CookBook App Review (Here’s What I Think)

Written By: Paul

CookBook App Review

For those who have a passion for cooking and trying new things, constantly finding new recipes and ideas is part of the fun! 

But what do you do with all of these recipes you discover? CookBook Manager, previously known as CookBook App, is an app designed to keep all your recipes in one place and digitally organized!

As a food lover myself, CookBook Manager has been something that I’ve found myself relying on – especially considering its unique features and ability to scan and read documents!

The built-in features such as timers and shopping lists make CookBook Manager a multipurpose timesaver. 

If your paper recipe book is overflowing, or are simply interested in CookBook Manager, this article will take you through the key things you should know about the app. We’ll explore:

  • How the CookBook Manager app works
  • Features of the app
  • How much the app costs
  • Whether it’s ultimately worth your time and money.

Let’s get started!

How Does CookBook Manager Work? 

  1. The first thing to do is to download the app on your device’s app store so that you can get started straight away!
  2. Once you’ve signed up by following the directions, you can try the app with 20 free recipes and 5 recipe scans from photos. This is perfect for those old recipes that have been handed down to you, or old photos that aren’t clear. 
  3. After your trial, CookBook Manager starts at $1.49 per month. Alternatively, you can opt to pay $9.99 a year, or a one-time lifetime access fee of $40.99. 
  4. Once you’ve paid your subscription – that’s it! There are hidden fees or recurring costs apart from your membership fee. You can enjoy your recipes easily either through the app or the website extension.

The App Features 

There are four main features to the app: Add, Manage, Cook, and Plan. 

Add is where you add your recipes and scan your photos. You can import recipes from online, scan cookbooks, take photos of handwritten recipes, and even transfer from magazines! 

You can also add your own recipes, as well as notes and tips that you have picked up along the way. CookBook Manager is very user-friendly and intuitive. 

Add Recipe
Add Recipe

Manage lets you organize your recipes into various categories, and you can tag them yourself so that you know what you’re looking for when you search your files. 

For example, you could save a baking folder, an experimental folder, 30-minute meals, and so on! 

The Manage feature allows you to label recipes to your tastes and search for them when you feel like something from that category. 

On top of all this, your recipes are available offline as they are synced to the cloud. Therefore, you can access them anywhere, at any time! 

Manage Recipe
Manage Recipe

The Cook feature of the app is one of the most useful and interactive features. When you start cooking a recipe, the app allows you to set multiple timers at once for different elements of the dish and cross off parts as you go. 

You can also get the app to read the recipe aloud to you while cooking to save time scrolling and reading. 

Even more conveniently, the app will convert serving sizes, portions, and measurements into what you need. They’ve truly thought of everything! 

Cook Feature
Cook Feature

Finally, with Plan, the app will allow you to make grocery lists, keep track of what you already have and what you will need, as well as figuring out which recipes can share ingredients to save you time and money running back and forth to the grocery store. 

You can export, share, and print your recipes whenever you need!

Plan Your Month
Plan Your Month

How Much Does It Cost? 

The app uses a range of pricing models and subscription-based purchases, allowing you to pay monthly, yearly, or just one time as a lifetime purchase. 

The monthly subscription is $1.49, making a year total $17.88 when you pay monthly. 

Alternatively, the annual membership is $9.99 a year, saving you around $7 per year. 

If you really love the app (or just don’t want another subscription to worry about), you can make a one-off lifetime purchase of $40.99 – the same as 4 years on an annual subscription! 

If you’re not sure that you’ll like the app, make sure to give it a go with the 20 free recipes and 5 photo scan trials before you start your subscription. 

The Pros and Cons 

As with any purchase, there are pros and cons to consider:


  • Easy and accessible, available on most smartphones and tablets
  • The unique features such as conversions and timers are intuitive and actually useful for home cooks
  • Multiple subscription options to suit, allowing you to choose between monthly, yearly, or lifetime
  • You an sync across multiple platforms on the cloud, allowing you to log in on other devices
  • Interactive app that offers much more than a printed page!


  • Not available as a desktop app, which could be off-putting for those who like to read off their laptops
  • Costs money. Although the pricing is reasonable, some may question if a physical recipe book is more effective.

Is CookBook Manager Worth Your Time and Money? 

So, is CookBook Manager worth your time and money? 

Ultimately, the answer is yes, in my opinion. The pricing is very reasonable for what the app can do for you, and its customization and positive reviews make it a great tool for all food lovers and experimental chefs. 

CookBook Manager is a great solution for clearing up and storing hundreds of pages of printed or handwritten recipes and is ultimately a practical tool that many cooks can adopt into their cooking!

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