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Last Updated on March 5, 2021

You know the feeling, it's close to the daily 5 to 6 pm arsenic hour and the kids are tired and hungry. You've got to get dinner ready but the fridge is empty and the local grocery shop doesn't stock any zabiha halal meat (or foods for that matter)...

Avoiding the above situation just got a lot easier with Boxed Halal, a meat delivery service that offers up, you guessed it, halal meats. Order online to stock up then kick back safe in the knowledge your freezer is stocked.
While we can't believe it's taken this long for zabiha halal meat delivery services to appear online, we're happy it's now a thing.

So what can you expect when you order halal meat on line from Boxed Halal? Here's our review of this innovative halal meat service.

Ordering Halal Meats Online

Boxed Halal's website is clear and easy to navigate.

You can shop all or choose products based on your favorite meats, be it chicken, fish, beef, and even goat and seafood.

Alternatively, add a subscription box to your shopping cart, such as the Family Feast meat box, and get a monthly delivery of a variety of meats.

Customers will be pleased to note that Boxed Halal's meats are free of growth hormones and the animals were raised without antibiotics or chemicals.

So not only is Boxed Halal literally delivering an essential service to the Muslim community, it's doing so in a way that supports ethical agriculture too.

Once you've made your selection of zabiha halal meat products, head to the payment page and place your order.

Boxed Halal delivers to all US states, including Hawaii and Alaska.

Meeting the Meat

After watching the unboxing videos on Boxed Halal's site, I wondered whether the packaging would be as good in real life and if my products would arrive fresh.

We're talking about sending meat through the postal service after all! But that worry was in vain as within just a few days, the contents of my online shopping cart had arrived at the door.

All the meat products were packaged perfectly and arrived in an insulated box. Additional freezer packs kept the beef and chicken I'd ordered fresh. Success, my zabiha halal meat arrived safe and sound.

Should You Try This Halal Meat Shop?

Overall, it's a solid yes from this reviewer. Driving miles to find the closest halal-friendly meat store is a chore and a bore. For many families, Boxed Halal removes the hassle and means you won't have to compromise when it comes to meals.

Pros and Cons


  • Halal meat store online
  • Customer service is excellent
  • Excellent range of meat products
  • Fast delivery
  • Ad hoc orders and monthly halal meat subscriptions available
  • Certified halal and ethically produced meat products


  • At this time, Boxed Halal does not offer free shipping (costs are based on your location and the weight of the goods in your cart)

Food for Thought

Hats off to Boxed Halal, the service was fast, the meat products available are diverse, and, perhaps most importantly, the meat is delicious. I used some of my delivery to make roast beef and some to whip up chicken nuggets for the kids — suffice to say both were wolfed down in no time.

Next time, I'll be filling my cart up with some of the company's other products such as the sliced roast chicken breast and the Ahi tuna steaks.

Boxed Halal's meat delivery service

Boxed Halal

  • Halal meat store online
  • Customer service is excellent
  • Excellent range of meat products
  • Fast delivery
  • Ad hoc orders and monthly halal meat subscriptions available
  • Certified halal and ethically produced meat products

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