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What’s Bollywood Kitchen and how can you Join?

Last Updated on April 5, 2021

Who doesn’t love dinner and a show? What about when you can get both right in your own kitchen? With Sri Rao’s innovative debut production (produced with the Hypokrit Theatre Company and with Arpita Mukherjee at the helm as director), you can cook a delicious Indian meal alongside him from the comfort of your home.

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Bollywood Kitchen is a phenomenal way to learn how to cook. The best part is, you don’t have to go out and hunt down all the ingredients yourself. You’ll get everything you need to prepare the meal delivered right to your door in the meal kit called The Bollywood Box. Treat yourself to a fancy night in or grab some friends and cook together.

Bollywood Kitchen spices

So, how exactly does the event work, and where do you sign up?

The Event

Bollywood Kitchen box recipes

Bollywood Kitchen runs from January 15th, 2021, to March 6th, 2021. When you register on the Geffen Playhouse website, you’ll be prompted to pick a participation level. The options include:

Bollywood Kitchen box with recipes
  • Here for the Party. At this introductory level, you can choose to shop for all of the ingredients yourself. You’ll only receive digital recipes and the streaming link to watch the show.
  • Bollywood Foodie. This level comes with a streaming link, recipe cards, and the Bollywood food box. You can prepare the meal in advance or cook along with the chef live.
  • Chef’s Table. This is the level for dedicated foodies. You get to be on camera cooking along with and talking to Sri Rao. You even receive a signed copy of his Bollywood Kitchen cookbook.

If you select the last two levels, you’ll receive a box of ingredients and spices at your doorstep before the performance date. (Want to learn about the best spice subscriptions? Click here!)

During the performance, Sri Rao will cook, tell stories about his childhood, and share Bollywood films. The payment structure is by household, so feel free to get the whole family together!

Afterward, you can stick around for the after-party and enjoy music from a South Asian DJ. 

What You Can Expect

The Bollywood Box includes enough Kosher-style ingredients to serve a household of four. The box includes:

  • Recipe cards
  • Coconut powder
  • Basmati rice
  • Chocolate Chai Affogato Kit
  • Bollywood Popcorn kit
  • Specially-curated spices
Bollywood Kitchen ingredients

You will need to purchase the perishable items yourself ahead of the showtime. The menu includes a starter (the popcorn), a cocktail, an entree with a side, and dessert.

The virtual event is interactive and fun. Whether you cook Indian food regularly at home or are looking to try it out, it’s a perfect chance to show off or develop some new skills.

The show is 75 minutes long, and you should arrive at least 15 minutes early to secure your spot. 

About Sri Rao and The Hypokrit Theatre Company

Bollywood Kitchen Sri Rao

Sri Rao is the author of a cookbook called Bollywood Kitchen, which pairs his love of Indian food with his appreciation for Bollywood musicals. He is also a screenwriter, having worked in both Hollywood and Bollywood, and he owns a production company.

The Hypokrit Theatre Company is a New York-based company that develops work by artists of color. Their mission is to support underrepresented communities to create relevant and equitable theater.

If you’ve ever wanted an interactive opportunity to cook with a chef, this event is made for you. Click here to buy your tickets to this unique interactive production


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