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Our Lobster Anywhere Review Will Have you Wanting Lobster Everywhere! Here’s Why

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on December 23, 2021

If you've ever tasted Maine lobster, then you know that kind of quality is hard to find anywhere else. As the business's name suggests, Lobster Anywhere delivers Maine lobster all over the US so that everyone can get a taste of fine seafood. The company has been online since 1999, and both home cooks and restaurant chefs trust it for "shore to door" lobsters.

Lobster Anywhere is headquartered in Amesbury, Massachusetts. The company partners with local New England fishermen. They use sophisticated live-holding systems to keep lobsters fresh off fishing boats, and then they hand select the best ones for delivery. Though they are known for their lobster, customers can get much more than that from their website. Here's what you need to know about ordering from Lobster Anywhere.

Lobster Anywhere At A Glance

  • Best Match For: People searching for the freshest premium-quality lobsters and seafood from Maine, surf and turf dinners, lobster chowders, and more.
  • Commitment Level: No commitments - Order at any time
  • Availability: The contiguous US (including some parts of Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Value: Starting at $29.99/portion; Shipping starts at $29
  • Type: Premium fresh lobsters, seafood, ready-to-eat soups, and gourmet surf and turf packages

How Lobster Anywhere Works

Lobster Anywhere is an online shop for everything lobster-related. There are no order minimums and no subscription options, so you have full control over what you get. One of the major perks of the service is that you can get next-day delivery for almost any order (between Tuesdays and Saturdays). So, If you need lobster for dinner or a party by tomorrow, that's no problem.

In addition to live Maine lobsters of all sizes, you can order fresh seafood, lobster tails, lobster rolls, cooked lobster meat, and chowder. It's an easy way to elevate your next event with little work on your part. To place an order, add the seafood you want to your cart, pick a delivery day, and wait for your package to arrive. For live lobster, your delivery day should be the day before you plan to cook so that you can enjoy them as fresh as possible.

What is the Lobster Anywhere selection process? After local fishermen catch the lobster, the creatures spend time in a refrigerated tank with fresh cycled saltwater. The staff then chooses the best lobsters for delivery, places them in tanks, and puts them in a pack with gel packs so that they remain fresh.

In your average grocery store, your lobster may spend weeks away from the sea. With Lobster Anywhere, you have lobster within 24 hours of its capture.

If you want to enjoy lobster often, it's worth it to sign up for the Sand Dollar rewards program. With the rewards, you receive points (sand dollars) for every purchase.

Then, you can redeem sand dollars for money off of your next purchase. It takes only minutes to sign up, and the points automatically add up. 

Also, you'll receive the Lobster Tales newsletter in your email regularly, which contains cooking tips, recipes, and everything you need to know about New England.

Finally, the company website has tons of helpful resources and information for people who love seafood. Their Lobster University blog contains a New England seafood glossary, a lobster cooking guide, and a lobster 101 guide for beginner cooks. You can go from a novice to an expert in minutes by browsing these helpful articles.

What You Can Expect From Your Order

When you browse the LobsterAnywhere products on the website, you can see customer reviews of each item before you add it to your cart. Once you click on a product, you'll see the full description, the available delivery dates, and how many reward points you can receive.

You'll find your order at your door in a reusable styrofoam cooler with dry ice to keep it cool. Every order you place arrives with a cooking and handling guide to help you enjoy your lobster in the tastiest and safest way possible.

The guide has tips for prepping seafood, information about how the order was packed, a list of dos and don'ts, and sometimes coupons. If you don't know how to prepare lobster tails or live lobster, check out some of their suggested recipes online.

Lobster Anywhere has a guarantee policy that all of the items will arrive in good condition. If you have any issues, the customer service team can help you get a refund for your order.

Sample Meals

As we mentioned, Lobster Anywhere has a variety of services. Here are the details of some of their most popular products:

Surf & Turf

If you're a fan of classic meat and seafood combinations, you'll enjoy the surf and turf options from Lobster Anywhere. The company offers pre-made dinners such as the Lazy Man Lobster Dinner, Poseidon's Catch, and the Nantucket Lobster Tails and Surf. Poseidon's Catch, for example, comes with Maine lobster tails, prime New York strip steaks, and colossal shrimp. You can cook these ingredients however you prefer, but they come with cooking instructions to help you out. Additionally, you can order filet mignon or New York Strip on its own to pair with your other seafood selections.

Chowder & Bisque

Since Maine is known for lobster, it's also well known for lobster chowder and bisque. You can complete your lobster dinner by adding a beautiful bowl of New England clam chowder to your order. Your options include clam chowder, lobster bisque, or a soup sampler if you want to try both. Soups come frozen and ready to heat and serve.

Other Seafood

Of course, you may want to elevate your meal even more with other tasty seafood options. LobsterAnywhere has sea scallops and colossal shrimp straight from the seafood market in New England. These arrive fresh, just like the lobster, and the size and quality will be unmatched by your local market. Orders of shrimp come in one, two, four, six, or eight pounds, and they are the biggest online shrimp cocktail. The sea scallops come with 10-20 scallops per pound.

The seafood delivery company sells lobster pots, crackers, napkins, and utensils if you need tools.


Want to send something special to a lobster lover? Lobster Anywhere has physical and e-mail gift cards for your friends and family. There's also a You're My Lobster Dinner gift basket, which contains chocolates, bisque, and a pound of lobster meat. This option is bound to be a hit for any occasion.

Maine Lobster

Now for the main event.

The live lobster from Lobster Anywhere comes hard-shelled and full of meat, and it is sustainably wild-caught. 

To order online, you will select your lobsters based on weight, from 1.25 pounds up to 6 pounds.

If you haven't prepared live lobster before, you can follow the expert tips that come in your delivery.

The company also has quality lobster tails that ship fresh or frozen if battling a live creature isn't your thing.

There are three tail sizes: medium, jumbo, and colossal. They are great for grilling, broiling, or stuffing. 

You can even order fresh lobster tail meat without the shell, so you don't have to do any work to enjoy the best part of the lobster.

If you want everything put together for you, check out their dinner package options. The Boston Bake, for example, comes with Maine lobsters, clam chowder, and oyster crackers. You can select whether to get enough for two or four people.

Finally, you can order delicious lobster rolls with a lobster roll kit. The kit includes two pounds of lobster meat, buns, Marine Sea Salt Butter, and New England salt water taffy. You'll also have recipes and a cooking and handling guide so you can prepare them just like they do in New England. The Rockport Romance box includes lobsters, clam chowder, and handmade chocolates. No matter the occasion, you're sure to find a meal that fits.


What's a decadent dinner without some dessert? If you want to complete your meal or party, consider adding some of their tasty sweets. Your options include:

  • Blueberry pie. These one-person mini pies are hand-made at Ever So Humble Pie Company. They ship frozen, and all you need to do is heat them and serve.
  • Key lime pie. These pies are also made by Ever So Humble. Though eating pie can serve two people, you may want to treat these as individual servings and add enough to your cart for everyone!
  • Whoopie pies. According to the website, The Whoopie is a new spin on a classic Maine desert. These pies are made by the Chococoa Baking Company with organic butter and free-range eggs. You get six pies per package.

Lobster Anywhere also sells boxes of chocolate truffles made in small batches by a chocolatier in Boston and salt water taffy. All of the desserts contain all natural ingredients. You can't buy desserts on their own, but you can add a sweet treat to any seafood purchase. If you're sending someone a lobster roll kit for a holiday, throw in a dessert you know they'll enjoy.


Lobster Anywhere delivers to street addresses anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. You do not have to be home to receive your delivery, and your lobster will stay cool until you are able to refrigerate it. When you browse the website, you will find certain items that are eligible for free shipping. Other items have a shipping fee depending on your location. You can view the shipping rates on the Lobster Anywhere site.

Lobster Anywhere does not have delivery services on Mondays, Sundays, or major holidays. Typically, you can expect your package to arrive at your home by 8 p.m. on your day of choice. However, delivery services will depend on your area. If you want to take advantage of next-day shipping, you will need to place your order by 2 p.m. Eastern Time the day before. For live lobster, you'll need to place that order by 7 am., and those orders have to ship overnight. If you're planning for an event in the future, it's easy to place that order now and choose a late delivery date.

Lobster Anywhere cannot accept returns since the food is perishable, and they also cannot deliver internationally.


Where is the best place to buy lobster?

Lobster Anywhere is one of the oldest and most trusted online stores for fresh lobster. You can buy live lobsters, lobster tails, lobster meat, lobster roll kits, soups, clam chowder, and more with their seafood delivery services. The items ship directly from Maine, so the company assures quality seafood.

What is the best tasting lobster?

Many people claim that Maine lobster tastes the best. They are known for having a lot of meat in their tails and having a sweet and delicate taste. Experts say that the colder the water, the better the lobsters. For that reason, Maine and Canada have quality lobsters that grow large and flavorful.

Why is lobster bad for you?

The nutritional value of lobster depends on how you prepare it. According to the USDA, one cup of lobster contains 27.55 grams of protein, 1.25 grams of fat, and 129 calories. Lobster also contains cholesterol, but not all cholesterol is bad for you. Finally, lobster is a source of calcium, vitamin E, vitamin B12, phosphorus, copper, and selenium. If you are on a low-sodium diet, avoid adding large amounts of melted butter and salt.

What are the best months to buy lobster?

While lobsters are available year-round in Maine, late Spring through early Summer is the best time to buy these products. After the Winter months, the creatures are meaty and firm, and they become active as the temperatures get warmer.

Lobster Anywhere

Depending on what you want to order, you can find a live 2-pound lobster for $68.95, 6-7 oz lobster tails for $29.95, wild-caught shrimp for $16, $39 for a pack of scallops, and much more. Lobster Anywhere offers a discount if you buy more than one quantity of certain items. Additional shipping fees apply on all orders.

Pros & Cons

You can decide what you love about Lobster Anywhere once you experience your first orders. Their product list has great customer reviews, and they prioritize quality service. Additionally, some orders qualify for fast, free shipping, which is a major perk. Here's our overview of the pros and cons of these products.


  • All deliveries come freshly-caught and cared for
  • No minimums or maximums, get all the seafood you want
  • Website has useful information about seafood prep
  • Customers can add meat, soups, and desserts to enhance their experience


  • Not a lot of different seafood options

Food For Thought

If you need a place to get fresh Maine lobsters shipped to your door, then consider trying this delivery service.

The company has been in business for decades, and they've mastered the art of meeting demand with rigorous standards for their food. 

You can order live lobsters, lobster rolls, tails, lobster meat, and more. Though they may not have the largest selection of other types of food, they do provide some variety with shrimp, scallops, and a couple types of steak.

Everything on the site has positive ratings. However, shipping live lobsters is always a risk. If you have any problems, the company will help you out with their satisfaction guarantee.

The rewards program is also a handy way to save money on shipping if you plan on placing multiple orders.

Not everyone knows how to prepare lobsters. Even if they do, the average person may not have all the tools they need to do so. Lobster Anywhere understands this, which is why they sell everything you need to cook your lobsters to perfection. They also have recipes online to show you different ways to grill, steam, or broil your lobsters. The best part is that you don't have to find a separate place to find dessert!

Lobster Anywhere is most compatible with people who want to eat fresh lobsters in many different ways or send some as a gift to a loved one.

LobsterAnywhere delivers fresh lobster at your door

Lobster Anywhere

  • All deliveries come freshly-caught and cared for
  • No minimums or maximums, get all the seafood you want
  • Website has useful information about seafood prep
  • Customers can add meat, soups, and desserts to enhance their experience

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