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The CookBook App Review: Everything You Need to Know

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

Ever felt overwhelmed by the many recipe books, magazines, and online recipes from different sites and apps?

The CookBook App is your own pocket recipe manager. The app lets you save all your favorite recipes in one place for easy access, plan meals for the week to come, make a grocery list, and cook in an interactive way. With the real-time recipe scanning (OCR), you can import recipes from the web and physical media and save in your own customized cookbook to never again have to sweat over the question "what's cooking?".

You can even scan handwritten recipes. Perfect for family recipes such as that of your granny's world-famous apple pie thanks to the advanced built-in technology with character recognition system. Let's have a closer look at the advantages of The CookBook App!

CookBook App At A Glance

  • Best Match For: Creative cooks who like to experiment in the kitchen, and need an app where they can keep track of all the good recipes.
  • Commitment Level: Monthly, yearly, or a lifetime subscription
  • Availability: Browse recipes in the CookBook app or on the website.
  • Value: $1.49/month; $9.99/year; $40.99/lifetime; Free trial
  • Type: A recipe organizing app for iOS and Android

How The CookBook App Works

You can find The CookBook App in the app store where you download your mobile applications – Apple Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.

How to Sign Up

The CookBook App is available to you for a one-time fee. After that, it's free to use – there are no hidden or recurrent costs!


This sleek multi-platform tool is available online and offline across your Apple iOS or Android devices. Note that The CookBook App is currently unavailable in app format on Windows desktops, Mac desktops, and Kindles – but you can use the online version in your web browser.

The features are add recipes, manage, cook, plan, and more. It's safe to say the creators have thought about all possible scenarios and actions you might wanna take!


With the Add feature, you create your virtual cookbook by either importing recipes from the respective websites, importing files, scanning from cookbooks, magazines, and handwritten notes, or documenting your own successful recipe experiments.

When you find a recipe you like in a book or a magazine, simply use the built-in scan functionality (you need to be online to use it).

You can choose by scanning the text alone or adding images too.

As for online recipes, The CookBook App lets you add recipes on some common file formats.


This functionality lets you intuitively tag recipes for certain keywords so that you can easily search for recipes.

You can also store your recipes by creating your own personal recipe collection from different sources.

Since recipes are saved on the cloud, you can access them even when you're offline.

Perfect when traveling or being in remote areas with poor internet connection!

The Heart lets you mark your favorite recipes to quickly find them when hunger strikes.

This feature makes it easy to share your best recipe discoveries with family and friends by using the handy export function.

Unit Conversion

The conversions feature lets you convert measuring units between the US, imperial, and metric systems. You can also use it to convert temperatures between Fahrenheit and Celsius. 

Use Your Leftovers

Got leftover ingredients? Search for the ingredient in the virtual recipe manager and get recipe suggestions to match. An excellent way to save money and food waste!


When you cook using the CookBook App, you can benefit from features like timers, scaling of recipes to change the number of servings, and conversion of measurement units and temperatures.

Many users love the interactive part: keep track of where you are in the recipe by crossing completed steps and hiding ingredients you've already added.

You can also add notes about the recipe. 

In short, it's like having a physical recipe book that you can write in, together with the convenience of having an online tool!

Cooking mode lets the app read the recipe for you while cooking.

As for the timers, the app supports running several recipe timers at once to facilitate multitasking.


Time to get organized!

Your only task is to compose your desired weekly menu, and CookBook App will automatically create a shopping list categorizing the ingredients into their respective aisles.

You can add other ingredients too, such as toothpaste, by editing the shopping list.

With Export & Share, you can export the shopping list or meal plan for easy access – or share with someone else via email.

It's possible to bulk export recipes to a zip, HTML, or YAML file.

You can, of course, print the recipes too.

Cookbook App Costs

Depending on the subscription you choose, you can expect to pay $1.49 per month or $9.99 for an annual membership. If you don’t like the subscription model, you can purchase lifetime access for $40.99. There is also a free trial that allows you to save up to 45 recipes.


How much is the CookBook app?

You can download the CookBook app for free. However, to save more than 40 recipes, you’ll need a premium subscription. You can pay for your subscription on a monthly or annual basis.

Is there an app to make a CookBook?

Yes, there is a recipe app called CookBook, which allows you to import recipes from websites, hand-written notes, magazines, and physical books to create your own virtual cookbook.

Is the CookBook app free?

Yes, the CookBook app is free on Android and iOS. A free account allows you to keep up to 100 recipes. To make a free account, download the app and register.

Pros & Cons


  • No monthly fee – only a one-time purchase
  • Useful features such as recipe scanning, meal plan, grocery list
  • Cross-platform use – sync across platforms
  • Interactive cooking mode lets you cross completed steps


  • Not available on desktop

Food for Thought

The CookBook App is a practical tool to collect all your digital and physical recipes in one place. Many users appreciate the interactive features of crossing out recipe ingredients you've already used and steps you've completed. It's also useful as a meal planner and to create shopping lists to carry with you on your phone, where ingredients are listed in their adequate amount and automatically sorted according to their aisle.

What some people miss in this digital recipe manager is the possibility to view the recipe ingredients and directions on the same page – users need to swipe between the two, which can be challenging while cooking.

All in all, we find it a convenient and affordable solution to create your own, virtual cookbook!

CookBook App

  • No monthly fee – only a one-time purchase
  • Useful features such as recipe scanning, meal plan, grocery list
  • Cross-platform use – sync across platforms
  • Interactive cooking mode lets you cross completed steps

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