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Little Spoon Review – What you Should Know Before Buying

Last Updated on December 23, 2021

Wondering how to keep your kid as happy as possible? While we can’t really help you deal with angry teens, we might have found the ideal solution if your children are still young with the best baby food delivery service.

Little Spoon At A Glance

  • Best Match For: Parents searching for organic baby food blends and delicious meals that will satisfy even the pickiest toddlers and kids.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: The contiguous US (No Alaska or Hawaii)
  • Value: $2.74-$3.49/baby blend; $4.99-$6.99/meal; $5.99/booster pack; $5 shipping fee for baby blends; $6 shopping fee for toddler plates
  • Type: Fresh organic baby food, fully prepared fresh meals for kids and toddlers, and vitamins and probiotics powder blends

Meal Matchmaker’s Honest Little Spoon Review

This baby food has a few key characteristics that set it apart from the alternatives, not the least of which is that actual parents inspired its creation.

The founder, a mother with multiple children, wanted to be able to feed her babies nutritional food without having to spend all day researching or making her own.

She and her team also preferred to avoid the problems they perceived with many commercially available baby foods, such as intensive ingredient processing.

Organic Food for Your Child’s Early Days

One of the most notable differences between Little Spoon and other manufacturers is the fact that it sells plant-baseddairy-free, organic baby food. In fact, it's one of our favorite organic meal delivery programs

It also uses a wider range of ingredients than what you might find in the baby food at your local store.

If you’re concerned about the types of additives and preservatives that your little one might be consuming on a regular basis, then choosing these meals, which are prepared biweekly and not shelved for long periods, could prove much healthier.

The ingredients included in Little Spoon blends are USDA organic-certified and non-GMO verified.

The company also draws from more than 80 different fresh organic foodstuffs to deliver a wide variety of purported health benefits. This might prove extremely appealing to picky babies and grownups who want to broaden their kids’ palates with a robust blend of healthy fare early on.

Nutrition-preserving Preparation and Packaging

These baby foods are packaged using high-pressure processing, or HPP, technology. This cold pasteurization method is designed to eliminate living contaminants, such as microbes, fungi and bacteria, without also destroying vitamins, minerals and other nutrients the way that heat sealing might.

The firm also uses completely recyclable packaging materials that steer clear of chemicals like phthalates and BPA. You can throw the container, lid and plastic spoon in any regular recycling bin, so there’s no cleanup to worry about. The shipping materials are also recyclable and use insulation made from reclaimed denim. The ice packs include a biodegradable filling that you can pour down your sink before recycling the shells.

Another big distinction is that Little Spoon uses a gentler preparation method to create its products.

For instance, it avoids extreme heat cooking techniques that might reduce nutritional value, although the company doesn’t make any outright scientific claims to this end.

One promising sign is how the business clearly affirms that its statements haven’t been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, which is a refreshing bit of honesty in an industry packed with overblown marketing.

Blends Designed for Healthy Development

The Little Spoon company maintains a three-member nutrition council that includes highly credentialed pediatricians and nurses. All of the baby blends are categorized according to which developmental benefits they deliver, such as contributing to brain, bone, digestive, eye, immune or muscular health.

You can also filter the different options according to their textures, which might be a big bonus for parents whose babies are preferential or teething.

Healthy Boosters

These organic baby food supplements are designed to support your child’s health by combatting specific problems. For instance, there are blends that include naturally derived vitamin and prebiotic compounds to fight colds, deal with iron deficiencies and overcome constipation.

These add-ons come in individually packaged servings containing premeasured, powdered mixes that you can mix into liquids or Little Spoon’s usual Babyblends. This convenience makes them ideal for using at home or while you and your child are out and about. Like all of the company’s products, the Booster line includes non-GMO and organic fruits and veggies.

What You Should Know About Little Spoon Organic Baby Food

Little Spoon works to make life simpler for grownups. The firm appears to have put quite a lot of effort into supporting you with a variety of choices tailored to your family.

Planned Meals

One of the coolest aspects of this baby food delivery service is that it hooks you up with a personalized course of meals. This ideal menu is specially formulated to suit the different stages in your child’s ongoing growth.

Each shipment of baby food in the meal plan comes with detailed information revealing the potential benefits of the blends. You’ll also receive background information about the developmental stages that your baby is going through and what milestones to look out for. In other words, this service might take a lot of the work out of doing research and trying to make sense of toddler nutrition. As your baby grows, the blends you’ll receive will also evolve to keep up with not only their health needs but also the taste preferences you share with the company.

Allergens and Preferences

Little Spoon makes it easy to track and modify your child’s menu.

Unlike many adult food delivery services that tend to revolve around surprises, you can check out what’s upcoming at will and make adjustments.

Although you’re discouraged from modifying your subscription randomly because it throws your child’s nutrition plan off-kilter, you can indicate preferences and allergen information while you’re adjusting the schedule.

Subscription Control

Little Spoon lets you make adjustments to your baby’s regimen as needed. For instance, you can skip specific days, cancel your subscription entirely or even put everything on hold temporarily while you travel.

While you can modify individual orders using the online account management tool, you’ll need to send an email or chat with customer service to cancel or make other major modifications. Be aware that if you want to change an order, you’ll need to do so by the Saturday before your delivery would usually arrive.

Is This Right for Your Toddler?

According to Little Spoon, babies typically don’t begin eating solids until they’re about four to seven months old.

That being said, you’ll need to talk to your pediatrician to find out when you can give your kid solid foods.

Except for the Gut Feeling probiotic option, the company’s Boosters are recommended for after your baby begins eating solids.

What about the regular organic baby food blends? Little Spoon makes it more straightforward to choose the right feeding options by providing purees of varying textures based on your child’s age. 

Since babies take time to develop the ability to handle thicker foods, relying on your custom pediatrician-approved menu might be the most painless route.

Where Does Little Spoon Deliver To?

This business ships its products to addresses in the continental U.S.


Is Little Spoon worth the money?

Yes! Even though Little Spoon is more expensive than the baby blends you can find at your local store, the quality is top-notch. All ingredients are organic, free of all major allergens, and there are no artificial preservatives or fillers in any blends.

Does Little Spoon contain heavy metals?

No, Little Spoon employs rigorous testing and procedures, and they never had any findings of heavy metals in their baby blends.

Is Little Spoon vegan?

Yes, baby blends by Little Spoon are vegan. In addition, they have four vegan plates with plant-based finger foods and additional vegetarian dishes.

What age can you start Little Spoon?

You should consult with your pediatrician about starting Little Spoon, as they know how fast your baby is progressing. Many can begin eating solid food between 4-7 months of age, but you should always consult with them before making such a switch.

Does Little Spoon have to be refrigerated?

Yes. Because Little Spoon doesn’t use heat pasteurization or preservatives, you need to keep your baby blends refrigerated. They can stay safe in your fridge for up to 14 days.

Little Spoon Costs

This subscription allows you to order baby blends for $2.74-$3.49, toddler meals for $4.99-$6.99, and health boosters for $5.99 a pack. They have a unique shipping system, where you pay a $5 fee if you order baby blends and a $6 fee for toddler plates.

Food for Thought

Will your baby love the Little Spoon flavors you present them with each week? True, there’s no telling how a baby’s unique palate might develop, but being able to get healthy custom meals delivered on a regular basis is no small feat.

Considering how much parents might spend to get independent nutrition advisement, this seems like a good investment for health-conscious families.

While it’s true that there are many options for finding great toddler meals, few appear to be as well-thought-out as what Little Spoon offers.

Being able to cancel or let the company know which blends your babies love is also a massive plus for stressed-out, busy parents. While it would be nice to see more upfront pricing transparency, the variety of options and tailor-made nutrition are definitely worth investigating. Finally, it’s pretty sweet that each package, as the name suggests, conveniently includes a tiny spoon.

Little Spoon

  • Pediatrician and nutritionist designed food
  • Zero extreme heat processing, preservatives, or added sugars
  • Free shipping
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of January

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