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Freshly Alternatives

There's no denying it, sometimes cooking can be a bit of a chore. I can't tell you how many times I've come home after a long day at work only to be greeted by the daunting task of what I'm supposed to make for dinner.

And if you're like me, you probably don't want to find yourself eating fast food every night of the week. Let's face it, fast food isn't exactly the healthiest option.

So what do you do when you want something that's healthy and delicious? Well, the answer is simple: Freshly.

Freshly is a meal delivery service that offers fresh, pre-portioned meals that are made with wholesome ingredients and are delivered right to your door.

They offer a wide variety of meal options for different diets, including paleo and keto. They also have a variety of vegetarian and vegan meals that are made with fresh ingredients.

You can choose from several different meal plans, including three meals per week and five or seven days per week. These meals include breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

While I do like the fact that Freshly meals are healthy and delicious, their delivery times are a bit long. Sometimes it takes longer than expected for my order to arrive. Also, if you hardly cook and like the convenience of having meals delivered to your doorstep on a daily basis, you'll find that Freshly can get very expensive.

That said, Freshly is not the only meal delivery service out there. There are other great alternatives that are just as good, if not better.

So if you're looking for companies similar to Freshly that are worth trying, here are the top 5 meal delivery services that I recommend.


Of the many things I like about Sunbasket is that it offers farm-to-table, healthy meals. Like Freshly, Sunbasket offers many different types of dishes to choose from. Their ingredients are sourced locally and in the season to ensure freshness and quality.

You can even choose the type of diet you want your meals to follow: paleo, gluten-free, low-carb, or vegan. You can also customize your menu to meet your dietary needs and preferences.

I love the fact that their website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. So it's pretty easy to find the recipes you want and make changes to your order if needed.

The only main issue I have with this meal delivery service is that their prices are a bit high. It would be nice if they had a few more affordable options. However, if you do not mind spending a little extra money on your meals each week, then this service is definitely worth trying.

Overall rating: 9 out of 10


  • Meals are made with fresh ingredients and locally sourced produce
  • User-friendly and easy-to-navigate website and mobile app
  • Wide variety of meal plans for various diet preferences
  • Fast and reliable delivery service


  • Meals plans are pricey
  • Not ideal for people with dietary restrictions

Home Chef

Home Chef is one of those meal delivery services that are great for those who have big families. My sister has four kids, and she loves ordering from Home Chef because they have so many options that are perfect for her family.

I gave it a try because she recommended it, and I have to say, I was quite pleased with their food. If you go to their website, which is super easy to navigate, you'll find they have three categories of meals: Easy-prep, fresh-start, and family-friendly.

So I ordered a fresh-start meal ( Almond Crusted Salmon with garlic Edamame Rice), which came with a recipe card and all the ingredients. Everything was well-packed and in good condition. I was quite impressed with the quality of the ingredients as well.

The meal I ordered has a prep and cook time of 30 minutes, which I feel is reasonable. But if you want to save even more time, they have meals with a prep and cook time of 15 minutes.

After I cooked the meal, it was delicious and much better than I expected. The portions were generous and exactly what I needed for dinner.

While I was quite happy with the quality of their ingredients and the packaging, I could not say the same about their delivery time. It took too long for my food to arrive, and I was on the fence about whether or not I would use this meal delivery service again.

I would like to see a faster delivery time. I did complain about it, so hopefully, they can speed up their delivery time in the future.

Overall, I was very happy with my experience with this company. They have a wide variety of meals, and they are reasonably priced and convenient to use.

Overall rating: 7 out of 10


  • High-quality ingredients
  • Easy-to-follow recipes
  • Wide variety of meal options for different types of eaters
  • Easy-to-use website


  • Delivery time was longer than expected
  • Limited vegan options

Blue Apron

Blue Apron, in my opinion, is one of those meal delivery services that are great for large families. And not just because their meals are healthy and taste great, you can get great discounts on their meal kits. 

If you order four recipes, you pay less than if you were to order one or two recipes. So the more meals you order, the less you pay, which is great if you’re looking to save money.

I also like that Blue Apron has a wide variety of recipes to choose from. There is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for meat-heavy meals or vegetarian dishes. They also have some great kid-friendly options too.

Their meals are easy to prepare and only take about 30 minutes or less. This is great if you’re short on time and want to cook something quick but still tasty.

It's worth mentioning that they also have a selection of wines, which you can order with your meals. These are great for pairing with certain dishes and help to enhance the flavor.

All in all, Blue Apron is a great meal delivery service that will definitely please your taste buds and wallet. Their menu changes every week so you don’t get bored eating the same things time and time again, which is one of my biggest pet peeves about other meal delivery services.

However, if you're vegetarian or vegan, this might not be the best option for you as they don't have a lot of vegetarian and vegan options.

Overall rating: 9 out of 10


  • Easy to prepare meals
  • Great selection of meat, seafood, and vegetarian options
  • Variety of wines available
  • Affordable


  • Limited meal options for those strictly following a vegan diet
  • Not all their ingredients are organic


HelloFresh is one of my favorite meal delivery services, and for a good reason. They have a great selection of meals that are prepared by top chefs and delivered right to your doorstep.

HelloFresh's meal kits come with all the ingredients you need to make delicious meals, including recipes and step-by-step instructions. I found that their meals are easy to prepare and require little to no cooking skills. They contain all the ingredients you need, including fresh produce and spices.

You can choose your meal plan size depending on how many people you're cooking for. There are two options, a two-person plan and a four-person plan. Prices vary depending on the number of people in your plan and the number of recipes you want each week.

When I compared the prices of the meal plans to those of other similar companies, I found that HelloFresh was more expensive than most. Therefore, I would not recommend it to people with large families or small budgets.

Despite the price points, the good thing about this meal delivery service is that they do have a wide variety of meals available ranging from vegetarian to pescatarian to family-friendly recipes.

They also have a lot of variety in the types of meals they offer and they use fresh and seasonal produce, which makes them a great option for people who want to eat healthy meals.

Overall rating: 8 out of 10


  • Wide variety of meals including vegetarian and pescatarian options
  • A great selection of family-friendly meals
  • Meals are made with fresh and seasonal produce
  • Meals are simple and easy to prep


  • The meals are on the pricier end of the spectrum
  • You have to pay a shipping fee

Green Chef

I’ve been using Green Chef for a little over a month now, and it has become a staple in my monthly subscription box routine.

I used to spend so much time shopping, planning, and cooking—and I still do. But the thing is, now I don’t have to worry about finding the time or energy to make dinner every night.

Green Chef does all that for me. It’s so easy to use; you literally just pick a recipe from their website and place your order.

The ingredients are delivered right to your door, and then all you have to do is follow the instructions in the recipe card they send you with your order.

The recipes I’ve tried so far are delicious and so easy to follow. They take less than 30 minutes to make, which is perfect for those days when you just want to get dinner on the table fast. It’s also great for working moms who don’t have time to stand over a hot stove every night after work.

They do have a wide selection of recipes for both vegetarians and meat eaters. They even have a section of their site dedicated to keto-friendly meals, which is great for people who are trying to cut back on carbs or lose weight.

When I compare the prices of this meal delivery service to those of other popular brands, I think Green Chef has the best deals. I mean, seriously, they are super affordable, and the quality of their ingredients is great. I’ve tried a few other brands that are similar to this one, but they are just too expensive for my liking.

One issue, however, I have with Green Chef is the portions. Although they are generous, I think they could be a little bigger. I’m not saying that the portion sizes are small, but if you have a big appetite, I don’t think you will be satisfied with the quantity of their meals.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10


  • Great value for the money
  • Tasty and healthy meals that are easy to prepare
  • Ingredients are super fresh and high-quality
  • Meals are customizable to your preference
  • Timely delivery
  • Great customer support


  • The portions could be bigger
  • Limited selection of meals per week

Final Thoughts

There you have it, my top alternatives to Freshly so far. I hope that this review has helped you find a meal delivery service that is similar to Freshly.

I recommend trying any of the options above. They will provide you with fresh and healthy meals that are satisfying and delicious. And if you’re not a fan of Freshly, I hope this review has helped you find an alternative that is more suitable for your preferences. 

Freshly Update

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the Freshly meal delivery service has ceased operations. To ensure continued access to nutritious and convenient ready meals for our incredible community, our friends at Factor are offering a discount – 50% off your first box when you transition your meal delivery service to Factor.

Sign up today for your 50% discount with GOFACTOR50 on


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