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What is Bob Harper’s Super Carb Diet?

Written By: Paul

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Last Updated on July 27, 2022

The Super Carb Diet promotes eating specific foods, including carbohydrates, to lose weight and build strength. Famous Biggest Loser celebrity Bob Harper is the mastermind behind it, who developed this diet after having a heart attack.

Despite Bob Harper being such a big name in the diet and fitness industry, you won’t find a list of celebrities embarking on the Super Carb Diet. Instead, dozens of celebs prefer the low-carb diet trend.

So, is there science backing up Bob Harper’s claims? And what are the downsides to the Super Carb Diet? We’ll explore all that and more here.

An Overview of the Super Carb Diet

sliced banana and brown nuts on brown wooden table

The Super Carb Diet centers around eating a balance of protein and complex carbohydrates with small doses of fat. Its aim is for people who want to lose weight without giving up their beloved carbs.

But here’s the bad news if you think you’ll be able to down bags of potato chips on this diet—Harper denounces empty, processed carbs, calling them “Carbage.”

On the Super Carb diet, you’ll be able to eat three meals per day and one smaller “floater” meal. Harper recommends front-loading most of your fiber-rich carbohydrates earlier in the day so that you have the energy to power through your tasks. 

Although the Super Carb Diet focuses primarily on healthy eating, it also encourages people to sleep for 7 - 9 hours every night. 

Tracking your progress is also an essential aspect of this diet. So, in the Super Carb Diet book, Harper instructs dieters to weigh themselves and measure their waists. 

Food You Can Eat on the Super Carb Diet

oatmeal with milk

The Super Carb Diet is about balancing the three main macronutrients: Carbohydrates, protein, and fat. 

However, the quality of foods you eat within these categories matters. When choosing carbohydrates, it’s crucial to select those with whole grains and others of the complex carb variety. Examples of such carbohydrates that the Super Carb Diet promotes include:

  • Quinoa
  • Lentils
  • Oatmeal
  • Brown rice
  • Whole grain bread

As for protein, it’s crucial to choose lean options, for the Super Carb Diet encourages people to avoid lots of fat, especially the saturated variety. 

Examples of protein you can eat on the Super Carb Diet include:

  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Eggs

Meanwhile, you should limit your intake of fats, eating small doses of items like avocado and canola oil. You can also eat small amounts of dairy and fruit, along with lots of vegetables.

Super Carb Diet Pros

If you’re leaning towards trying the Super Carb Diet, here are some pros to expect.

Sustained Energy During Workouts

Carbohydrates are necessary for keeping your energy levels during workouts. That’s because your body converts carbs into glycogen, which fuels your cells. In contrast, people following low-carb diets may feel fatigued when exercising because of a lack of carbohydrates.

Promotes Whole Food

The Super Carb Diet discourages people from getting their carbohydrates from sugary drinks and processed foods. Instead, it focuses on whole-grain and complex carbs, which take the body longer to digest and offer a wealth of nutrients. 

Set Rules

The fact that the Super Carb Diet comes with a book and a list of rules to follow makes it easier for some people to stick with. Harper shares the ratio of macronutrients he recommends without making things too complicated by changing up the diet on a daily or weekly basis. 

Super Carb Diet Cons

No diet is perfect. So, below are some cons to consider before you embark on the Super Carb Diet.

Not Ideal for All Dietary Needs

If you have a gluten allergy or suffer from chronic inflammation, eating a diet high in carbs, no matter how high-quality, can have devastating impacts on your health. Therefore, if you suspect that you have a food allergy or chronic inflammation, see a doctor before starting this diet.

Slower Weight Loss

Although carbohydrates are an essential component of a healthy diet, getting too many of your calories from carbs can cause weight gain. That’s because carbohydrates throw off your glucose balance, encouraging fat storage. So, if the primary goal of embarking on the Super Carb Diet is to lose weight, you may lose at a slower pace than certain other diets.

May Feel Restricting

Although many people appreciate having a set of rules to follow when dieting, the types and amounts of permitted food on the Super Carb Diet can be a difficult adjustment for those used to eating lots of added sugar and processed food.

Benefits of the Super Carb Diet

Bob Harper created the Super Carb Diet after having a heart attack, so the foods he recommends eating align with what many experts say will help prevent heart disease. Furthermore, removing processed foods and those with added sugars is well-known as a healthy approach.

The Super Carb Diet also recommends sleeping for 7 - 9 hours per night. Getting enough sleep every night can boost memory, improve decision-making skills, and promote creativity.

Risks of the Super Carb Diet

One of the biggest risks of the Super Carb Diet is that you might not get enough fat intake. Fat helps the body absorb certain nutrients, and it provides essential fatty acids that humans can’t produce on their own.

Furthermore, hearing the words “super carb” can make some carb-loving people feel that it’s okay to cheat by sneaking in some extra carbs, which can negatively affect their long-term health and weight loss goals.

Are You Considering the Super Carb Diet?

Some people choose the Super Carb Diet when they want to stop eating processed foods and kickstart their weight loss journey, while others find this diet too restrictive.

So, before starting the Super Carb Diet, we encourage you to speak with your doctor for their medical opinion.


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