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Last Updated on February 22, 2021

According to the company website, GrubHub (GH) has over 225,000 restaurant partners spread across 4,000 cities in the United States. That's a whole lot of restaurant options when it comes to getting food delivered to your door at any time of day or night.

GrubHub follows the same model as the other best food delivery apps. It connects customers, restaurants, and drivers to promote a mutually beneficial relationship. A business gets orders, a driver can make a little money, and a hungry person gets food.

If you have GrubHub in your area, you may be wondering how to use it and if it's worth it. This review will tell you how to place an order step-by-step as well as the pros and cons of the service.

How GrubHub Works

GrubHub began in 2004 when the founders decided they were tired of using paper menus to place takeout orders. Now, the app allows you to place orders for both pick-up and delivery. It's extremely convenient if your favorite place to eat doesn't typically offer delivery.

When you review the app, you see all of your local places on one platform. Despite the multitude of options, the experience of placing an order is simple. You can find items from local businesses, fast food companies, diners, chains, and whatever else you're into.

Placing an Order

You can use GrubHub with in-app or online ordering. Either way, the process is the same. First, select "create your account" when you open the platform. Make a profile with your email, name, and password. Then, you can enter your location so the system can pull up the restaurants in your area for your review.

As you scroll through your choices, you will see information for each place such as the average customer rating, pricing, and photos. You'll also see the distance it is away from you and an estimated delivery time. When you pick a place to get a meal from, you can click to see their full menu.

If you know what you're in the mood to eat, you can sort your dinner options by category. GrubHub has sorting features by reviews, price, and relevance as well as filters such as type of cuisine and location. For example, you may want to filter your selection by an item like "ice cream," " cheese pizza" or "soda."

Add anything you like to your order and hit "proceed to checkout" when you're ready to review it. You'll see the total cost of your order plus any applicable fees, such as a service fee or delivery fee. To pay, you can use Paypal, a credit card, or a few other options. You'll get a confirmation to your email or phone number when they process your order.

GrubHub+ Review

If you enjoy the delivery service from GrubHub, you can sign up for their monthly membership program. The program allows users to get $0 delivery fees on applicable orders. As a member, you just have to find the GrubHub+ badge next to a restaurant's name and get your fee waived with no promo code.

What You Can Expect

After you place your food orders, you can sit back and relax knowing your meals are on the way. Both the app and site allow you to track your delivery as it is being prepared and as the delivery person is approaching your home or office. You also get notifications every step of the way. If you have a pick-up order, you will get a message when it's ready.

You have the ability to contact either the restaurant or your driver about your order. The delivery driver can also call or text you if need be. Once they arrive, they will drop your order off at your door for contactless service or you can meet them. It's a great option for no-contact food delivery services.

When you checkout, you will see the choice to tip electronically or with cash. If you give an electronic tip, you can adjust it after you get your food as well as rate and review the service. If you have any delivery issues, you can chat with customer support for assistance.

GrubHub for Drivers

For many people, becoming a driver and making deliveries is an opportunity to earn a side income and work on their own schedule. To become a driver, you submit a background check and your personal information and get the app for drivers. A typical trip would go something like this:

  • App notification. The GrubHub driver app will notify you when there is an order available for pickup, and you accept the order.
  • Navigation. The GPS system will take you to the restaurant and give you the details of the food order.
  • Delivery. After getting the order from the food place, you will get directions to the drop-off location. You can also see any relevant notes and instructions from the consumer such as "enter gate code 123" or "go to the second floor."

After dropping it off, you will mark the order as complete and review the customer if you wish. Drivers can also access customer service if there are any problems, and they see their earnings at the end of each day and cash out to a bank account.

As an independent employee, driving for the company can be a fun way to explore the neighborhood while getting revenue. You can set your own hours and enjoy the ease of working from your vehicle.


GrubHub is available in over a thousand cities in the US. To find out if there is service in your area, enter your zip code into the app or website. Your individual delivery experiences will depend on your location, driver, and ordering time. During peak times such as a lunch rush, it may take longer to get your food due to traffic.

When you set your address, you can include special instructions for your driver that will help reduce any drop-off problems. GrubHub makes communication a priority, so the process is straightforward and handy.

Since the COVID 19 pandemic, the company has an option for contact-free drop-off where you won't interact with your driver. Make sure you account for this type of drop-off if you typically use cash tips.

It's important to account for a potential delay or situations that may extend your delivery time. If you have a problem or question, call or message customer service or leave a review.


Is Grubhub any good?

Generally, GrubHub has average ratings on many different sites. As there are many moving parts to the system, it is possible to have an issue with the restaurant, driver, or app. However, the response from their customer service team is usually quick, and someone will try to correct your complaint.

The platform is easy to use and there is a wide variety of available products. Once you use the service a bit, you will get recommendations on a new establishment to try when you log in. The available dishes depend on your area, so major cities will often have the most amount of partners.

In terms of the food, GrubHub has no control over the quality. However, you can view GrubHub reviews and thoughts from other users of every restaurant before you make a purchase.

Is DoorDash better than Grubhub?

If you live in areas with both of these companies, then deciding between the two can be a challenge. Since the services are similar, the decision may come down to convenience and the availability of deals. The differences include:

  • GrubHub is more widely available
  • GrubHub does not usually have a service fee like DoorDash, but they do have order minimums
  • DoorDash has a longer free trial period for its premium membership
  • DoorDash makes group ordering easy
  • Both have easy to use platforms

Overall, both have benefits and drawbacks to every user, so it's up to you to pick your preference. Both services offer frequent discounts and promotions for new users.

Food for Thought

In review, anyone can use this delivery service when they want to enjoy restaurant-quality meals without leaving the house. The platform updates frequently so there are plenty of new eateries becoming a partner regularly. If you order dinners and lunches often, it makes sense to join their membership program to waive the delivery charge.

These days, you have alot of choices when it comes to having a meal delivered. Postmates, UberEats, and DoorDash are only a few of the popular ones. Hopefully, this GrubHub review has made the decision easier. The perks from the company make it worth a try either way. Then, you can come up with your own rating for the service.

GrubHub meal delivery is most compatible with people looking to discover new restaurants in their city or support local businesses.

GrubHub food delivery service


  • Can order take out or use the delivery service
  • Real-time tracking for your order
  • Option to buy a gift card for a friend or family member
  • GrubHub + allows you save on every order and access special offers

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