Home Bistro Review
Is It Worth It?

Home Bistro’s tagline promises customers dishes that are “restaurant quality and all natural” and we were so happy to find that this was the case. (Read why we have rated it as being one of the best prepared meal delivery plans.)

Home Bistro partners with several local farms across the country to ensure the meat and poultry they use are all natural and sustainably produced AND their meals are convenient while tasty.

Home Bistro started out as a relatively small company based in New York, but their brand recognition and meal options really began to take off in 2009, when it was purchased by DineWise. Over the course of the last decade, Home Bistro delivery has been providing customers across the United States with tasty meals that are flash frozen and easily heated.

Home Bistro’s executive chef works to create meals that are hearty, nutritious and the opposite of cookie cutter. Overall, their dishes are less sugary, lower in carbs, and full of rich nutrients. And it’s one of the best prepared meal delivery services for people with diabetes.

“We believe in challenging the status quo environment that treats food as an industry,” the company writes on its Facebook page. “We know that gourmet and healthy can live together when innovation, skill, and ethics work together to provide the finest cuisine available with the best, natural ingredients.”

This is the perfect solution for customers who love high-quality meals, but don’t necessarily have the hours of cooking and prep time to make them.

How Home Bistro Works

Each Home Bistro meal will arrive at your door flash frozen in a cooler to ensure that they remain the correct temperature. Customers have the option of either purchasing one of the company’s “meal combo” packages — which contain a week or two’s worth of meals — or ordering individual meals a la carte.

Unlike many other meal delivery companies, Home Bistro is not a primary subscription service.

This means that you don’t have to commit to receiving a certain number of meals a month if that does not work for you. Instead, as the company explains, “At Home Bistro, all we ask is that you give our premium meals and services a chance, and when you like your experience, you can reorder at any time, and as much or as little as you’d like.”

What You Can Expect From Your Meal

Home Bistro recently began offering a series of subscription plans, which come under the “Chef’s Choice” section of their website. While not as extensive as subscription plans offered by other meal kits out there, these plans are useful for someone who enjoys Home Bistro dishes and would like a set number of meals delivered to their home each week.

Customers have the option of ordering Chef’s Choice subscriptions that contain a set number of meals (either 5, 7, 10 or 14) that arrive at your home at a schedule you determine.

Your freshly prepared meals will be selected according to your preferences by Home Bistro’s culinary team.

As we mentioned earlier, Home Bistro focuses on preparing entrees that are restaurant quality and easy to heat. For customers ordering Home Bistro meals a la carte, the company also offers what they are calling “meal combos” which are boxes of selected meals that are one-time orders. The current meal combo boxes are built around the following themes.

  • Best Sellers
  • Table-for-Two (which is perfect for busy couples)
  • Paleo
  • Heart Healthy
  • Work Free Week
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Body Shred (As the name suggests this combo is filled with High Protein meals)
  • Mediterranean
  • Mini Max Pack (which sends over a small number of tasty meals)
  • Diabetic Friendly
  • Variety Sampler
  • Take a Week Off (a combo that’s specifically designed for those who need a break from the kitchen)

In addition to getting several meals at once, Home Bistro writes on its site that ordering a meal combo is also the best way to save on the company’s products.

We especially appreciated that Home Bistro low carb meals don’t skimp on flavor and are as tasty and satisfying as the rest of the menu.

For those looking to use Home Bistro as a lunch service, the company’s SUPERBowls are just the thing.

Designed for the busy professional, these lunch bowls are perfect for a midday meal at the office. Customers can enjoy dishes like Golden Curry Shrimp and Vegetable Stir Fry. The Superbowl packages come in sets of either 7 or 14 lunches.

In order to heat your Home Bistro meal once it arrives, all you’ll have to do is either microwave your entree or boil your food in the bag it comes in on a stovetop. Because Home Bistro uses the sous vide freezing methods, the integrity of their ingredients is never compromised during the heating process.

One of the most appealing aspects of ordering from Home Bistro is that because the company is not subscription-based, there is no commitment on the part of the consumer. Instead, you can simply order the Home Bistro meals you like when you want them without worrying about your freezer filling up with food.

Sample Menu

We really enjoyed the following meals from the Home Bistro menu:

  • Mediterranean Chicken with Orange Honey Sauce: This locally sourced chicken breast is grilled to perfection and topped with a labneh sauce made from tangy Greek yogurt. A side of couscous completes the dish.
  • Peri Peri Pork Tenderloin with Orzo and Broccoli: This pork tenderloin is accompanied by a peri peri sauce made of vegetables, garlic and a hint of lemon. The orzo on the side is the perfect side dish.
  • Pom-Fig Turkey Kabob: We loved how fun this turkey and vegetable kabob was. The turkey and green and red peppers get a little pop from this dish’s pomegranate and fig sauce. On top of all of that, you’ll also get to enjoy some garlic roasted potatoes on the side.
  • Artichoke Lemon Steak with Vegetables: The perfect meal for someone who appreciates a good steak dinner, this hanger steak is seared just right and served with a tangy artichoke lemon butter sauce. Your steak will also come with fava bean and roasted bell pepper salad and Home Bistro’s own version of a Moroccan Ratatouille.
  • Chargrilled Salmon and Honey Roasted Carrots: You really can’t go wrong with a perfectly grilled salmon and Home Bistro serves theirs to perfection.

As you can tell from the above list, Home Bistro is particularly appealing to those who love well-cooked meat with simple, flavorful sides.


Home Bistro delivers to anywhere in the contiguous United States (meaning every state with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii.)

All Home Bistro meals are delivered by FedEx and will ship 3-6 days after you place your order. Please note that deliveries are only made from Wednesday-Saturday. Shipping fees are not included with your Home Bistro orders, so be sure to budget accordingly.

You must list a street address as the company does not deliver to P.O. Boxes. Luckily no signature is required to receive your package.

Your meals will arrive in an insulated, tightly sealed box packed with dry ice in order to ensure your food arrives frozen. The company recommends that you store your food in your freezer shortly after opening your package.


Home Bistro’s Chef’s Choice subscription boxes range from $85.49 for five meals to $180.49 for 14 meals.

As for the company’s “meal combos,” those one time boxes range in price for $89.99 for the six meal body shred combo to $289.99 for the 14 meal variety combo box.

Those looking at the SUPERBowl lunch options can order either 7 lunches for $74.99 or 14 lunches for $129.99.

Individual Home Bistro frozen meals run from $14.49 for a grilled chicken breast to $23.99 for the Chianti-braised short ribs and rice.

Home Bistro accepts all major credit cards as payment.

Food for Thought

We love how Home Bistro meals focus on restaurant quality food has to lead to the company’s chef focusing on using meat and poultry that is locally sourced and hormone free. All of their chicken and beef is 100% vegetarian fed and raised in the United States. Our meals were very tender and savory and altogether enjoyable.

Another thing that is great about Home Bistro is the fact that the company does not skimp on portion sizes. We found each of the dishes we tried to be quite substantial, which was a welcome change from some other meal kit options out there.

We also appreciated how Home Bistro meals are a combo of classic restaurant dishes and unexpected additions. Additionally, because Home Bistro has menu items that are diabetic friendly and low sodium, those on restricted diets should be able to find meals that they will enjoy while also staying healthy.

Each Home Bistro package comes with detailed instructions on how to heat your meal and nutritional information about your purchase. Best of all, most of your meals can be heated and served in 20 minutes or less on either a stovetop or in your microwave.

While a full Home Bistro meal can be on the pricey side because we enjoyed the food we sampled so much we can see ourselves returning to order our favorites or checking out a meal bundle for the weeks when these are hectic or when we just need a break from the kitchen.

How to Order

Ordering Home Bistro meal delivery is wonderfully simple. Returning customers can log into the site with their user ID to order future meals.

For new customers, after adding your selected meals or combo packages to your cart you’ll be instructed to enter in your payment and shipping information. Once you have done so, your meals will be entered into the system and will soon be on the way.

The takeaway? These are some of the best frozen meals delivered!