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Last Updated on June 9, 2021

All sorts of prepared meal delivery services exist to send fresh meals to your door when you get tired of meal planning and prepping. However, few services have as many meal options each week as CookUnity. CookUnity stands out from similar services because the service hires certified private chefs to prepare all sorts of meals and package them up for you.

If you want restaurant-quality dinners at home without lifting a finger, this may be the subscription for you. Keep reading to learn more about how to sign up for CookUnity.

How Cookunity Works

According to their website, the company is the first service to connect regular people to private chefs. Their team of over 50 chefs works in top restaurants in New York, and some of them are Michelin starred. These chefs prepare healthy meals with wholesome ingredients so you can save time and care for your body. Their food is non-GMO and made from scratch, and all the meat is humanely raised.

When you create an account, you can browse the online menu and select how many meals you want each week. Every menu posts up to two weeks in advance so you can plan and pick dishes accordingly. As you browse, you can find nutrition facts and other information about every meal.

The system is also set to cater to different subscription preferences. The preferences you can alter include:

  • delivery day
  • delivery time
  • taste preferences
  • dietary restrictions

Once you set your preferences, you'll see suggestions for items to try every week. As you continue to eat and rate meals, the algorithm will suggest options that you're bound to enjoy. If you don't want the suggestions, you can easily choose your dishes yourself.

You can manage your subscription from the CookUnity app, the website, or by calling customer service. You have until 5:00 PM three days before your delivery to skip or change your meals for the week or reschedule the food delivery day. The chefs create the meals to remain fresh and flavorful for up to seven days in the fridge.

Additionally, all customers can access the CookUnity nutrition team. If you want to talk through your health journey with someone, send a message to the team and receive expert advice.

What You Can Expect From Your Meal

You receive your food in a box at your door on your delivery day. The box is made of kraft paper, and it will contain gel packs, insulation, an insulated bag, and meal trays.

The meals come individually sealed with modified atmosphere packaging to keep them fresh. 

Each item has a label that tells you the expiration date, the nutritional information, and the heating directions. CookUnity recommends that you use the oven to heat your meals when possible.

One special perk of this food delivery service is that each order comes with plating instructions. By plating the food as suggested, you can feel as though your living room is a restaurant.

CookUnity meals are never frozen. If you want more than dinner, customers can also order drinks, pantry items, breakfast, and appetizers.

Make sure to rate and review your food after you eat it to send feedback to the chefs. Lastly, you can pause your subscription for up to eight weeks if you need a break.

Sample Meals

The CookUnity meals cater to a variety of tastes and diets. Though you need to enter your zip code to see the full menu, you can view a few sample options on the website. When you click one of the options, you'll find details such as the ingredient list and the appropriate labels such as paleo, veggie, low carb, etc. Some sample meals are:

  • seared steak with Brussels sprouts
  • pesto-roasted salmon
  • lemon rosemary chicken
  • beyond meat tacos


CookUnity delivers to Maryland, New York, New Jersey, San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Deleware, and Connecticut locations.

You do not need to be home to receive your meals, and you'll be kept up to date on the tracking information via text message, so you know when your food will arrive.

Depending on your location, you may be eligible for different types of drop-offs.

The drop-off options are: leave at my door, deliver to the door, or leave with the doorman. If you want to add more meals to your weekly delivery, you can do so before your delivery day.


How much is cookunity?

CookUnity meals cost between $10 and $13 per meal on average. You can order between four and 12 meals per week, and the price per meal decreases the more you buy. Occasionally, new customers can find special promotions and free shipping.

How do I cancel my CookUnity subscription?

You can cancel your subscription online or in the app under the "My Plan" account settings at any time. You will still receive any orders you've already paid for. Another option is to contact the customer service team via email or phone.

Can you freeze CookUnity meals?

Though the company recommends eating the meals after storing them in the fridge, you can freeze them if you cannot eat them by the expiration date. If you do, you'll need to thaw the meal out before you heat it to eat it.

How do I become a home chef?

CookUnity accepts chef applications from anyone who wants to join the team. All you need to do is provide your cooking experience and a resume to apply. Hired chefs get access to eco-friendly packaging and a state-of-the-art kitchen.

Pros & Cons


  • Skilled, private chefs prepare your food
  • Skilled, private chefs prepare your food
  • The app and website make it easy to manage your subscription
  • Gain access to a collective of nutritionists


  • Not available all over the US

Food For Thought

Overall, New York-based CookUnity is a cool way to get food from a home chef without hiring one. With so many different plans available, it's easy to customize your order to fit the whole family. You can also get more than dinner delivered with their platform, making this a comprehensive food delivery service.

CookUnity is most compatible with people who love to eat at restaurants but want to stay home.

Cook Unity delivery service


  • Skilled, private chefs prepare your food
  • Diverse food options fit a variety of needs
  • The app and website make it easy to manage your subscription
  • Gain access to a collective of nutritionists

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