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Eating Kosher shouldn’t mean struggling to find a range of healthy, comforting, and convenient food. 

However, it begs the question: are there certified kosher meal prep delivery services? 

This post covers all you need to know about Kosher meal plan delivery for people who follow a Kosher diet! 

We realize that simply kosher/non-kosher isn’t the single criterion for choosing a meal. Instead, deciding on a meal delivery service involves a lot of factors! 

This article will give a comprehensive overview of how to obtain satisfying kosher meal prep/ delivery from 5 of the best services out there. Here are some of the criteria I will consider:

  • Certification: Food service certifications are essential for enjoying safely prepared and/or stored food. Equally importantly, Kosher certification gives you the peace of mind that the food has been prepared for you to cook with according to full kosher guidelines!
  • Reputation: If the service is quality, then that reflects well on the brand’s reputation. Reputation is a real-life indicator to help select the best meal plan delivery service.
  • Meal Variety: Everyone has different preferences when it comes to ordering in! I’ll try to suggest a broad range of Kosher delivery services that offer variety so that you can find something that sounds tasty to you.
  • Quality: Whether you are feeding just yourself or your family, you deserve quality choices that are healthy and delicious. Quality is one of my main criteria. This includes quality ingredients, nutritional value, and the standard of the delivery service.
  • Pricing: If you are considering trying out a meal plan delivery service, you will want the pricing of all options to be out in the open so you don’t make your choice blind to the financial aspect!
  • Delivery Options: This is essential to make sure that there is a delivery method that works for you and that the service can reach your address (some services are region-limited).

A Quick Look At Kosher Meal Delivery Service 

Here are a few popular Kosher Meal Delivery services and short explanations of their service! Be sure to check out the “best-for” column to be informed about who these services cater to and what specialties they might make:

Service NameBest ForPricing
JChef Meal Delivery ServiceJChef offers “Kosher Cooking Made Easy” brought to you by Jamie Geller, a Kosher celebrity chef. 
You receive portioned weekly meal kits based on which meals you chose from the larger weekly selection pool. Meals range from classic US flavors (“NY Strip Steak in mushroom sauce” To Mediterranean and Asian flavors. 
Pricing starts at $13.99 USD per serving 
Kosher BoxKosherBox brings Gourmet Kosher meal-prep kits to you in the USA and globally 
Traditional treats are a KohserBox specialty (Challah rolls, chocolate babka, Hanukkah treats). 
This is a good catering option on special occasions with a range of meal options for holidays with specialty foods. 
Pricing varies around $18-20 USD per box, that serves one. Kosher snacks and bonuses are often included. 
FactorGood for families and couples with up to 18 servings per week per subscription!
No need for meal preparation besides heating the ready-made Kosher meal. 
Health-conscious consumers will appreciate the comprehensive nutritional information provided with every Kosher meal. 
Starting at a very affordable $6.19 per serving!
The Diet Fantasy Prepared meals have minimal prep time besides heating. 
3 Kosher meals are delivered weekly 
The Diet Fantasy offers healthy and convenient options for Kosher families who want to get their eating back on track!
$99.99 is the cost of meal delivery for one day, including 3 meals, bringing the per-portion cost to $17 if you spread the dinner meals between two. 
GoldBellyGoldbelly is a bit different from the other Kosher services mentioned. Goldbelly links you to Kosher food of all kinds including prepared food from restaurants as well as fresh Kosher meat.
The Goldbelly website is an incredibly convenient way to locate Kosher grub near you and have it delivered as well!

Top kosher meal prep delivery services in the market

1. JChef

  • Certification: JChef has a Kosher certification from KM (Kosher Miami), which specifies strict Kashrut guidelines. 
  • Menu Variety:  A standard week comes with 8 menu options. This includes different meat dishes like steak/chicken/fish, as well as high-protein vegetarian options.
  • Pricing: Meals average $17-$20 per serving, with the cheapest option being $15 per serving. 
  • Minimum Order: When you order, you can always change your plans, skip weeks, and cancel at any time. The minimum order would be the 2 recipe classic box at $80 weekly, which should serve two people for two dinners or one person for four meals. 
  • Delivery Areas: JChef delivers to all states in the USA, with the exceptions of Alaska and Hawaii. 
  • Customer Reviews: JChef’s airtight Kosher certification makes it one of the most preferred and satisfying providers of Kosher meal kits. Here are some customer reviews from the JChef website:

“Enjoy life instead of grocery shopping! You don’t have to come up with new recipes all the time. Everything is done for you. Simply amazing and delicious” -Elena Britatna (Miami, Florida)

“JChef impressed me immediately because, hello, it’s CERTIFIED KOSHER! I have a kosher home and I only eat Kosher meat… I did the comparison to other meal plans, and I was pleasantly surprised at the price. I spent more money on one dinner than I did in three JChef meals” – Jackie Esther Yesharim (Miami, Florida).

JChef overview

Let’s go more in-depth for our full review of JChef! 

JChef has covered all their bases in top-quality kosher practices. Bread products are strictly Pas Yisroel. JChef doesn’t use any dairy ingredients (no sneaky ‘milk solids’ in anything!). 

To add to your peace of mind with this service, all ingredients are checked by the Mashgiach (Kashrut meal standards supervisor) at JChef before shipping. 

So, what could your meals look like if you prep with JChef? Here is a sample week from the JChef website

  • Sumac Salmon
  • Buffalo Meatballs
  • Mediterranean Chickpea Salad
  • Lemon Pepper Steak
  • Roasted Paprika Chicken
  • Rosemary Steak
  • Sun Dried Tomato Pasta
  • Spicy Teriyaki Glazed Chicken. 

JChef meals require basic preparations but are overall very flexible for different arrangements so long as you are happy to follow the short recipe provided. 

The Classic Box can come with 2 or 3 recipes per box, containing 4 and 6 adult servings, respectively.

This costs $80 or $108 total with a serving average cost of $19! The Family Box brings the serving average cost to $17 with 3 recipes per box and 12 adult servings, at a $204 weekly total. 

To nail the cheapest per-serving cost, go for the Shabbat box that serves 12 adults per box. 


  • Flexible week-by-week subscription that you can pause or cancel when you need to
  • Family-sized subscriptions are available.


  • You need time to follow the recipe to finish preparing the meal.

2. Kosher Box

  • Certification: Meals come certified under the Glatt Kosher Certification/Hashgacha of the COR. Other non-meal items are certified by CRC-accepted Hashgachas
  • Menu Variety: Meals range from traditional meals like stuffed cabbage and Beef Cholent to Western classics like Pepper steak and Penne Pasta
  • Pricing: Meals range from $14 to $20 dollar per portion depending on your choice
  • Minimum Order: You can order as many or as few meals as you like 
  • Delivery Areas: Kosherbox delivers globally, as well as in all US states
  • Customer Reviews: While Kosherbox features a majority of shining reviews about awesome food and efficient delivery, there are some online testimonies about boxes not arriving.

This could be due to mailing issues globally – you should opt for KosherBox if you live in the US. 

Kosher Box overview

Let’s dive into our full review! 

Kosher Box is a great service if you are caught out on obtaining kosher food. 

Imagine you are away on business, or at university, and are famished! You can order your meal online, and Kosher Box will deliver it to your hostel or hotel within 24 hours. 

Each single-serve meal includes biodegradable cutlery as well as salt and pepper.  If you like KosherBox and order a week’s worth of meals over $99, then shipping is free. 

The special boxes such as the Ppurim gift box and all-you-need Shabbat box make Kosher Box an excellent provider for special occasions!

The Shabbat box includes a traditional Shabbat meal of Gefilte Fish or Salmon, Kugel, and Cholent with Kishk. It also includes a Kiddish cup, Challas, grape juice, and Shabbat candles. 

If you want to share an experience of Shabbat while away visiting non-kosher friends, this is a fun and convenient option! 

The Hanukkah box has treats like Doughnuts, candy-filled dreidel, and much more. You should pre-order this one; they are very popular!


  • If you enjoy the service from Kosherbox, you can look at their wide range of add-ons like Kosher snacks and breads
  • Certified Kosher and traditional meals that only require heating (no prep). 


  • Some bad reviews online about receiving boxes on time
  • Not economical if buying for a whole family.

3. Factor

  • Certification: Factor focuses on providing healthy foods and has many Kosher-friendly meals included in the 35+ weekly choices. The vegan meals are kosher, but it is up to you to make sure you select suitable meals. 
  • Menu Variety: Some of Factor’s weekly ready-made meals are plant-based, some have meat, and many are kosher. The flavor range is broad, from spicy tomato ragu to taco bowls and roasted garlicky chicken. 
  • Pricing: With a subscription, you can feed a group for only $6.80 per serving. It isn’t much more on a single-serving plan either. 
  • Minimum Order: You pay for a subscription to as many recipes for as many people as you like. The minimum would be food for one week, which could be just one meal if you choose. 
  • Delivery Areas: Factor delivers around the USA. 
  • Customer Reviews: Customers are very satisfied with the service Factor provides! The Factor app is highly rated on the Google Play Store with 4.6 stars and 22.7K reviews. Many of these reviews mention “Awesome” service and “delicious” meals. 

Factor overview

Factor is a larger meal prep delivery service than some of the purely kosher services we have discussed. This allows the meals to be much cheaper per serve. 

Factor is also very diet-friendly, especially for Kosher eaters who are health conscious or who have other limitations such as Keto/Vegan/Vegetarian/Gluten-free. There are lunches, dinners, desserts, and relatively inexpensive add-ons. 

If you subscribe with Factor, the app allows you to manage your flexible subscription and choose your meals from the broad weekly menus. 

The best part of a Factor subscription is that you can change how many meals you want to receive (and for how many people) very easily!

Some Factor meals are ready to heat and eat, while others come as ingredients that are easy to assemble using simple recipes. 

Make sure to consider this when selecting your meals; you wouldn’t want to be caught out thinking that your meal requires no assembly time when it actually does!


  • Family/large group friendly
  • Extensive ingredient lists and nutritional information on the menus you select from
  • Lots of weekly choices 
  • Plenty of dietary options for calorie goals or other restrictions.


  • Not all meals are kosher (opt vegan)
  • Some meals require considerable time to prepare.

4. The Diet Fantasy

The Diet Fantasy
  • Certification: See the Kosher certification stamp on The Diet Fantay’s website here
  • Menu Variety: The menu serves healthy breakfasts such as gourmet oatmeal and blueberries, as well as hearty lunch/dinner meals like falafels and spicy grilled chicken. 
  • Pricing: The price per portion works out as about $17, but could be higher at $30 depending on how big your portions are. 
  • Minimum Order: A 7-day meal plan is the ‘beginners’ minimum order. 
  • Delivery Areas: In the United States 
  • Customer Reviews: As a smaller provider, The Diet Fantasy does not feature thousands of reviews. However, Yossi from Brooklyn NY had this to say about their service: 

“ I have so much gratitude to The Diet Fantasy, I had all my meals delivered daily, the customer service there is amazing, the food is fresh, gourmet and delicious”

The Diet Fantasy Overview 

The Diet Fantasy is one of the smaller, more gourmet Kosher meal providers. 

Although the small customer base means that the meals are pricier per portion, the meals end up having more care put into them. The Diet fantasy has real chefs prepare the fully Kosher menu. 

There is still a degree of flexibility in terms of meal choice if you opt to try the Diet Fantasy; there are two general choices per meal. For example, you may prefer the chicken option to the vegetarian option. 

The dinner comes with a side as well, which could be soup or healthy carbs and veggies. 

To keep meals fresh, deliveries go out three days a week on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. 

The prepared ingredients arrive together in a box for you to finish the final steps on, completing the meal. 

The Diet Fantasy is a great choice if you are after more personal customer service and aren’t fussy about which kinds of meals you receive! 


  • You can have 3 meals a day for the days that you pay for
  • Good for working young professionals 
  • Kosher-certified.


  • More expensive than the other services 
  • You have to pay by the week at the minimum
  • Not much user choice in terms of selecting meals.

5. Goldbelly (as another option)


As I have mentioned, Goldbelly is a bit different as a food delivery service. I’ll give you an overview of Goldbelly so that you can give them a try as well! 

Goldbelly is the link between devoted Kosher bellies and certified GlattKosher food in the US, from various sources. 

You could select a Kosher sandwich on the website and have it delivered fast, or buy your Hanukkah Kosher meats in advance!

Meal kits are also available at varying price points seasonally and in specific states. These are often traditional American foods prepared by Jewish Americans or foods from Jewish Delis. 

You’ll definitely be excited to see the broad range of Kosher treats that are offered in the US; Goldbelly makes it easy to browse and select meals and treats as well. 

If you order at the right time, you can nail the Hanukkah specials! The homemade Potato Latkes have great reviews. 


  • Flexible
  • Glatt Kosher Certified 
  • You can get fresher food by selecting food from providers in your state.


  • So much choice! I can’t decide!
  • You may want to double-check Kosher certification from the specific restaurant that the food is sourced from if you follow a very strict Kosher food regime.

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