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Green Chef Review: Here’s What you can Expect

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on December 23, 2021

Using Green Chef leads to a lifestyle of less meal prep and more nutrition and flavor on the plates. Among the customers are families and anyone wanting to save time while improving their kitchen skills – maybe as a fun activity with their partner or community – without compromising their health.

Green Chef offers a variety of easy-to-follow recipes, meal plans with a balanced amount of nutrition per serving, and meal kits for different lifestyles and dietary preferences – such as keto and plant-based.

Take a look at where the service ranks on our list of top paleo food delivery services as well as keto meal delivery services. Green Chef is certified organic meal delivery – something not many meal kit delivery companies can boast about!

This Green Chef review covers anything you might need to know to decide whether Green Chef is the right choice for you. Transform your kitchen into a restaurant for mouth-watering meals – without the issues of having to deal with planning and grocery shopping.

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Green Chef At A Glance

  • Best Match For: People looking for a clean meal plan with premium organic ingredients that come pre-measured and prepped with easy cooking instructions.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: The contiguous US (No Alaska, Hawaii, and parts of Louisiana)
  • Value: $9.99-$12.99/meal; $8.99-$26.97 shipping fees
  • Type: Fresh meal kits (Cooked in 30 minutes or less)

How Green Chef Works

The meal kits from Green Chef are delivered to your doorstep weekly. Besides the joy of cooking, you get sustainably sourced ingredients and a selection of recipes crafted by chefs.

Using Green Chef means flexibility. Go from dream to dinner in three simple steps:

  1. Choose a meal plan among their many options. You can choose a number of servings per box feeding two people, or a family plan that cooks enough for four people. If you're unsure, browse the recipes section to find information about ingredients and nutrition per serving.
  2. Now over to the fun part – cooking! The premium, organic ingredients come pre-measured to make it easier for you to prepare a delicious Green Chef meal. Photos and clear step-by-step instructions take out the complications.
  3. Enjoy your tasty, chef-class meal! Preparing your own meal adds more joy per serving.

What's in a Box?

Your box contains quality ingredients in the right quantities – sometimes pre-chopped vegetables or sauces and spices that are pre-made for you to enjoy your meal even faster – together with recipe cards with cooking instructions.

Recipe cards and kits come with color-coding to avoid confusion.

You can be sure that all recipes have gone through a thorough review before landing in your inbox!

Can I Change Meal Plans from Week to Week?

Yes! You can change your preferred meal delivery, both when it comes to serving sizes and diet.
To change your plan permanently:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click Edit Subscription.

To change your plan for a single delivery:

  1. Click Your Plan. Select an upcoming week from the banner of dates at the top of the page. All of the available menu plans will be listed under Order Something Else?
  2. Find another menu that you wanna try. Click Get This in the top right-hand corner of that menu.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Are you planning a party, dinner, or get-together? You can easily add several boxes:

  1. Click Your Plan.
  2. Select the week that you wanna modify.
  3. Click Edit Order then Modify Order.
  4. Scroll down to No. of Boxes to select the number of boxes you wish to receive.
  5. Select Save Changes. Done!

In all cases, make sure to perform the desired changes one week before delivery. This since Green Chef collaborates with local farmers and producers and has to pre-order the right amount of fresh, organic ingredients.
To view the exact deadline for making changes to your order, log in to your account, and select Your Plan.

What You Can Expect From Your Meal

Green Chef is a USDA certified organic company that's all about eating and living green. Recipes are ready in less than 30 minutes.

You find detailed nutrition information for all meals on their site – portion sizes, calories per portion, and more.

Green Chef supports local farmers and small family-owned companies whenever possible, supporting suppliers with integrity and true passion for food.

Green Chef lets you choose between four different meal plans:

  • Keto
  • Paleo
  • Plant-powered
  • Balanced living

Where the last one gives you a mix of plant-based, meat, and seafood dinners inspired by different cuisines.

Keto stands for low-carb and is naturally gluten-free, while paleo is clean eating that is gluten-free, dairy-free, and without soy.

The plant-powered subscription box gives you plant-based food delivery services with a mix of vegan and vegetarian meal delivery.

See where Green Chef ranks on our list of the best vegan meal kits.

Sample Meals

Green Chef changes their meals regularly to keep things exciting. If there's one meal in particular that satisfied your taste buds, you can reply to them and point it out. With a bit of luck, a course that pleased the majority of eaters might make a comeback on the menu!

In this Green Chef review, we browsed the recipes and menu cards of this meal delivery service to give you an idea of what type of meals you can expect depending on dietary preference.


List of example meals:

  • Cajun chicken with dijonnaise, sautéed squash, bell pepper & tomatoes, toasted pecans
  • Moroccan shrimp bisque with zucchini, bell pepper, tomato, feta, spiced yogurt & almonds


On the paleo plate:

  • Blackened cajun chicken, Bell pepper & tomato hash, kale salad with cucumber & pecans
  • Korean beef stir-fry with broccoli, roasted red peppers, cabbage, carrots & cashews

Balanced Living

Expect dishes of the sort:

  • Italian sausage puttanesca, Olives, capers, Parmesan cheese, roasted broccoli
  • Mozzarella chicken, Sautéed zucchini & tomato, scallion rice, balsamic pan sauce


Delicious meals straight from the fields:

  • Black-eyed peas patties, Roasted potatoes & broccoli, corn relish, paprika-Dijon aïoli
  • Jamaican fried rice with pineapple, rainbow carrots, kidney beans, mint & collards

Food Allergies

Green Chef was the first of the meal kit delivery services to be certified gluten-free through the Gluten Intolerance Group’s Gluten-Free Food Service program.

For that reason, it's one of the best gluten-free susbcription box services. The certification applies to the paleo and keto meals. The meals in these kits are thus suitable even for those with celiac disease.

As for now, Green Chef does not offer special meal options for food allergies – except for the gluten-free keto and paleo meals.

Note that each recipe card has information about the allergens, making it easy for you to exclude foods according to your needs and adapt the meal to specific diets.

Since all ingredients are packaged separately, it's easy to omit items that can cause a reaction. All ingredients are packaged in the same facility, though – consult your doctor or their customer service if you have any questions.

Opt Out of Ingredients

Under the Balanced Living plan, you can customize your proteins and opt out of certain proteins – such as beef, poultry, pork, lamb, shellfish, fish, or game.

Does Green Chef have a Weight Loss Option?

For weight loss, Green Chef recommends the keto plan, which has the fewest calories and carbs. Each serving has 600-800 calories and contains less than 20 net grams of carbs.


As the meal delivery services ship your order, you receive an email with a tracking number to follow your order on its way to you. Green Chef applies the same shipping costs regardless of your location.


Green Chef cares about sustainability. All packaging is recyclable, reusable, or compostable, so that the environment can enjoy your dishes as much as you do! The only exception is when there's no safe alternative. Green Chef is constantly working on reducing their environmental impact regarding the material choices for the packaging process.

For details about each material, check their website. An example is the ice packs that can be stored in the freezer to get a second life. Paper bags can be composted, and the material for the plastic bag is recyclable.

See why Green chef made our list of meal kits that are environmentally friendly.

Delivery Areas

Green Chef offers shipment to almost all parts of the US – except for Alaska, Hawaii, and parts of Louisiana. Your Green Chef box can also be delivered to your workplace!


Green Chef has tested everything in their packaging and insulator materials rigorously to ensure it keeps the produce fresh. They recommend that you put perishable items in the refrigerator on the same day you get them.

Ingredients often arrive at your door in a shorter time than they do when buying from a supermarket. They are in season and fresh – however, since most products are organic, they might have a slightly shorter shelf-life than conventional ones. Thus, you might want to focus on cooking meals with sensible ingredients such as leafy greens and seafood first.

You can store most ingredients for five days in the fridge, except for seafood, where the advice is to eat it within three days.

Delivery Days

The meal kit delivery service delivers the boxes Monday through Saturday. Depending on where you live, you can customize what day you prefer to receive your meal kit delivery.

Your box will arrive between 8AM and 9PM local time on your scheduled delivery day.

How to Skip a Delivery

If you're going away on holiday or feel like taking a break, Green Chef lets you pause your deliveries for up to four weeks.

You can easily skip a delivery from your account:

  1. Log in to your Green Chef account.
  2. Go to Your Plan, and select the week(s) you'd like to skip.
  3. Select Edit Order, and Skip Order from the drop-down menus.
  4. A pop-up will appear for you to confirm. Select Skip Order.

Naturally, you won't be charged for skipped weeks. There's also the possibility to cancel your account online – no need to call or email.

Green Chef comes with no commitment – cancel anytime from your account page.

How to Update Delivery Frequency and Delivery Day

If you prefer, you can receive your Green Chef meal delivery service subscription boxes bi-weekly or monthly instead of on a weekly basis. To do this:

  1. Log in to your account and go to Your Plan.
  2. Click on Edit Subscription. Here, you can choose between automatic deliveries every other week or monthly deliveries (every fourth week), together with the Start Date for your new automated schedule.
  3. Check Your Plan to review your upcoming orders, as this change may override any edits or skips you had made previously.

Under Your Plan, you can also set the delivery day for an individual order (under Edit Order > Modify Order).


How do I cancel Green Chef?

To cancel your Green Chef meal delivery account:

  1. Log in on
  2. Your name appears on the top right side of the page. Click your name to reveal a drop-down menu.
  3. Head over to Account Info.
  4. Scroll down to the "Cancel Subscription" button. Click this button and follow the instructions.

How much is Green Chef?

At the moment of writing this, the plans start at $6.66 per meal.

How much does Green Chef cost?

The price depends on factors such as the number of portions and whether you want the couple or family plans. The plans currently start at $6.66 per meal.

What is Green Chef?

Green Chef is a meal delivery service company. Contrary to some other food delivery services, they offer kits with recipes and ingredients, allowing you to cook your own meals. Meal plans change every week – in this Green Chef review, we cover some sample meals!

Does Green Chef have an app?

No, Green Chef does not currently offer a mobile app.

Is Green Chef good brand?

Yes, Green Chef is one of the top meal kit companies with organic ingredients that caters to special diets. All of the ingredients are high quality, and the meals are interesting and flavorful. 

How much is Green Chef a week?

The cost of Green Chef per week depends on your meal plan. For the plant-powered plan, each meal is $11.99 or $78.93 per box. If you order more than one box, the cost can decrease to $9.99 per meal. 

Is Green Chef owned by Hello Fresh?

Yes, HelloFresh acquired Green Chef in 2018 in hopes that adding an organic meal kit service to its roster will increase its revenue. HelloFresh currently offers the largest selection of meal plans for consumers. 

Why is Green Chef so expensive?

Green Chef is so expensive because the meal service only uses organic ingredients that are sustainably sourced, which helps them stand out from similar services. They also allow customers to choose between meal plans curated specifically for different diets. 

How long does Green Chef last?

Green Chef only uses organic ingredients with no preservatives, which can sometimes mean their items have a shorter shelf life. However, the company uses insulated packaging so that ingredients stay fresh for up to five days in the fridge. 

Is Green Chef good for losing weight?

Green Chef isn’t created specifically for weight loss. However, the service offers healthy, clean options that can help with weight control and contribute to a balanced diet. Additionally, home cooked meals are more nutritious than eating out.

Is Green Chef really healthy?

Yes, Green Chef meals are healthy. They are made with lean proteins and organic vegetables with light sauces and seasonings. Green Chef also has a variety of meal options catering to diets such as vegetarian, paleo, and keto.

Is it easy to cancel Green Chef?

Yes, it’s easy to cancel Green Chef at any time. You can do so by logging into your online account and changing your account settings. You can also skip up to 5 weeks of deliveries if you’d rather pause instead of cancel. 

Does Green Chef let you choose meals?

Yes, you get to select which Green Chef meals you want every week from the menu related to your plan. Since the prices of the meals for each plan are different, you cannot select meals from other plans.

Which is better: Green Chef or Hello Fresh?

Green Chef is better than HelloFresh if you prioritize organic, clean ingredients or if you’re following a special diet. HelloFresh, on the other hand, offers more everyday style meals. 

Is Green Chef cheaper than Hello Fresh?

No, Green Chef is not cheaper than HelloFresh. Green Chef is more expensive because it uses only organic ingredients and has a two-serving minimum per order. 

Does Green Chef do breakfast?

No, Green Chef does not offer breakfast nor any add-ons such as snacks or desserts. They only offer dinner menus at this time.

Does Green Chef have Keto meals?

Yes, Green Chef offers keto meals made with fresh, organic ingredients. The recipes are easy and quick, so you’ll have a keto-friendly dinner ready in no time. 

Is Green Chef really organic?

Yes, Green Chef is USDA-certified organic. It was the first organic meal kit company as well as the first company to get Gluten-Free certification from the Gluten Intolerance Group. 

Does Green Chef need to be refrigerated?

Yes, Green Chef meals are perishable and need to be refrigerated right away.

Are Green Chef vegetables washed?

To be on the safe side, you should wash all of your fresh produce before you eat it, which includes herbs, vegetables, and fruits. 

Is Green Chef frozen food?

No, Green Chef ingredients are not frozen. The items arrive fresh at your door, and you can choose to store them in the fridge or the freezer.

Does Green Chef have low calorie meals?

Yes, Green Chef has plenty of low calorie meals made with organic ingredients. You’ll find the least calories in the keto and paleo meals, which average 600 to 800 calories per serving. 

Are Green Chef calories accurate?

Yes, if you follow the recipe, the calorie-count is accurate. However, if you consume the entire 2 servings of the meal, you’re eating twice the number of calories listed.

Does Green Chef offer free shipping?

Green Chef often offers free shipping on your first order, and every order after that ships at a flat rate. You can also look for Green Chef coupons to keep saving money. 

Can you cancel Green Chef anytime?

Yes, you can cancel Green Chef any time, no commitment necessary. To do so, log into your online account and navigate to the account settings. You can also pause or skip meals in your subscription. 

Can I cancel Green Chef after free box?

Yes, you can cancel Green Chef any time. To end your subscription, contact Green Chef customer service at or 888-236-7295. Be sure to include your email address and full name in the message. 

Can you skip weeks with Green Chef?

Yes, you can skip up to five weeks of meals using your Green Chef account if you need a break or are going on vacation. Navigate to ‘Your Plan,’ then find the week you want to skip. 

Does Green Chef take food stamps?

No, Green Chef does not currently accept food stamps. 

Is Green Chef a subscription?

Yes, Green Chef is a meal kit subscription. Every week, you can select recipes from their online menu, and you’ll receive a box of pre-portioned, organic ingredients at your doorstep. Green Chef helps you save time and eat healthier. 

Is Green Chef good for diabetics?

Green Chef can be good for diabetics. Research shows that lowering your intake of carbohydrates can help reduce risk of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Green C

Is Green Chef high in sodium?

Green Chef recipes have average to high sodium levels, ranging from 700 mg to 800 mg per serving. Since you have control over how you prepare the recipe, you can always lighten up on the salt while you cook. 

Is Green Chef a good Keto plan?

Yes, Green Chef has a keto meal plan where you can get up to four meals weekly for two or four people. The boxes come with pre-portioned ingredients to make hearty, healthy meals. 

Is Green Chef safe for celiacs?

Yes, people with celiac disease can use Green Chef, as the service has a Gluten Free Certification from The Gluten Intolerance Group. 

How long do Green Chef meals take?

Most Green Chef recipes take 30 to 35 minutes to prepare. 

How does Green Chef work?

Green Chef is an organic meal kit subscription service that sends chef-designed ingredients and recipes for dinner to your door. Green Chef offers plant-based, paleo, keto, and balanced living meal plans.

Can you give Green Chef as a gift?

Green Chef does not have gift cards. However, you can send a loved one a free box of Green Chef by using the referral and rewards program from your Green Chef account. Successful referrals earn you discounts on future boxes.

How much is Green Chef per meal?

The cost of Green Chef per meal depends on your meal plan. For the plant-powered plan, each meal is $11.99 or $78.93 per box. If you order more than one box, the cost can decrease to $9.99 per meal.

Green Chef Costs

These fresh meal kits cost $9.99-$12.99 per serving. Depending on your location, delivery fees apply, and you may have to pay an additional $8.99-$26.97. Green Chef offers fantastic promotions for new customers, so you can save up to $90 on your first four boxes.

Pros & Cons

A cool feature is that Green Chef offers a referral program, giving you a discount on boxes when you refer a friend. This allows you to get affiliate commissions on your meals and save money!

They also have a feature called "Special Offer Cards" that gets activated after you've been subscribed for some time (not specified), sending you a voucher for a free meal kit delivery box to gift to someone who's not already a member.

Green Chef is certified organic. However, note that not all ingredients can be certified as organic (for example sea salt).

In those cases, Green Chef uses conventional ingredients of highest quality that are sustainably sourced.

A limitation is that you can't combine meals from different kits freely. Also, they do not offer a purely vegan package or cater to allergies.

Cooking Skills Needed

Green Chef makes a review of all their recipes before allowing them in their subscription boxes. Recipes are suitable for chefs with all levels of experience, thanks to the recipe cards with pictures.

Green Chef has a popular concept called Chef's Tips for the steps that might demand a little extra of you as a home chef, helping you take your kitchen skills to the next level!

You might want to review basic cooking skills such as dicing, chopping, peeling, and grating. The recipes for the meals have been tested with success by chefs on all levels, including complete beginners!

The pedagogic descriptions on the cards accompanied by a photo per step make it easy to get the heat up – and when the meals are on the table, you'll feel like a winner!

Food for Thought

When you want more nutrition and flavors per meal and discover new favorites, all while taking responsibility for the planet, Green Chef could be the best meal delivery service for you!

In addition, composing your own Green Chef meals for dinner is a great way to get out of boring cooking habits.

Discover your new favorite meals – for those wanting less fat and more fun per serving!

And nothing prevents you from cooking the meals for breakfast, brunch, or lunch if you have dinner out. 

Picture yourself preparing a delicious and nutritious breakfast in bed for your roomie, husband, or wife – with Green Chef, sharing the joy of cooking and eating healthy meals with others gets easy peas-y.

Whether you crave a purple carrot, sweet potatoes, or wanna satisfy your wish of a pasta dish, chances are this meal delivery service opens up a whole new world from your pantry.

Meal kit services made magic!

Green Chef's healthy & nutritious meal kits services

Green Chef

  • Certified organic
  • Nutritious and delicious dishes
  • Easy-to-follow recipe cards with photos
  • Referral program allowing you to save money

Hi, I'm Paul. Welcome to my website! I, along with my cronies, are leveraging our years of working in the food industry to review meal and drink delivery services. We review. You eat happily ever after.

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