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Bethany Frankel & Yumble: What Happened?

Bethany Frankel & Yumble
Last Updated on February 22, 2021

Bethenny Frankel, a reality TV star from The Real Housewives of New York has experience being business-savvy. She was a visitor on several episodes of the television show Shark Tank and didn't shy away from business prospects. She has dipped her toes in yet another business venture: having kids meals delivered. In addition to her Skinnygirl Cocktails business, she is now committing to helping parents get their children to eat healthier meals with her meal delivery service Yumble, which is catered just for kids' tastes!

The Story of Yumble

Y u m b l e began when Englewood, New Jersey mom, Joanna Parker noticed that she wasn't the only parent having trouble getting a healthy dinner on the table. Parker is committed to helping parents save time preparing food while not compromising time spent with the family. The meals are delivered in a refrigerated box per week and can be heated in two minutes or less.

With Yumble subscription service, all it takes are three easy steps to have your children eating today.

  • First, view the menu online.
  • Have your kids meal delivered to your door every week.
  • Eat and enjoy!

Yumble meal plans offer ingredients that are healthy and balanced. You and your kids can pick from a variety of foods, such as vegetables like broccoli and corn. Then, pair it with some of their favorite things like chicken nuggets or chicken pops. The meal service company even has meals for picky eaters of all ages with unique or limiting appetites.

The Yumble meal plan subscription gives you a way to make the decision that best fits your mealtime needs. Meal packages have options for as few as 6 meals per week to as many as 16 a week. The more products you get, the better the deal per meal. You could buy 24 meals and be set for the month!

Best of all, the packaging also includes activity sheets and trivia cards your little ones will be sure to enjoy. Filled with fun for the kids and no stress for mom and dad. Yumble is something great to use for lunches or dinners.

For more info, check out our full Yumble review.

Bethenny Shark Tank

Bethenny Frankel was a newcomer to Shark Tank, but that didn't stop her from taking on the role of Guest Shark anything less than serious and important. However, Season 10, Episode 8, Frankel was able to add product development investor to her resume.

Joanna Parker was given an opportunity to pitch her business model for Yumble on the show Shark Tank, where she asked for an investment of $500,000 in funding in exchange for four percent of the business. This bit would give her and husband David Parker a chance to focus on the expansion of the business and generate sales.

Frankel negotiated with Joanna Parker on Shark Tank and paid $500,000 for a six percent share of everything. The concept of the business appealed to Frankel, who has other cooking-related businesses under her belt with her Skinnygirl dressings and popcorn.

The Shark Tank guest is still apart of Yumble kids meal delivery and helps with marketing by serving as a spokesperson.

What Did Joanna Parker do Right?

Part of the success the food service had on Shark Tank was due to Parker's appeal to Frankel's life and personal mission. The pitch actually had two of the sharks from ABC Shark Tank bickering over whether or not the venture would be successful in the end.

However, by the time of the Shark Tank appearance, the company was already delivering to 26 states in various parts of the country and had raving reviews on its website. Aimed at busy people and promising healthy foods to its customers, it offers a perfect solution to the problem of cooking at home for families.


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