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Four Sigmatic Review

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on December 23, 2021

Four Sigmatic is a company known for making superfood products that taste great and are good for your health. They have cocoa, elixirs, and even skincare items. At the base of all of these things are a variety of medicinal mushrooms.

The company's most popular product is their mushroom coffee, which many people drink as a coffee replacement. Like many other coffee alternative brands, Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee claims to give you natural, sustained energy without the crash and jitters associated with regular coffee.

If you find yourself getting tired in the middle of the day or experiencing negative side effects from coffee, then you'll want to read the rest of this Four Sigmatic review. Let's dig into the thought process behind Four Sigmatic and what to expect when you order.

Four Sigmatic At A Glance

  • Best Match For: People looking to optimize their performance and well-being through unique products with mushrooms and adaptogens.
  • Commitment Level: One-time orders; Subscription (20% off)
  • Availability: 56 countries including the US and Canada
  • Value: $15-$200/item or bundle; $4.95 shipping fee in the US; Free shipping for orders over $100; Members receive free shipping and 20% on all orders
  • Type: Crash-free fairtrade coffee, plant-based protein powders, adaptogens, skincare products, unique mushroom elixirs, mushroom cacao mixes, and more.

How Four Sigmatic Works

According to the company website, a "Four Sigmatic" food is one that is so rich in nutrients that it is better than average food by four standard deviations. The brand includes many of these 100 foods in all of their Four Sigmatic products.

The founders started the company in Finland after getting the desire to share the benefits of medicinal mushrooms. Now, Four Sigmatic has a free Mushroom Academy, a traveling Mushroom Mobile, and is in over 65 countries. The intriguing concept of their products has led to many famous reviews, including a viral review by Tim Ferriss.

Some of the notable health benefits from drinking coffee with mushrooms include a steady energy boost, antioxidant properties, and reduced inflammation. Some research shows that certain fungi also improve mental and physical performance.

The Mushroom Coffee

There are different types of Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee. The basic ingredients vary by the blend and may include Cordyceps mushroom, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and Chaga mushrooms. For example, the "Think" mushroom blend contains:

  • Organic Arabica coffee. The dark roast coffee is fair-trade and comes from Honduras.
  • Chaga mushroom extract. Known to support the immune system.
  • Lion’s mane. Supports brain health and function, memory, and focus.

When you browse the flavors online, you can look at each ingredient and its properties. The site encourages you to shop by the benefit you're seeking: Think, Defend, or Chill. The average mushroom coffee contains 30 to 40 mg of caffeine, which is half the amount of a typical cup of coffee.

Mushroom Elixirs

Another beverage option for people who don't want any caffeine at all is to get one of the elixir packets. They have Reishi, Cordyceps Elixir, Chaga, and a Lion’s Mane elixir. You can find information about the differences between each of the medicinal mushrooms before you make a purchase.


You can choose between a regular ground version and an instant coffee version.

Brew the regular grind of mushroom coffee just like coffee, using four tablespoons of coffee to 12 ounces of hot water.

For the instant mushroom coffee mix or the elixirs, combine one packet with eight ounces of hot water.

Of course, you can prepare your mushroom blends to your own taste. Try to make drinks with your favorite plant milk, sweetener, or coconut oil.

What You Can Expect

A Four Sigmatic membership is perfect for any level coffee drinker. You save money if you like the Four Sigmatic products, and you don't waste any money if you don't. When you sign up for a membership, you get:

  • Free shipping in the US
  • Free samples
  • Membership concierge
  • 20% off every order
  • Test new products before anyone else

The mushroom coffee delivery services are flexible, so you can add as much or as little stuff to your box as you want per month.

If you're just starting out, you may want to add a small box of each flavor so that you can get used to mushroom in coffee.

The packaging is bright orange, and it features the exact puns related to mushrooms you would expect.

If you drink one cup of coffee every day, then you're spending about 90 cents per serving on your coffee consumption. This cost is much less than going to your local coffee shop all the time.

Sample Purchases - What Should You Buy?

Since there is a range of Four Sigmatic mushroom coffees, let's break down the properties of each of your options.


The Defend blend is a medium roast made with the medicinal mushrooms Turkey Tail and Chaga. It also has probiotics and prebiotic supplements.

According to scientific evidence, these ingredients support gut health and immunity to disease. If regular coffee usually gives you stomach issues, this is the perfect way to compact that problem.


As we mentioned, the Think blend contains a concentration of Lion’s Mane, Chaga, and coffee. It works to stimulate your mind and central nervous system without causing anxiety and fatigue like too much coffee can. It's a great blend for someone who wants beverages that will increase their productivity or creativity.


Maybe you like the taste of coffee but don't need to be on edge all day. The adaptogen balance blend contains medicinal mushrooms as well as adaptogens ashwagandha, tulsi, and eleuthero. The result is digestion support, increased stamina, and reduced stress.


Four Sigmatic foods ship all over the world. For orders in the United States, you can expect shipping times within three to five days.

If you don't have a membership, your order must be over $100 to qualify for free shipping.

Since you can cancel any time, you might as well sign up for the subscription to take advantage of the lower price.

There are many in-person sellers of Four Sigmatic products.

You can use the store locator on their site to find a location in your area.

However, ordering online helps you find everything that the company offers.

Lastly, if you want to become a reseller instead of a customer, send a message to the brand email address to get a partnership for bulk orders in the works.


Is four Sigmatic safe?

Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee is made with all organic ingredients, no added sugar, and no artificial substances. There have been no reports of a downside or a negative health risk to consuming Four Sigmatic compounds.

Aside from the peanut protein powders, there are no common allergens in any of the products. If you are pregnant or nursing, it's best to consult your doctor before making any lifestyle changes and listen to your body.

Is mushroom coffee actually good for you?

There is research from health experts that backs the claims about medicinal mushrooms such as lion’s mane mushroom, Chaga, and Cordyceps. According to the results of a study in the Journal of Nutrition, shrooms contain antioxidants, can help fight diseases, and may even help with depression.

owever, not all mushroom coffee companies are equal. For the medicinal properties of mushrooms to appear, the extract must come from the fruiting bodies, not the mycelium. Some competitors make their mushroom powder from the least beneficial part of the supplement.

You also have to make sure you get adequate doses of the mushroom content if you're looking for the best results.

The Four Sigmatic team uses a non-chemical extraction method to remove the healthy beta-glucans from the fruiting bodies. Most consumers have positive responses concerning the effect of the mushroom coffee.

What is the best mushroom coffee?

The best mushroom coffee is a matter of opinion, but we find Four Sigmatic to be the perfect place to start your exploration. The type of coffee you prefer depends on the caffeine levels you want, your tastes, and the medicine dose you're seeking.

When you buy coffee with mushroom extracts, look at the name of the mushrooms. The most popular ones with science-backed benefits are Cordyceps, Chaga, Reishi, and Lions Mane.

What is the point of mushroom coffee?

Mushroom coffee serves many different purposes for a large percentage of people. One reason people drink it is to change their routine and curb their caffeine addiction. Others may be interested in the health properties of herbs and superfoods or want to avoid insomnia that coffee can cause.

The idea behind it is to improve your quality of life and provide steady energy for any activity. It's worth a try if your current coffee habit leaves you feeling tired or stressed.

Is Four Sigmatic good for you?

Four Sigmatic may be better for you than regular coffee. The powerful effects of chaga mushrooms, including immune-boosting, antiviral effects, and antioxidants turn your cup into a health-enhancing drink. The company also sells Mushroom hot cacaos, mushroom elixirs, and other helpful products.

What is the best Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee?

Four Sigmatic offers three main blends of mushroom coffee using cordyceps, chaga, reishi, and lion’s mane: Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane, Mushroom Coffee with Probiotics, and Adaptogen Coffee with Ashwagandha. The best mushroom coffee for you depends on the properties you’re looking for.

Does Four Sigmatic get you high?

No. The mushrooms in Four Sigmatic are functional mushrooms, meaning they enhance your health, not psychedelic mushrooms. You will not get high drinking Four Sigmatic.

How much is Four Sigmatic worth?

According to Crunchbase Four Sigmatic’s annual revenue is $61.7 million.

Is Four Sigmatic at Whole Foods?

Yes, you can buy Four Sigmatic products at Whole Foods Market and other health food stores.

Is Four Sigmatic coffee mold free?

Yes, Four Sigmatic coffee is third-party tested for pesticides, mycotoxins, pathogens, heavy metals, yeasts, and molds. It is also fair-trade and contains no carriers, additives, or fillers. 

Is Four Sigmatic psychoactive?

No, Four Sigmatic has no psychoactive properties. The mushrooms in Four Sigmatic are not drugs, they are food. 

Is there caffeine in Four Sigmatic?

The Four Sigmatic instant mushroom coffees contain half the amount of caffeine of a regular cup of coffee, which means that they have 50mg per serving. The Ground Mushroom Coffees have a full serving of caffeine. 

Where is Four Sigmatic based?

Four Sigmatic, a Finnish-American food and drink company specializing in mushroom-based drinks, has headquarters in Los Angeles.

Does Four Sigmatic make decaf?

Yes, Four Sigmatic has drinks with no caffeine. The plant-based proteins, golden and chai latte, blends, and elixirs are caffeine-free. Also, the Chaga Elixir tastes a lot like coffee. 

Is Four Sigmatic Coffee instant?

Yes, Four Sigmatic has both instant and ground coffee options. Both types come in three flavors: Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane, Mushroom Coffee with Probiotics, and Adaptogen Coffee with Ashwagandha. The instant coffees contain half the amount of caffeine in the average cup of coffee.

How much caffeine does Four Sigmatic Matcha have?

Four Sigmatic Match contains 20 mg of caffeine, which is 1/5th of the amount in a regular cup of coffee. The matcha makes for a creamy and earthy latte.

Does Four Sigmatic use mycelium?

No, Four Sigmatic uses only the fruiting bodies or the real mushrooms in their products according to their website. The fruiting bodies and real mushrooms contain up to 15 times more active ingredients than mycelium. 

Does Four Sigmatic break a fast?

Depending on your personal guidelines, Four Sigmatic may not break your fast. Many of their products contain little to no calories and zero carbs, such as the Ground Adaptogen Coffee. 

Can you cold brew Four Sigmatic?

Yes, you can take a bag of Four Sigmatic Ground coffee and cold brew it for 14 hours for a tasty way to consume your mushrooms. 

Is Four Sigmatic Coffee Organic?

Yes, all of Four Sigmatic’s products are certified organic with either the USDA seal or the CCOF Certified Organic seal. 

Does Costco sell Four Sigmatic coffee?

Yes, you can now find Four Sigmatic products at Costco. 

Four Sigmatic Costs

Prices start at $15 for instant mushroom coffee and can go up to $330 for some limited edition bundles. A flat rate shipping fee of $4.95 applies to US delivery, while orders exceeding $100 receive free shipping. If you opt in for a membership, you receive free shipping for every order and an additional 20% discount.

Pros & Cons


  • Tastes like bold, earthy coffee
  • Provides natural stimulation when you want to get work done
  • Lots of health benefits from ingredients found in nature
  • Helpful blog if you want to learn more or ask questions


  • The website is kind of busy with lots of different links and pages

Food for Thought

In review, Four Sigmatic has something for everyone. Whether you want mood enhancement or better sleep, you can get products with mushrooms that support your goals. The company is honest about their mission to educate people as well as use natural ingredients.

Their long list of items works with whatever diet you may have, such as Keto, Paleo, or Vegan. There is a disclaimer on their site that they are not yet backed by the FDA. However, many customers who have joined the community state nothing but positive comments about Four Sigmatic.

Four Sigmatic products are most compatible with people looking to subscribe to a tasty, easy-to-prepare drink with all the health benefits of mushrooms.

Four Sigmatic delivery service

Four Sigmatic

  • Tastes like bold, earthy coffee
  • Provides natural stimulation when you want to get work done
  • Lots of health benefits from ingredients found in nature
  • Helpful blog if you want to learn more or ask questions

Hi, I'm Paul. Welcome to my website! I, along with my cronies, are leveraging our years of working in the food industry to review meal and drink delivery services. We review. You eat happily ever after.

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