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Unique DIY Food Kits you can Find on Uncommon Goods

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on October 16, 2021

DIY food kits can be a great way to tap into your inner chef and add to your cooking experience. Not only can you make your favorite foods at home, but these kits also come with everything you need and make it easy to try new food and learn new techniques.

Want to get in on the action? Here are some products available at the Uncommon Goods site to help make your holiday shopping search a little more easily.

Our Top Unique DIY Food Kits

1. Homemade Sourdough Bread Kit

Homemade Sourdough Bread Kit

Add this one to the list if you love sourdough bread but have a deadline you're working under.

There's nothing like fresh, homemade bread, but many sourdough recipes can take up to five days to make.

This easy bread making kit will help you achieve that flavor and experience you're after — without the excessive time commitment.

Once this dough has risen, it only needs to bake for 15 minutes — ideal for your next home party or a freshly made gift.

2. Pretzel & Beer Cheese Kit

This is the perfect holiday gift to give a foodie who loves bar foods and appetizers.

This DIY kit delivers shelf-stable components that allow you to create 12 pretzels and even includes what you need to try your hand at cheesemaking in your own home.

This kit doesn't cook up in as little time as some food kits out there, but it's one that's certainly worth the wait.

Pretzel & Beer Cheese Kit

3. DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit

DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit

Add to your cooking repertoire with this DIY food kit that includes everything you need to make this Japanese favorite right in your own kitchen.

Each kit contains enough ingredients and supplies for 32 sweet and chewy rice-based pastries that are wonderful for pairing with your favorite ice cream.

Flavor with the included matcha and cocoa and you'll love the unique flavor and texture — as well as the step-by-step instructions that are suitable even for beginners.

4. Chinese Soup Dumpling Kit

You'll find all the tools and supplies you need to make fresh dumplings in your own home.

A classic street food from Shanghai, the doughy outer of the bun complements the hot broth tucked away inside.

This set comes complete with a five-piece bamboo steamer, dumpling dough roller, and wooden spatula.

Instructions, recipes, and ingredients are also included.

Chinese Soup Dumpling Kit

5. Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit

Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit

Add this to your shopping list if you've been looking for a great present for a chocolate lover.

Gourmet chocolate truffles made with organic cocoa powder and organic coconut flakes give you a unique and fun cooking experience.

This DIY kit includes all the necessary supplies to venture into truffle making, including a candy thermometer.

6. Make Your Own Fortune Cookies Kit

Now you can add your favorite take-out dessert to your list of cooking accomplishments — and make them in the comfort of your own kitchen.

This fortune cookie-making kit includes the tools needed to create 40 (4 batches of 10 cookies) fortune cookies at home.

Add in the included cocoa powder even allows you to make a twist on the classic for a crunchy, chocolatey cookie that may just become your next favorite.

Make Your Own Fortune Cookies Kit

7. Italian Cheesemaking Kit

Italian Cheesemaking Kit

Ready to create fresh cheeses in your own home? 

This kit allows you to produce 10 different batches of Italian cheeses.

Included in the order are 100% vegetarian rennet and real cheesemaking culture,.

Now you can say goodbye to unnatural preservatives and products.

8. Sushi Making Kit

With a bamboo rolling mat, sushi rice, and wasabi powder, you can enjoy freshly-made sushi in your own space.

Simple instructions and even a helpful list of drink pairings make this a great kit choice for when you have company.

Each kit serves four people.

Sushi Making Kit

9. Homemade Mushroom Ravioli Kit

Homemade Mushroom Ravioli Kit

There are plenty of store-bought brands of ravioli out there, but making ravioli from scratch gives you a final product that is so much more than cooking frozen ravioli on your stovetop.

Each of these kits comes with the necessary pre-measured dry components and step-by-step instructions.

Pick up your favorite fresh fillings and enjoy your homemade meal.

10. Homemade Tortilla Kit

Tired of food kits that require specialty items you don't have in your cupboard?

This DIY food kit comes complete with all of the items needed to cook fresh tortillas.

Add this to your list of kits that are great for kids and adults alike.

This set comes with a tortilla press, traditional woven cloth, habanero hot sauce, and recipes to get you started.

Homemade Tortilla Kit

11. French Madeleine Baking Kit

French Madeleine Baking Kit

On the search for DIY kits that can compete with the best brands out there?

This French Madeleine Baking kit is a great choice for kids and includes a specialty pan for the classic Madeleine look.

Portioned dry recipe components are included — just add eggs. Each kit makes 24 cookies.

12. Molten Chocolate Cake Kit

This DIY kit includes ramekins and pre-measured dry food products to create mini molten chocolate cakes at home.

If you've been waiting for your sign to indulge your chocolate craving, this may be the sort of kit you've been looking for.

Add your favorite fresh fruit to the finished product and you'll have a dessert that's just as delicious as those from big-name brands.

Molten Chocolate Cake Kit

13. Bagel and Cream Cheese Making Kit

Bagel and Cream Cheese Making Kit

This is one of those DIY food kits you don't want to miss out on.

Enjoy homemade bagels just like those you'd pick up at your local bagel company.

Included with each set are the ingredients for both everything bagels and cinnamon raisin bagels.

Add your own spin to the bagels with your favorite flavors.

Each kit makes 12 bagels and 1.5 pounds of the good stuff.

14. DIY Chocolate Bar Maker

If you have your favorite brands and company products you prefer to stick to when you're baking, this might be the DIY set for you.

Use this mold and shop for your preferred favorite components, like organic chocolate or specialty flavors and savor your made-at-home dessert.

Add in nuts or dried fruit for fresh chocolate varieties. Each mold makes 7 bars of chocolate and kits include foil for wrapping and gifting.

DIY Chocolate Bar Maker

15. Vegan Cheesemaking Kit

Vegan Cheesemaking Kit

There's no reason to skip a cheesemaking set — even if you're vegan.

You may not be able to find vegan-friendly cheeses at your local shop, but this set gives you the items necessary to make your own at home.

Organic tapioca starch, yeast flakes, cheesecloth, and even a thermometer are included.

Add in your own favorite nuts and flavors for one-of-a-kind cheeses you can't buy in the shop.

Favorite Foods from Uncommon Goods — Made at Home!

Nothing beats creating your own favorite foods at home. If you're the sort of person that likes to use kits to try exciting foods or have been hunting for the perfect gift, drop by Uncommon Goods' site to search through the options and add to your collection.

You may get the sign — and that perfect gift — you've been looking for.

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