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Last Updated on February 21, 2021

One of the most exciting parts of Valentine's Day is the food. Even if you don't have fancy dinner ideas, getting adorable sweets for someone is a great way to get into the spirit. You can buy special Valentine's Day cookies for friends, a loved one, or even your coworkers or kids.

Here's a list of our favorite Valentine's Day cookies from Etsy users. The list is in no particular order, we love them all! These hand-crafted treats will help you show love or appreciation to someone special.

Our Best Valentines Food & Cookies

1 - Valentine’s Heart Lace Sugar Cookies

Valentine’s Heart Lace Sugar Cookies

The Heart Lace Cookies from Sweet17Cookies are as adorable as they sound.

They are heart-shaped and artfully decorated with pink, red, and white frosting.

These are made to order and individually-wrapped, so they stay fresh until they get to their destination.

These cookies come in many flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, pumpkin spice, funfetti sprinkles, orange, coffee, gingerbread, and more.

2 - We Go Together Like PB&J | Valentine’s Day Cookies

These cookies from ALKSweets are shaped like pieces of bread with peanut butter and jelly on top.

This is an adorable gift for the person who is the peanut butter to your jelly. The two flavor options are lemon and sugar.

You can have these cookies shipped closer to Valentine's Day to ensure they arrive just in time for the holiday.

Each cookie is wrapped individually and packaged with padding to resist breakage.

We Go Together Like PB&J | Valentine’s Day Cookies

3 - Valentine’s Day Cookies Chocolate Covered Oreos

Valentine’s Day Cookies Chocolate Covered Oreos

Do you know someone who loves Oreos and chocolate?

With these cookies from FaithfullySweetTreat, you have a recipe to make their day.

The seller decorates Oreo cookies with icing sheets and candy melts to match any holiday.

You get the option to order six or 12 cookies in one box.

You can also decide whether you want them individually-wrapped or packaged as a gift box.

4 - Valentine Cookie Gift Boxes

The cookie boxes from TheCookieBee are edible illustrations of popular phrases and puns.

These phrases include "Yoda one for me," "I love you berry much," "I love you a latte," and others.

There are nine design options total, and the cookies come in a gift box with a ribbon.

Valentine Cookie Gift Boxes

5 - St. Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe Cookie game

St. Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe Cookie game

Ever wish you could eat your favorite game?

From MyBakeryClub, these handmade and decorated cookies come with one cookie Tic-Tac-Toe game board and 12 cookie play pieces.

This product makes a fun gift for a child or friend, and you can play around before you eat!

6 - BB Mine Valentine's Cookie Set

TheFandomBakery makes sets of treats that are perfect for all types of pop culture lovers.

This cookie set features a BB-8 cookie from Star Wars and a "Will You BB My Valentine" cookie.

Your person also gets a few Hershey's Kisses sprinkled in the box.

BB Mine Valentine's Cookie Set

7 - CakeMessages Valentine's Cookies

CakeMessages Valentine's Cookies

These cookies from CakeMessages come in a heart-shaped tin.

The tin includes one big heart and two mini cookies, but you are free to customize your order if you message the seller.

The recipe allows you to choose the primary color you want out of blue, pink, or red.

8 - Love Day Sugar Cookies - Vegan

Is your gift recipient vegan?

Then these Valentine's Day cookies are perfect.

They are heart-shaped, multi-colored, and come in batches of a dozen per order.

The delicious recipe uses soy milk, vegan butter, pastry flour, and gel food coloring.

Love Day Sugar Cookies - Vegan

9 - Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Kit

Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Kit

If you prefer to design your own cookies for your special person (or with them!), you can do so with this kit from Kriskreationsdesign.

Each box comes with 12 cookies in the shapes of hearts, teddy bears, and roses.

You also get bags of icing and sprinkles.

It's a fun activity to do with friends, kids, or your significant other.

10 - Toilet Paper and Poop Cookies

While it doesn't sound extremely romantic to some, these cookies are great for couples with a fun sense of humor.

The sour cream sugar cookies come with buttercream and royal icing, and they are packaged individually for freshness.

The seller also makes fun cookies for weddings and bachelorette parties.

Toilet Paper and Poop Cookies

11 - Valentine's Day Heart Cookie Bouquet

Valentine's Day Heart Cookie Bouquet

If you're torn between getting cookies and flowers, get a bouquet of cookies!

The Valentine's Day gift comes with a free notecard, six cookies, and professional wrapping.

They are heat-sealed and package with bubble wrap to ensure their safe arrival.

You can even customize a cookie bouquet if you want to do something special.

12 - Peach and Eggplant Cookies - Vegan

Here's another vegan option with a lot of personality.

Each cookie is hand-crafted and baked right before shipping.

You can get your two peach and eggplant cookies in three different recipe flavors: vanilla, chocolate chip, and chocolate.

Peach and Eggplant Cookies - Vegan

13 - TheLittleBakerCo Valentine's Day Cookies

TheLittleBakerCo Valentine's Day Cookies

These cuties are reminiscent of the Valentine's Day classic heart candies.

The cookies are vanilla or shortbread, and they have decorations and phrases on them such as "Be Mine," "Love," and "Happy Valentine's Day."

The seller allows you to customize the color of your cookies and insert your preferred delivery date.

Food for Thought

Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without the perfect food or treats like a heart cake or heart cookies. Thanks to sellers on Etsy, you can find the perfect cookies to give your loved ones whether they like white chocolate, chocolate chip, or vanilla.

There are even recipe options for vegans, so no one has to feel left out of these adorable goodies. Consider filling your cart this Valentine's 


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