresh, healthy, and delicious plant-based meals on a budget.
  • Commitment Level: One time orders; Flexible subscription
  • Availability: The contiguous US (No Alaska or Hawaii)
  • Value: $4-$6/serving; Shipping fees apply
  • Type: Fully prepared fresh plant-based meals (heat and eat)

“We started MamaSezz to solve our own problem,” the founders note. “And we hope it helps solve one of yours, too.”

How MamaSezz Works

MamaSezz meal subscriptions revolve around the company’s many meal bundles. The company currently offers the following themed bundles:

  • Family Bundle
  • Get Me Started Bundle
  • Heart Healthy Bundle
  • Just For Me Bundle
  • Lunch Box Bundle
  • Senior Bundle
  • SOS-Free Bundle (that’s no salt, no oil, no sugar)
  • Soups, Sauces, and Sides Bundle
  • Soy-Free Bundle
  • Surprise Me Bundle

MamaSezz also has a select number of lunch and dinner entrees available to purchase a la carte as well as the option of ordering any of the bundles as a one time order.

All MamaSezz meals can be easily heated and served on their own or complemented with other dishes you make yourself. They are one of the top meal delivery services that come pre-made as well as one of the best single person meal services.

All of their entrees can easily be frozen. All you have to then do is thaw and heat them when you are ready.

We appreciated that there is no commitment or contract required to sign up for a MamaSezz meal plan.

What You Can Expect From Your Meal

In addition to being entirely plant-based, organic food delivery services, MamaSezz meals are also all gluten-free and free of refined sugars or preservatives.

While MamaSezz often updates its menu, the themed bundles tend to stay the same week to week.

All meals can be easily heated in either the microwave or oven and each meal comes with a set of heating instructions on how to best prepare your meals.

Sample Meals

Here are some of the MamaSezz meals we had the chance to sample.

  • Moroccan Stew: We loved this spicy, Middle Eastern-style dinner. The stew is packed with chickpeas, sweet potatoes and turmeric.
  • Mac Attack Stack: This family friendly entree is a vegan spin on the ultimate American comfort food uses cashew “cheese” to excellent effect.
  • Veggie Loaf: One of the most popular items on the MamaSezz menu, the veggie loaf is prized for its versatility. It can be sliced into veggie burger style patties, served the way a traditional meatloaf would or add it to pasta sauce for a little extra protein.
  • Marinara Sauce over Pasta: Because sometimes we long for something simple and delicious. The pasta here is made of rice flour here and the sauce is completely oil free.
  • Corn Chowdah: MamaSezz is a New England-based company and put its own spin on chowder with this dish. Instead of clams, this dish centers on corn, cauliflower and soy milk.
  • Eggplant Casserole (pictured below): No salt, no oil, no sugar in this delicious and hearty Eggplant Casserole. And better yet – it’s got the stamp of approval from Chef AJ, plant-based pioneer.


MamaSezz delivers to all 50 states. Your meals will be delivered by FedEx on either Thursdays or Fridays based on your location.

All packages arrive in a recyclable cooler packed with dry ice, ensuring your meals will arrive cold. You should place your meals in your refrigerator as soon as you open your cooler.

MamaSezz Costs

You can pick a la carte meals or select a pre-made bundle for about $6 to $7 per serving. Your order must meet a $129 minimum, and it always comes with free shipping.

Food for Thought

We loved how flavorful the MamaSezz menu is. Vegan and plant-based diet plans aren’t always easy to get right flavor-wise, but MamaSezz seems to have figured this out.

We also appreciated that MamaSezz has managed to deliver their food fresh (and keep everything vegan) while also being relatively inexpensive compared to other meal kits out there. The portion sizes are generous and we often had food left over that we could save for the next day.

And given that it is also particularly hard to find vegan options that are kid-friendly, it’s great that MamaSezz has so many dishes that are specifically geared towards families with children.

We’re pretty confident that even if you’re not vegan, but perhaps you’re looking to get more whole, plant foods in your diet, then this service is worth a try.


  • No meat, refined sugar, GMOs, dairy, gluten, or preservatives
  • Variety meal bundles available, all with free shipping
  • Numerous kid-friendly meals
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May

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