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Free Your Tea Review: The Deets on What You Get From Your Subscription

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on May 14, 2022

Do you love tea but find yourself bored with the same old bags from the store? Or are you looking for a great gift for someone who needs some new tea in their life? Click here to read about your best tea delivery services or read ahead to learn about Free Your Tea's remarkable subscription services. 

For example, you can get subscriptions of tea drops, bag teas from across the globe, local teas, decaf teas, black teas, and more. It's almost overwhelming. However, few personalized tea subscription boxes offer loose leaf tea like Free Your Tea. Free Your Tea is a tea subscription that tailors teas to your taste preferences.

With this tea subscription box, you get an initial sample box. Then, the following boxes are personalized tea tailored to your ratings and comments on those teas. Free Your Tea also has extremely handy gift options. Here's everything you need to know before you try the Free Your Tea subscription box.

How Free Your Tea Works

Tea enthusiast Knud Berthelsen founded free Your Tea to connect tea lovers to high-quality tea from around the world. The personalized tea subscription service lets you discover new teas and break away from the same old things. In addition, free Your Tea ensures sustainable growing and processing methods, and they source the best and freshest tea leaves from places like China and India.

So, how does it all work? Signing up with Free Your Tea is simple. On the company website, you'll select "Get Tea." Then, you'll receive a box of five sample teas to try for your first month. After you receive and try the first tea subscription box, you'll submit your tea ratings to Free Your Tea. From there, you'll get personalized teas delivered monthly.

You can select whether you want a monthly, three-monthly or quarterly subscription when you create an account. With a monthly tea subscription, you'll get two 2-ounce tea bags delivered each month. If you sign up for the quarterly tea subscription, you get six 2-ounce tea bags every three months. Both subscription boxes are designed to last until your next delivery, so don't worry about running out of tea.

Free Your Tea also offers caffeine-free options and even an iced tea subscription, so there's something for every tea-lover.

Iced Tea Subscription

Free Your Tea is one of the best tea subscription boxes for iced-tea fans. While all teas can be brewed cold, the iced tea subscription is a little different. This option is geared toward people who love a refreshing glass of tea and want to get away from sugary, phony iced teas. With this box, you get:

  • A six-tea initial sampler
  • Three teas monthly in 2-ounce bags
  • 100 drawstring bags

The monthly tea bags include enough tea to make 30-35 pints or four to five gallons of tea (depending on your taste). You can also brew your herbal, green, white, or black tea hot if you want to switch things up. Lastly, if you sign up and pay for a year of simple loose leaf tea in advance, you get a free pitcher!

What You Can Expect From Your Order

The first box from Free Your Tea includes five sample-sized pouches of loose leaf tea. Depending on how strong a cup you like, these pouches have enough leaves for three to six cups each. On the bag, you'll find:

  • The name of the tea
  • Tasting notes and origin information
  • Steeping instructions

The box also includes instructions for rating and setting your preferences. Free Your Tea will use your tea ratings to personalize your future tea subscription boxes. The initial quiz asks:

  • Your name and email
  • The name of the teas you're rating
  • Your rating on a scale of one to five
  • Whether you'd like to drink the tea again
  • Any other comments about the teas

Lastly, you'll find 100 single-use drawstring bags for brewing your tea and a card that explains how to cold brew tea. All of the different teas in the initial sampler taste great hot or iced, so the cold brew method is definitely worth trying.

The Free Your Tea team is passionate about serving quality tea options. For that reason, they only send loose leaf teas. Their tea experts believe that you should always brew teas in their natural state with whole leaves, not with leaves crushed up into bags. Whole leaves remain fresh longer, and they infuse slower, which reduces the chance they'll get bitter.

You should also note that you aren't limited to what's in your box. While you can't make a one-time tea purchase as a non-subscriber, subscribers can add an a-la-carte tea to any shipment. So, if you discover new favorite teas, you can always add those to your regular shipments to keep drinking them.

If you don't have time to submit tea ratings (or you forget), Free Your Tea will simply send you some of their most popular teas in your next box.

Sample Teas

Free Your Tea sources premium loose leaf teas from tea plantations and gardens around the world. They are focused on always improving their teas, so even the same blend may not taste the same all the time. Their offerings range from simple loose leaf teas to more complex blends. Some sample teas include:

  • Herbal tea (e.g., Chamomille, Green Rooibos
  • White tea
  • Black tea (e.g., Ginger Peach Black, Earl Grey, Indian Spice)
  • Green tea (e.g. Morrocan Mint)
  • Oolong tea
  • Blended tea
  • Caffeine-free tea

With every monthly subscription box, you'll get to try new herbal deliciousness. You never know what your next shipment will include, which is part of the fun!

If you choose a caffeine-free tea subscription box, then all of your teas will be caffeine-free. With regular tea subscriptions, you may or may not get caffeine-free teas, depending on your personalized tea preferences.


Free Your Tea offers both US and international shipping options. If you're in the US, you should receive your first personalized tea subscription box within two or three days after shipping. Your next subscription boxes will ship automatically toward the end of every month. You can contact their amazing customer service team if you need to delay your shipment for any reason.

Your next tea subscription box will ship every third month with a quarterly subscription. So aside from giving your ratings, you won't have to lift a finger to get premium loose leaf teas delivered to your door.

Sending a gift

Free Your Tea is one of the best tea subscription boxes to gift a loved one. Why? Because the first box of teas only ships when the gift recipient is ready. To give a gift, you'll click "Gift Tea" on the Free Your Tea website. Then, you pay for the order and enter the email address of the recipient. You can even include a gift message if you want.

Your tea-receiver will get a gift notification email with your message on any day you choose. From there, they can enter their address and get that initial sampler sent right to them. It's a great gift if you don't want to go through that awkward stage of asking your friend for their home address. If you want it to be a surprise, however, you can redeem the gift code yourself on behalf of the giftee.

Just like any other new subscribers, your person will get to set their subscriber preferences and rate their teas every month.


The cost breakdown for your personalized tea subscription boxes is as follows:

  • Monthly: $25 per month
  • Three-monthly: $24 per month
  • Quarterly: $23 per month

You can save on your monthly tea subscription box if you pay for multiple months in advance. Those prices are:

  • Six-monthly: $20 per month
  • Monthly year: $18 per month
  • Quarterly year: $15 per month

As you can see, prepaid subscriptions give you some great value with each box. Additionally, shipping in the US is always free. Internation shipping is $10 for six teas and $5 for two teas.


How should I steep tea from Free Your Tea?

All of Free Your Tea's loose leaf teas come with steeping directions that include temperature and steep times. In general, Free Your Tea recommends one teaspoon of tea per teacup of water. However, you can adjust this to match your taste.

Can you cancel Free Your Tea Subscriptions?

Yes, you can cancel, pause, or change your tea subscription service at any time by contacting Free Your Tea customer service.

Can I return a Free Your Tea order?

No, you cannot return your personalized tea from Free Your Tea. However, the customer service team is quick to solve any issues you may have with your order.

Pros & Cons


  • Awesome and cute gift for tea lovers
  • Get to try new loose-leaf teas each month
  • Free shipping for US addresses
  • Hot tea, iced tea, and caffeine-free tea options


  • No one-time purchase options for non-subscribers

Food for Thought

Overall, we have to give huge ups to Free Your Tea for mastering the art of the personalized tea subscription. The longer you keep ranking your favorite teas, the better your subscription box will be. So many other tea subscriptions focus on sending you their favorite teas, but with this one, you're in control.

Free Your Tea is also one of the best subscription boxes for gifting. It's so easy to send a subscription box to someone else, and they'll surely thank you for it. Every box of tea includes all you need to know to feel like a tea connoisseur. You can see the tasting notes, preparation instructions, and the region of origin.

We only wish there was an option to try some loose leaf tea without a subscription. However, since you can cancel your tea subscription at any time, there's little risk in trying the service.

Free Your Tea is most compatible with people who want a personalized tea subscription box that allows them to try new teas every month.

Free Your Tea delivery service

Free Your Tea

  • Awesome and cute gift for tea lovers
  • Get to try new loose-leaf teas each month
  • Free shipping for US addresses
  • Hot tea, iced tea, and caffeine-free tea options

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