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Best Whiskey Subscription
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Written By: Paul

#3rd Best Choice

Pour More wine shipments at your door

Pour More

Hankering for a smooth Islay single malt or a smoky, peated dram? Or perhaps you want to explore the world of whiskey with minimal effort and maximum rewards?

If so, a whiskey subscription is an ideal solution. Joining a whisky of the month club means receiving a box of something special once a month or every three months.

Whether your subscription includes a full bottle or a selection of different minis, a whiskey service is an easy way to avoid the liquor store, delve into connoisseurship, and expand your tastes.

There are oodles of whiskey club monthly offers available, but there’s no need to get too bogged down in the choices. We’ve done the work for you and rounded up our top five monthly club options:

Our Top Whiskey Club Subscription Recommendations

1. Flaviar (Editor's Choice)

  • Best Match For: People looking to explore the world of fine spirits, expand their palates, and experience live tasting events.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription; One-time purchase
  • Availability: EU, UK, and US (except AK, DE, HI, IA, ID, MD, MI, MN, PA, TX, UT, VA and WI)
  • Value: $24.17-$29.67/month;
  • Type: An exclusive spirits club

Featured in Forbes, Esquire, and others, Flaviar has a proud tradition of delivering top-notch whiskeys to subscribers around the nation and in Europe. In addition to well-known drops such as Laphroaig and Glenlivet, the company helps you explore rare and hard to source whiskey from Scotland, Ireland, the US, and even Japan.

While whiskey dominates the selection, Flaviar’s club membership also grants you access to premium gin, tequila, cognac, and more. Each quarter you select a premium bottle and it’s delivered to you alongside a themed Tasting Box, again, that you get to pick. You’ll also receive notes to help you get the most out of your choices.

As an added bonus, Flaviar rewards its clients’ loyalty with the occasional personalized sample or complimentary extras.

Flaviar popular whiskey selections


  • Extensive catalog of rare and unique craft spirits
  • More than just whiskey on the menu
  • You can choose your own preferred Tasting Box and premium bottle
  • Access to a members-only community of spirit fans
  • Free shipping for members
  • Comprehensive tasting notes
  • Hand selected spirits
  • Sampler box in each delivery


  • Some subscribers prefer having the choice made for them
  • Deliveries every three months, may not suit all customers

2. Caskers

  • Best Match For: Seasoned spirit enjoyers looking for premium artisan-made bottles and small-batch distilleries that bring a whole other world of aromas and experiences.
  • Commitment Level: One time orders; Subscription
  • Availability: Availability depends on the product you select. Not all bottles are available everywhere in the US.
  • Value: Although these are high-end spirits, you can still find some bottles for under $20. However, you’ll have more luck with premium options, where the priciest bottle of single malt scotch whisky sells for as much as $27,000. Shipping is $12.99 for the first bottle and $3 for all additional ones.
  • Type: Fine spirits

Caskers stands out from many other whiskey clubs because it also stocks a range of unique spirits that you can buy without a subscription or in addition to your quarterly delivery. Fancy a bottle of rare Japanese single malt whiskey next quarter? Caskers has you covered.

In addition, the company sells good old fashioned American moonshine and rye from artisan producers who know the true potential of the once-bootlegged spirits. When it comes to clubs though, it’s all about the whiskey. Choose between Caskers’ World of Whiskey or American Whiskey subscriptions and let the company dazzle you with its selections.

Caskers promises to never repeat a bottle, so you can be assured each whiskey or spirit you receive is new and intriguing.

Caskers offers range of unique spirits than you can buy and order


  • American whiskey club option
  • Plenty of rare spirits and craft whisky on offer
  • Comprehensive online liquor store
  • Never receive the same bottle twice
  • Caskers showcases small-batch producers


  • No Scotch-whiskey-only club option
  • Some shipping limitations

3. Pour More

  • Best Match For: People looking to send exclusive spirits gifts or explore the world of liquors with rare bottles they otherwise wouldn’t be able to get at their local liquor store.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: All states except UT, MS, AL, and RI.
  • Value: You can select your preferred spirit and join the club for $49 per shipment and up, depending on your preferences and the number of bottles you want. Shipping is $15-$19, depending on the delivery location.
  • Type: Spirits of the month clubs

There’s a lot to love about Pour More, not least of which is the broad range of club options on offer. Besides the global whiskeys and Scotch whiskey clubs, the company also boasts bourbon, rosé, mezcal, tequila, and rum subscriptions.

If you can’t decide which one you want, or you’re sending premium bottles to a friend, try Pour More’s Bartender club. Instead of one type of tipple, the company sends a diverse mix of bar essentials — think vodka, gin, whiskey, etc. — and other craft spirits. It’s the perfect way to stock your home bar and explore different dreams.

Signing up is easy too, just choose your poison, let Pour More know how often you’d like to receive a delivery, and then kick back and enjoy the full size spirits or wine shipments that show up at your door per month.

Pour More wine shipments at your door


  • The Bartender club is ideal for testers with broad tastes
  • Choice of two different whiskey clubs
  • More than spirits on offer
  • Two delivery choices: monthly or every second month
  • Fast, easy, sign up
  • Each delivery contains a full size bottle with tasting notes


  • Pour More do not ship to all states
  • No option to choose your bottle

4. Taster’s Club

  • Best Match For: Fine drink lovers searching for a carefully curated wine and spirit subscription that brings them unique, high-quality drinks, expert tasting notes, and a little info on the history of each distillery.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: All states except Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Utah.
  • Value: You can select your favorite type of liquor or wine for $59-$94 a month or select a mix of everything for $73 per month. Shipping is free.
  • Type: Alcohol subscription clubs

Unlike many other whiskey subscription clubs, Taster’s Club also includes options for gin and vodka lovers. Much like Pour More (reviewed above), Taster’s lets you choose between a variety of spirits and has a Stock the Bar option if you’re undecided.

If it’s just whiskey you’re after, you have several options: whiskey, American whiskey or bourbon, and Scotch clubs cater to whiskey drinkers across the spectrum. Choose the Scotch club if you think whiskey from Scotland is the gold standard, and the general whiskey club if you’re willing to give other nations a shot.

Taster’s club delivers once a month and, along with your bottle, you get comprehensive tasting card notes that have been lauded by the Huffington Post, Forbes, Buzzfeed, and others.

Taster's Club monthly delivers wines/whiskey in your doorsteps


  • More club options than many other services
  • Dedicated American whiskey club
  • Vodka and gin options
  • You can change your club at any time
  • In-depth tasting notes


  • Taster’s Club don’t deliver to all states

5. The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

  • Best Match For: Whiskey lovers looking to join an exclusive club with the world’s best whiskeys, unique tasting events, expert insights, distillery tours, and more.
  • Commitment Level: Subscription
  • Availability: US, UK, and EU
  • Value: One year memberships start at $99 and unlock access to award-winning wiskey bottles. Shipping fees may apply.
  • Type: Community with an exclusive access to world's best whiskeys and tasting events

With a proud history that dates back to 1983, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society has been helping whiskey lovers discover the best of the best for decades. You can choose to become a society member, with all the perks of a worldwide community, and purchase bottles when you wish, or sign up for the Bottle of the Month club.

One thing to love about the Whisky Society is its bustling membership, you’ll find plenty of like-minded spirit enthusiasts to connect with both online and in-person at Society events. Plus, you can’t beat this whisky club when it comes to sourcing the finest single malt cask whiskey for your delectation.

And as you would expect, each per month delivery comes with the Society’s comprehensive notes to guide your experience. Or you can jump online and see what other members think and share your thoughts.

The Scotch Malt Whiskey Society offers the best of the best whiskey for decades


  • Tasting events are held regularly for members
  • Plenty of interesting craft brands on offer
  • Membership means lowered cost on rare cask whiskeys
  • The Society works with diverse distillers
  • A thriving worldwide community of experts and enthusiasts
  • Full size bottles direct from the cask
  • club members get a delivery every month


  • The only monthly bottle club is whiskey, white spirit lovers should look elsewhere

Choosing a Craft Whisky Club

As we’ve seen from the options above, you’ve spoiled for choice when it comes to whiskey subscription boxes. You’re not limited to whiskey either. Although many services focus on Scotch, rum, gin, mezcal, and even wine drinkers are catered to.

Choosing the best whisky club of the month ultimately comes down to your personal preferences, such as whether you’d like a delivery per month or every three months. And if you’d like to explore the world of drinks or stick to spirits from the United States.

If you're in the former camp, consider a world of whiskey subscription to taste tipples from Scotland, Ireland, Japan, and beyond. Most boxes cover the classics as well as fine mash whisky from unusual artisan producers.

If you’re the type of whiskey drinker who wants to meet and mingle with your fellow enthusiasts, choose a club that offers regular events. Rather stay at home with your dog, a roaring fireplace, and a good bottle? Tasting events won’t be as important.

Are you a true whisky connoisseur looking to increase your knowledge and become a master of the dram and mash? Select a service that offers plenty of information on the bottles in each box. With expert help, you can learn to appreciate the greater whisky world, such as rye and bourbons, through well-compiled and in-depth tasting notes.

Picking the best whiskey club as a present for someone? Try and find out their personal tastes first, or select tasting boxes so they can try a little of everything without committing to a full size bottle every month.


Are Whiskey Clubs Worth It?

Absolutely! A great club will open your eyes and taste buds to tipples you’ve never heard of but are sure to delight. And as an added bonus, you’ll increase your knowledge along the way through the information provided by the craft whisky club and, in some cases, a bustling community of fellow enthusiasts.

If you're buying a gift for someone else, a whiskey subscription box is an ideal way to shower your friends with scotch, wine, or a variety of bottles from around the world. If you're buying for yourself, subscription boxes take the hassle out of choosing quality spirits and mean your home bar will always be impressively stocked.

Is There a Whiskey of the Month Club?

Yes, in fact, there are multiple whisky of the month clubs, such as those reviewed above. We recommend Flaviar as our first pick but when it comes to whiskey subscription boxes, you have plenty of options open to you.

You can sign up to a subscription service and buy additional full size bottles from your whisky of the month club’s liquor store.

How Much Does a Good Bottle of Whiskey Cost?

Top shelf whiskey ranges in price depending on several factors including how rare it is, how well-known a producer is, and the age of the spirit. A good rule of thumb is to expect quality whiskey to begin from US$100 dollars and increase from there. Some very rare craft whisky bottles can even sell for as much as US$15,000 dollars!

That concludes our round-up of the best whiskey monthly club choices. Whether you’re a die-hard whiskey bourbon enthusiast or a whiskey whiskey person who knows only the best will do, you’ll find the right subscription in our choices above. Good luck on your spirited adventure and cheers from us!

Flaviar popular whiskey selections


Our #1 Recommendation

  • Extensive catalog of rare and unique craft spirits
  • More than just whiskey on the menu
  • You can choose your own preferred Tasting Box and premium bottle
  • Access to a members-only community of spirit fans
  • Free shipping for members
  • Comprehensive tasting notes
  • Hand selected spirits
  • Sampler box in each delivery

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