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Meal Matchmaker’s Carnivore Club Review

Written By: Paul

Last Updated on January 21, 2022

Carnivore Club is one of the more unique food subscription services we've reviewed because it's the first subscription box that delivers a box of quality meat products right to your door!

The Carnivore Club Box is filled with meats and cheeses, which reflect a variety of flavors that can be hard to find at your local grocery store. Fortunately, meat lovers can join the club right from the comfort of their own home and enjoy the Carnivore Club experience.

With Carnivore Club, you can get quality meats delivered right to your door no matter what the reason. So whether it be snack boxes, meat packages, or a charcuterie kit, you're sure to love this subscription filled with all things meat.

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How Carnivore Club Works

Every month, Carnivore Club partners with different meat artisans to help craft specially designed offers. Carnivore Club is so precise and unique in its selection that it's probably going to be pretty hard to replicate it by going to your local grocery store.


Follow these steps to give a carnivore Club Box a try:

First, sign up on their website. Register as a new user to get important information like your address, so they know exactly where to send your delicious meats.

Select the option you want. You can choose to order a snack box or a classic box. You'll also need to select the delivery frequency of your order. Maybe you don't want to commit to a regularly scheduled Carnivore Club experience. That's okay. You can skip the subscription and order one of their exclusively designed gift boxes instead! You'll still get the Carnivore Club guarantee. As a special gift idea to yourself or a loved one, you can upgrade to a faux wood box to get that real artisan meat experience.

Step outside your door, pick up your subscription box or gift box, and enjoy!

Additionally, a quick Internet search will provide you with links to coupons so you can get more boxes without breaking the bank.

What You Can Expect From Your Box

Each Carnivore Club box includes meat that is ready to eat as soon as you get it! So the only thing you'll need your kitchen counter for is to take a picture of your exclusive Carnivore Club snack box to send to your friends and post on your Instagram feed.

Your items will come in a red box akin to the color of red wine with gold lettering: Talk about fancy! If there's ever a time for a social media post about cured meats, it's when you receive your Carnivore Club shipment.

All of your meats will come tightly wrapped, and they'll represent flavors and recipes from all over the world. Because Carnivore Club partners with so many meat artisans, your Beef jerky will get quite the upgrade and become a decadent snack you look forward to having.

Sample Meals (or Products)

Beef Jerky

Anybody can buy beef jerky from their local gas station or grocery store, but not all beef jerky is created equal. All beef jerky in a Carnivore Club subscription box reflects a variety of flavors such as honey-dijon, coco cumin, and smoked raspberry, to name a few. They also have some classic flavors, such as sweet and spicy BBQ and cracked pepper.


Carnivore Club is sure to make you a fan and leave you lost for words with this one. One special product you can find in your delivery order is Taste of Europe Salami Sampler Tin. Housed in a square tin box, you'll find something from all over the world: France, Greece, Germany, and even Portugal.

If that's not enough, Carnivore Club even offers spreadable salami, which could make an excellent side along with some veggies or pickles. That's more than enough snacks for one person, so share some of your worldly meat with a friend or loved one!

Wild Game

This product is perfect for any meat lover. It also makes an excellent gift idea for any husband who likes to spend some time out in the wild. They don't have to waste all their time on the search for wild game. Instead, they can bring all of it with them.

Offered as the Wild Game Sampler, you can find Water Buffalo Pepperettes, Wild Boar Pepperettes, and many more wildly exotic flavors. Even better, it comes with a dry bag to store it all in, so you don't lose a thing!

Gluten-Free Options

Almost all of Carnivore Club's items are gluten-free due to how they process their meat products.

However, some items in the snack box won't be gluten-free. When in doubt, just search through the list of ingredients located on each and every one of the meats.

One of their notable Gluten-Free meats is their Gluten Free Niagara Foods Specialty Cured Meats Box. Sourced by artisans in Southern Ontario, the pork is never given antibiotics or growth hormones.

In this gluten-free box, you can expect your delivery to have cured meats such as Prosciutto, Sliced Smoked Lonza, and Sliced Soppressata. This is one shipment you won't want to miss!

Pescatarian Options

Carnivore Club is dedicated to all things meat, and that includes giving you a snack box that offers Pescatarian friendly meat, too. Secured in the Gourmet Spanish Seafood Tapas Box, these meats are a bit fishy but still delicious nonetheless!

The Gourmet Spanish Seafood Tapas Box has the following meats:

  • Mini Scallops in Galician Sauce
  • Sardines in Sunflower Oil
  • Gourmet Octopus
  • Iberian Ham Flavored Chips
  • La Receta Del Cortijo Green Olives

This box would make an excellent gift. You can also consider getting multiple boxes for a company event or other gathering that would meet the needs of eaters with unique diets.

Spanish coastal Flavors inspire it, so get a subscription to avoid having to search for authentic meat flavors from delicious parts of the world.


Carnivore Club is the gift that keeps giving. In addition to providing boxes of jerky and cured meats, they also offer something to help you enjoy your snack more: meat accessories.

You don't want to use just anything to cut your meat or smear your salami spread, accessories such as charcuterie and cheese board, made with 100% bamboo board, and a pairing kit for spreads. Even better, the board has a convenient drawer attached to hold the knives that come with the board.


Carnivore Club offers shipping to the United States and Canada. Reviews about Carnivore Club praise their airtight packaging. Your meats will come packaged, cured and sealed. This means it'll have a shelf life of up to weeks at a time, so you don't have to worry about your meat losing its flavor.

Some meats offered by Carnivore Club, such as salami, beef jerky, and more, are selected so that no refrigeration is needed while in the delivery process. Therefore, you won't find any ice packs with your meat.

They can still be consumed when left out at room temperature. A few packages may indicate that they're best when refrigerated. However, Carnivore Club recommends refrigerating your meats after receiving them or after you've opened them. Nevertheless, be assured that your subscription is being handled carefully during the shipping process by the post office.


Is the Carnivore Club worth it?

Every item in a Carnivore Club subscription box order has been carefully and uniquely selected to offer you a unique meat-loving experience. With options for everyone, you're sure to be satisfied.

The subscription or gift box contains something from all over the world. The items in your order are exclusive and won't be found in your local market, so it's definitely worth it!

Crafted by artisans using old family recipes and providing you with an opportunity to expand your palette, you're sure to enjoy the service.

Is Carnivore a Canadian club?

Carnivore Club offers its services to Canada and the United States and sources its items worldwide.

What is the Carnivore Club?

It's a meat delivery service. Shipping meats, spreads, and jerky in a box for yourself or as a gift, Carnivore Club boxes are for meat lovers.

Pros & Cons


  • Carnivore Club reviews boast about the delivery and shipping. There is review after review of people being in love with the ability to have a box filled with jerky that they can't find anywhere else.
  • Each box has food that can be used in recipes found on the company's website. You can go to the company's website to access their Carnivore Club Community Blog, which features recipes such as Chorizo & Apple Sausage Rolls, Prosciutto Asparagus Puff Pastry Bundles, and even a Whiskey & Cured Meat Pairing Guide.
  • Each box is ready to eat. Bit by bit, you can start munching out of your box as soon as you get it.
  • So much jerky! There's jerky with nearly every flavor under the sun. Boxes are filled with jerky for multiple lunches or multiple snacks. And the jerky is great for sharing.


  • You don't have any control over what's in your box. Many subscription services allow you to personalize your box with what meals you do or don't want to include. Carnivore Club doesn't.

Food For Thought

Is Carnivore Club right for me? If you're a meat-lover or enjoy a nicely designed charcuterie board, then you're in for a treat with the products Carnivore Club will deliver to your door. Its contents are great for snacking, hosting and entertainment, or a company party. Its exclusive packaging makes customers feel like they can enjoy the finer things in life.

And the reviews speak for themselves. Many reviews attest to the flavor diversity, and there is no Carnivore Club review that regrets their order. Reading just one Carnivore Club review will be enough to have you visiting the site and signing up to order some jerky today!

Carnivore Club boxes are most suitable for those who love a good charcuterie and cheese board and for meat lovers who enjoy expanding their palettes and trying out new meat seasonings!

Carnivore Club handcrafted curated meat products

Carnivore Club

  • Airtight packaging and shelf life longevity compared to other brands
  • Offers hard to find jerk
  • Each box is ready to eat

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