Magic Kitchen Review(2019)
Is It Really Magical?

There was a time when meal delivery services were a rarity. This was back in 2005 when Magic Kitchen founders Greg Miller and Michelle Tayler began their services offering a home-style menu that allowed people to get large servings of filling, hearty dishes for the whole family versus individual entrees. We’re talking delicious and reliable meals that are fully-cooked and delivered.

What’s more, Magic Kitchen pioneered this niche in providing a highly specialized menu for those who have special dietary needs either due to illness or age. In fact, we even put it on our list for best diabetic food delivery.

While you’re at it, read our review of the best frozen meal delivery services and learn more about Magic Kitchen or continue reading on for a detailed breakdown of its services.

The company offers meal plans that are low sodium, diabetic-friendly or dialysis-friendly, just to name a few. (Read why we think Magic Kitchen provides excellent food for elderly care.)

All Magic Kitchen dishes are prepared by a team of professional chefs, so customers know that they are receiving a meal that is fresh, healthy and flavorful.

How Magic Kitchen Works

magic-kitchen-family-mealOne of the nicest things about Magic Kitchen is that the company allows you the ability to customize much of your meal plan so that you’ll receive dishes you and your family will enjoy.

All Magic Kitchen items are flash frozen in order to best preserve the quality of the dishes.

The flash freezing method allows food to be frozen and reheated while still retaining its nutritional value and delicious taste.

Because Magic Kitchen puts an emphasis on flexibility, customers have the option of either ordering a la carte or entering in their preferences and having their meals selected for them.

Magic Kitchen is great because it has breakfast, lunch and dinner options, so you can have every meal of the day covered if you so choose. Because the meals are easily heated, you can get your meal on the table in no time.

What You Can Expect From Your Meal

All Magic Kitchen meals are prepared in the company’s USDA-inspected facilities and the ingredients are organic when possible.

Each of your individually-packed dishes will come with specific heating and nutritional info. All Magic Kitchen items can easily be heated in either a conventional oven or a microwave.

Magic Kitchen offers two services. One is their traditional meal program, where you can get family-sized portions of their classic, hearty dishes. The second service is their selection of specialized meals for customers with specific dietary needs.

In those cases, Magic Kitchen offers the following specialized meal options:

  • Senior Special Diet
  • Portion Controlled
  • Diabetic Friendly
  • Low Sodium
  • Low Carbohydrate (in fact, we think it’s one of the best low-carb meal plans to order online)
  • Low Fat
  • Renal Diet
  • Dialysis Friendly
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian

We were impressed by the variety of specialized diet offerings, especially considering how hard it is to find and prepare the appropriate foods while on a strictly controlled diet for medical reasons.

For those looking to lose weight, it’s really easy to track the nutritional value of your Magic Kitchen meals.

The company even displays the number of Weight Watchers points for each of its dishes online, so you’ll know exactly what you are eating in terms of your daily calorie intake.

As for the specialty menus, it’s a relief that Magic Kitchen does not skimp on taste.

The Senior Meals are notable because they are specifically designed to be lower in sodium and features a main course and one or two side dishes.

The Diabetic-Friendly meals are also low in sodium and the recipes are carefully controlled for both carbohydrates and sugar. The more specific plans like the Dialysis Meals contain limited amounts of sodium, potassium, and phosphorus.

Magic Kitchen also offers a series of One Serving Meal Bundles that contain eight single-serve meals. Each bundle contains a series of main courses, side dishes, soups, and desserts. As you can probably tell, the bundles are a great way to sample Magic Kitchen to see if these meals are right for you.

For those interested in a meal subscription, Magic Kitchen offers an Auto-Ship Meal Program that allows customers to receive meals every week, every two weeks or monthly. There’s no commitment to the auto-ship program and subscribers get all of their meals shipped for free.

You can even get holiday meals from Magic Kitchen, like Thanksgiving entrees and sides!

Sample Menu

Here are some of the meals you can get from Magic Kitchen:

  • Apple Glazed Pork & Sweet Potato Hash over Braised Cabbage with Raisins: We loved the sweet and sour contrast of this dish.
  • Beef Pot Roast: What is a more traditional family meal than the classic pot roast? This family sized portion will make the perfect dinner for your brood.
  • Shepherd’s Pie: Another dinner staple, this family-sized pie is the ultimate comfort food.
  • Baby Clams with Linguini Marinara: The handmade linguini is covered in a marinara sauce and lots of baby clams.
  • Rotini Pasta With Mediterranean Vegetables & Basil Marinara: We really liked Magic Kitchen’s version of this Mediterranean staple.


Magic Kitchen delivers to all 50 states. All orders are shipped from the company’s Kansas City, Kansas location via FedEx.

Shipping fees do apply to each non-subscription order and the Magic Kitchen website notes that shipping costs usually start at $18 to $20. Those who enroll in Magic Kitchen’s Auto-Ship program get free shipping with each of their deliveries.

Your package will arrive in a Styrofoam container packed with dry ice in order to ensure that your meals will arrive frozen. Your meals should be placed in your freezer when you open your package.

Magic Kitchen will replace any meal that arrives damaged or spoiled and customers will also get a company credit if their meal is not to their liking.


The pricing for Magic Kitchen meal plans varies according to the type of plan and number of meals per week that you select.

If you select a plan that provides one meal a week (you can pick a breakfast, lunch or dinner dish), your plan would be about $75-$85 a week.

For two meals a day, the 14 meal a week plan is for you. You can choose breakfast, lunch or dinner options for two meals a day), the cost would be $150-$165 a week.

As for a 3 meal per day plan — which is 21 meals to be eaten over seven days — customers will be charged $225-$250 a week.

Magic Kitchen’s a la carte items vary greatly in price depending on serving size and the nature of the dish. Two servings of the Chicken Ana Luisa, for example, is priced at $24.99. An a la carte portion of Roasted Turkey with Gravy is $19.99 for two serving. But customers should note that dishes like the Pot Roast are much pricier so budget accordingly.

Magic Kitchen accepts all major credit cards and PayPal, which is super convenient.

Food for Thought

blueberry cornbreadOne of the beautiful things about Magic Kitchen meal plans is that you can either select your meals or a specialist will pick your meals for you based on your preferences.

Of course, we also appreciated that the company offered so many specialized plans for detailed medical needs.

We can see Magic Kitchen meals being a great gift for anyone who is on a specialized diet or for seniors who may not want to prepare all of their meals themselves.

Another thing to note about the dialysis and other health-specific plans is that because they are extremely low sodium and in some cases are also low potassium, your taste buds will take some time to adapt to them. Remember to consult with a medical professional before starting any new diet plan so that you know what to expect in terms of flavors.

We also have to point out something that is readily apparent to anyone who skimmed the cost section of this article — Magic Kitchen meals can get pretty pricey. While we enjoyed the meals we ordered, we can see how a Magic Kitchen subscription might not be the best option long term. In terms of buying Magic Kitchen meals for the seniors in your life, it’s best to give a package as a gift because the company’s pricing means that it is not at all practical for someone on a fixed income to pay for every week or month. Because we love the family sized portions on the a la carte menu, we would still recommend ordering meals for days you don’t feel like cooking or are planning to entertain more people than usual.

It’s also important to remember to check the heating instructions of each of your Magic Kitchen dishes, as instructions may vary. Some dishes can only be heated in a conventional oven, while others are fine being microwaved.

Magic Kitchen knows that their service is an appealing one for people going through major life changes, both good and bad. That’s why the company offers special meal bundles geared towards grieving families, customers who are sick and those who have new babies or have moved into a new home.

The Get Well Meals bundle, for example, contains exactly what you’d think. Gifting 4 comforting and easy meals (plus two deserts!) to someone who is ailing sounds like a generous and thoughtful gift. And sadly, as anyone who has suffered a bereavement knows, cooking after a major loss is often very difficult. The Sympathy bundles can give a grieving friend or relative some respite while also ensuring that they get fed.

We especially liked the general Meal Bundles offered by Magic Kitchen because of the level of flexibility and control it offered the customer. The bundles allow you to just order a bunch of entrees or breakfast dishes at once rather than stick to the traditional meal format. This feature is particularly helpful for customers who know they only want to eat certain things on the menu every week.

We do wish signing up for a meal subscription was a bit easier on the Magic Kitchen site, but we’ll walk you through it below. Especially considering this company makes an active push to appeal to customers who are older, it would benefit everyone if their website was easier to navigate.

How to Order

You’ll then be asked to browse the Magic Kitchen menus and pick the meals that interest you. Next, you’ll be given the option of enrolling in a meal plan (which means that you’ll also save some money!). You have the option of signing up for a subscription box that either comes weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Next, you’ll simply have to enter your delivery and payment information and your Magic Kitchen meals will soon be on the way.